Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


20. epilogue

-3 months later-

-Anna's Pov-

"Maggie come on!" I screamed.

"I'm coming!" She screamed as she ran out of scarlet, her, and my apartment, a 6 pack of beer in hand. We all lived together now, and today was my birthday. March 14th. We were planning on going to the park and drinking until we couldn't feel anything anymore.

She leaped into the car, filled with scarlet, me, and Ryder. We were all high, but Maggie wasn't because she didn't smoke anymore.

"Let's go! " she screamed as we raced out of the parking lot, to the park.

"Guys we need more beer!" Ryder screamed.

"I got an idea! Gas station!" I screamed. I drove off to our local gas station and we poured in the doors.

"I'll put it under my shirt! You get some cigs, Scarlet," I said as I ran to the back of the store and put a pack of beer under my shirt.

I suddenly heard sirens.

The police station was close by, but I heard them pull in and the girl who had been at the register was gone.

The police suddenly bust in the door.

"Everybody hands up!" They yelled.

"Shit!" I screamed, my thoughts mixing in with my words.

"HANDS ! UP!" One of them said as they took me and shoved me against the cool glass.

"You're under arrest for attempted shoplifting, driving under the influence, and illegal possession of drugs and other substances!"

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