Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


8. chapter 8 (super short sorry)

"Anna bell where the hell have you been " my mom ask viciously as I walk in the door. It was about 7 o'clock on Sunday. We didn't exactly go to church. The kitchen was lit up dully with the sunlight streaming out the window.

"Damn mom . Just at Maggie's " I say going to climb the stairs, not even hesitating with my bad knee.

"Why are you dressed like that then ? " she ask standing with her arms crossed. I looked nothing like her. I had different eyes and hair and body type than my whole family, which was weird. It was even weirder that I had just noticed it.

"Because I fucking can. And I'm not twelve anymore. I can do what I want and make my own choices. Stop trying to take control of me. " I stomp up the stairs.

"Is this about your father? Or Mathew running away?"

"What?" I ask, deadly calmly. Mathew had run away?

"Um yes Mathew ran away. I thought you knew but just didn't care.

"Of course I care!" I scream. "Mom, I.... Just nevermind. I'm too tired for this bullshit. " I say as I sulk back to my bedroom and pass out immediately on my bed.

|maggies pov|

"BRACES?!" I screamed. My mom JUST informed me that I'm getting braces. Today. Right now.

"Yes Maggie ! Braces! You've got an overbite and your top teeth are crooked. Plus I've had this scheduled for months! Get some clothes on and we'll go! " my mom yelled back. I sighed dramatically and ran back upstairs to put on a hoodie and some jeans. I hated the cold. I ran back downstairs and brushed my teeth quickly and headed out the door.

(Time gap)

"Now we're just going to put these in and take a few pictures.. " the dentist said as she held a mirror and some plastic things to make my mouth open wider.

I hated dentists. I hated people in my mouth.

After the pictures and x-rays were done, the dentist slid a plastic arch into my mouth, fully exposing my teeth. She made me bite on a hose as she cleaned my teeth with an extremely sour liquid that made me squirm. "Hold still. " she chided. I knew Anna would hate me getting braces. Plus, it would not help our reputation at all. She applied the braces, one at a time , very slowly. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore all the poking and prodding going on in my stretched out mouth.

Finally, it was done. I could barely close my mouth because it had taken so long. Thankfully, she offered to let me go to the sink and rinse my mouth out of the sour stuff, which I did. The purple and blue rubber bands that I had picked out at my last appointment (when I wasn't badass) did not help either.

"Can I get some ice cream?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll just drop you off at the mall. You can call someone to pick you up. " she said as she drove up to the mall.

"Okay. " I said, not realizing I hadn't brought my phone.

She dropped me off at the front steps. I had about 100$ left from stripping that night, so I went into Hot Topic and bought a few of my favorite band's (Tonight Alive) tshirts and bracelets , and a few hats. I walked out and tripped, but someone caught me.


I blushed beet red, and so did he. We both remembered.

"Maggie. " he said simply.

"Ryder. " I breathed.

"Oh god you remem-"

"SHH!" I say, embarrassment engulfing me. I cringed.

"You got braces? " he said dumbly.

"No duh dip shit. I just got them put on. " I said, trying to sound as sarcastic as possible, which was hard because my voice was an octave higher than usual.

He looked at me, a flicker of excitement in his eyes. "You know what you need?

Ice cream"


Sorry it's a short chapter but I want to make another chapter so yeah just keep reading. )

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