Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


5. chapter 5

I wake up with the sun shinning in my bedroom window . I sit up stretch and think to my self, today I'm gonna rock this bitch .

I stand up and walk over to my dresser I first find my black skinny jeans with holes in them then I find just what I want, my red tank top with slits all down the back . One final thing, I walk to my closet and dive to the back. Never would I think I would wear these . My strappy black heels . I smile in acceptance than start shedding my sleep clothes than slid (or jump ) into my far more sexy ones . I mean YOLO right ? I brush through my hair than grab my black eye liner and apply darker than normal I than grab my darker red lipstick and run it on my lips I step back from the mirror . Hot. I think to my self I grab my backpack than start to run down the stairs practically breaking my neck, these heels are gonna take some getting use to .

I strut into the kitchen my heels clicking on the tile . My mom turns and looks at me and I know she was going to say something .

"Go change ! And get your crutches " she says looking me up and down

"No . " I say than walk out of the house .

I walk mainly on the sidewalk and ignore the screaming pain in my knee but I have to ignore it along with how cold my back is . I get to Maggie's house and actually use the stairs . I notice she's not on her porch . So I ring the doorbell and her mom answer .

"May I help you ? " she ask looking at my outfit judgemental much ..

"Um yes I'm going to talk to Maggie "I push pass her and she doesn't say another word I walk into the up stairs as Maggie walks out of the bathroom .

"Oh hell yes we're rocking like that now !? " she asks, smiling devilishly.

"Sure are . Now bitch find something sexy" I say smiling .

"Oh hell yes! " I hear her say than she disappears into her room I lean against the wall and wait . I always know she's up for just about everything I ask her to. She's super loyal.

She struts out in an equally slutty outfit. 5 inch heels, cheetah print stockings that were ripped, a short, black miniskirt and a black crop top.

"What do you think ? " she asks, spinning in a circle.

"Perfect . Let's go "

Maggie's mom try's objecting what Maggie's wearing but ignores her and we both walk out the door . The bus comes soon enough and when we got to school . Everything changed .

"Smile and walk and look like you're the most sexy person alive " I mumble to Maggie as we get off the bus .

"I am the sexiest person alive " she says back.

I laugh and we start walking towards the door . We see tons of heads turn several whistle and than I see Ryder . I walk to him and I think his eyes popped out of his head .

"God that's hot " he says .

Maggie and I both smile .

"I know " we both say than turn around and start walking to our lockers .

Once we both get our stuff we walk into our first period class . Uh kill me I hate social studies . As soon as we walk in I set my shit down on the table I go to take a seat than hear someone call Me and Maggie's name . We both turn around and to our surprise scarlet was the one wanting us to come over to her area . One thing about scarlet, she's a total badass .

"Yeah ? What do you want " I ask walking towards her .

"May I just say y'all look good . " I smile at Maggie .

"Thanks " I hear Maggie say .

"Are y'all busy this weekend " she ask flipping he jet black hair behind her shoulder .

" no why ? " I ask. what was she gonna ask us .

"Y'all should come to this party Saturday night with me . Is that cool? " I've only had few conversations with her and now she wants us to come to a party with her .

"Oh hell yes ! " I say smiling .

"Cool ill text y'all " right than the bell rings and me and Maggie return to our seats .

I pull out a sheet of paper and give Maggie a piece we high five smile than start are bell-work.

The day goes by within a blink of the eye of course with no sign of Mathew, but now we have a cheer meeting we're in between sports so we have no practice . All the cheer girls sit in a circle all look at me and Maggie staring weirdly . Coach Baker soon comes in .

"Okay girls let's get down to business , today we are voting for a new team captain since Amanda left ." Oh god I'm so glad that bitch left I think looking at Maggie .

"Girls raise your hand to vote someone in than we will vote from that and than the two with the highest votes will be the next vote than whoever wins that is captain " man she over explains every thing I think to my self .

" I vote Anna ! " I hear Maggie scream I turn around hitting her in the arm.

"Well I vote Maggie " I say .

"I vote Emily " Gracie says .

"I vote raven " Emily screams .

We sit there for a few moments and no one else screams anything .

"Okay lady's close your eyes " I close my eyes and put my head in between my knees I didn't care if I won this or not .

"Who ever is for Raven raise your hand " there's a few seconds pause .

"Okay put them down , for Maggie ? " I raise my hand as high as possible for her .

She says the other people than leaves my name for last .

"Anyone for Anna ? " there's a longer pause than normal .

"Okay everyone eyes open " I bring my head from in between my knees the light stung my eyes for a moment but quickly wore off

"Maggie and Anna are the finals " I laugh and so does Maggie we smile at each other .

"Eyes close " everyone closes there eyes .

"Anna ? " I keep my hand under my leg and let out a sigh .

"Maggie ?" I let my hand shoot up just like before .

"Okay open " I look up again and back at Maggie she has the same grin as before I shake my head at her than look back .

"The tie was close but the captain is ... Drum roll please " we all hit our hands on the ground .

"MS. Anna Rece !! " i smile while others clap .

"Meeting dismissed ! " coach baker says I stand dusting off my ass than start walking towards my bag .

"Good job .. Anna " I hear Gracie say as she walks by me.

"Thanks boo " I smile at her she gives me a worried smile back that worries me .

I get other congrats and compliments on my look and other things . I pick my bag up searching for my phone . Damn it i forgot to tell my parents to pick me and Maggie up .

"I need a ride " I scream to the girls still here .

No one answers .only one thing to do .

I run out of the gym doors pulling Maggie behind me outside . I run to the back of the building and found her exactly where I thought . Scarlet smoking like a fright train .

"Hey we need a ride . " I say more bossy than asking .

"Sure thing let me just finish this " she presses the cigerate to her lips than pulls it away letting smoke go everywhere .

"Can I have one " I ask sheepishly I just wanted to try it.

"Sure be my guest. " she holds out the pack and a lighter . I watched my grandfather do this enough I think I got it I think . I turn around to Maggie handing her the pack she's hesitant at first but she takes it . It felt weird like I was just breathing smoke but in a way relaxing . Maggie was weirdly perfect at it, and went through three extremely fast.

Scarlet finishes hers than throws it on the ground stomping on it with her black boots . I finish mine than throw it in a near by puddle and Maggie does the same . She's extremely quieter than normal . She also had a weird look in her eyes.

We walk to Scarlet's car when I first see it I was amazed . I run my hand on it . It was a black mustang, these are my babies.

She unlocks the door and I force Maggie to the back . "Move bitch " I say bumping her she laughs and pushes me but I beat her to the seat .

Scarlet starts the car (or should I say beauty ) she picks up an iPod that was laying in the cup holder than clicks a song . I knew this song .. What was it .. Oh I know . -No hands - she turns it up extremely loud than pulls out of the school parking lot . I got a genius idea .

"Drop us off in downtown " I scream over the music

"Got it ! " she screams back .

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