Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


9. chapter 9: the sort of date

"God Ryder, you're a mess. " I said, handing him a napkin to get the ice cream off his eyebrow. (I don't even know). He laughed at himself and took the napkin, wiping his entire face off. I roll my eyes and laugh. The ice cream actually did help; my attitude and my aching pain caused my the cursed braces.

"So how will you begin our love story?" He questioned smiling. I had admitted that my guilty pleasure was writing stories, and he revealed to me his was writing poetry.

"There was once as asshole who couldn't keep ice cream off his face" I said dramatically. "And he also caught a very clumsy girl who was stumbling out of her favorite store. "

"Fine I'll be the serious one. Mine would be...

There was once a girl, full of charm

Who fell, and before I knew it, she was in my arms.

I took her by the hand and made sure she was okay,

As any gentlemen would do, any day,

Suddenly the I was in love,

With the girl who had fallen, the girl who was embarrassed to be who she was. " he started talking faster now. "The girl whom I had loved from the start, the girl who was absolutely astounding because only she could perceive the world in the exact way that she could. She could see the entire plane of existence in a different perspective that you'll never, ever get to see. She loved. She loved , and when she loved, she poured every ounce if her heart, of her very being, into just one thing. She believed in so many things, how the wind blows in her hair and makes it dance. Her smile, her random commentary on every day life. How bold she was. Because she had her own entire universe in her head. I'll never begin begin to understand how she doesn't see how beautiful she is,

But she is more than the standard pretty-to-look-at-beautiful.

She is more than gorgeous.

She is more than a complex labyrinth of feelings and emotions and endorphins in her brain struggling to be free.

She is more than the beauty of earth itself.

She is human.

She is you. " he finished.

I wiped a tear away and he leaned forward and kissed me.

Not a drunken, lust filled kiss. Not a thank you. This was telling me, showing me that he was human too. He had nights when he cried himself to sleep, he had nights where he would just write poetry and sing to himself. He sang in the shower. He had trouble tying his shoelaces. He still secretly loved to be tucked in.

He just wanted to be accepted.

And I kissed him back.

I let him know that all was true for him. That I knew how it was. Always being controlled, being watched, being judged. We were just a couple of teenagers looking for acceptance.

I let him know that I was confused. That the world was spinning so fast, and we're racing through life so quickly. How I wish time would slow down.

I let him know about all the times my mother had gotten drunk and threw pots and pans at me when I was 7, after my father had died. When I was eight and nine, when she hit me much harder than a spanking. I had never even told Anna about my mother abusing me. She stopped after a while, and I knew that she would probably be drunk when I got home, and probably would hit me. She knew it wasn't good for her, but she had been acting stranger than normal lately.

Finally, he pulled away. It wasn't a make out, it was a push-your-lips-together kiss.

"Ryder I.." I began.

"I have to go. " he said abruptly. He immediately got up and nearly ran away. Had I said something? I had barely said anything. What was up with him.

Oh shit. I need a phone to get a taxi, since my mom was probably drunk.

I found a pay phone and called a taxi service and went home.


"WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDNT YOU CALL!" She screamed, grabbing my arm leaving claw marks.

"YOU'RE DRUNK MOM!" I screamed back.


I stopped. "What?!"

"IM PREGNANT YOU DUMBASS ! She said as she raked her nails across my face. Luckily, she didn't get my eye. "AND THERES NOT A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT BECAUSE I SUCKED HIS HUGE DICK AND HE PUT IT INSIDE ME! SO FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! " she hit me again and again, but I had zoned out. I knew that there were bruises covering my entire body, but I could only think of what she had said.

Mom? Pregnant? With the neighbors baby?

My life is a mess.

(Authors note


What's up with Ryder ditching Maggie like that?

Will they tell Anna?

Will Maggie tell anyone about her mom?

Dat kiss doe.

And Ryder's poetry 😍

I love me right now okay? )

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