Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


4. chapter 4


I went to school expecting to see Mathew but he wasn't there . I get off the bus and start walking (or limping ) towards his house I had to know if he was okay .

I get to the door of his house and hesitate to knock . I finally get the courage , but who answers makes me worry even more .

"Hey Anna , how are you ? " his mom asks.

I shift on my crutches.

"Is Mathew here ? " I say almost choking on his name .

"Um . No he's suppose to be with Sam , was he at school ? "

"Sam... Was at school " I say looking down at my knee brace .

"Well that's not good ... " she says with a worried look in her eyes .

"If you hear anything let me know " I turn around and use my crutches to balance on to get over the stairs .

"I will " I hear her say I don't turn around but it feels as if she's crying .

I didn't want to go home or to Maggie's house so I decide might as well keep walking .

I walk around for 15 mins than my leg starts to ache so i find my way to the park and take a seat on the swing .

It's so empty here . It seems every year less and less people come . I remember when Mathew and I use to come here when we were in 7th grade .

I smile at the thought of that happiness without a worry in the world . I'm pretty sure this is were our first kiss was. I was in Heaven it's a miracle how fast things can change . I lean my head against the chain holding the swing .


"Anna are you gonna kiss me or not ? " Mathew ask sitting on his knees in front of me on the swing . I put my arms around his neck .

"If you want me to kiss you ... You half to... " I quickly jump of the swing "CATCH ME ! " I scream running away .

"This will be easy " I hear him say

I turn around and see him right behind me damn he was fast .

"No ! MATHEW ! " I scream trying to run another direction but he catches me by my waist

"Got you ." He laughs than pulls me close I was to mesmerized to moved so for the first time out of breath are lips intertwine .

| end of flash back |

I decide I might need to go back home have chores to do . I stand from the swing wobble on my crutches than begin my walk home .

I get half way home than I see her . A blonde bitch . I frown and try to ignore but keep walking . It doesn't stop her .

"Hey look , the girl who makes everyone leave " I hear her say walking behind me .

I ignore and keep walking .

"How was the funeral ? "

I quickly turn "what do you mean " how did she know .

"You know what I mean . Your daddy yeah honey he's dead . Boo who I wish you were the one who was dead ! You deserve to be ... "

I couldn't take it . I ball up my fist and hit her square in the nose which makes me fall because I got unbalanced . She stands above me .

"Look she fell can't take the pain " she steps on my knee making me scream in pain .

"Paige stop ! " I scream

She pushes me harder to the ground making my head hit the sidewalk . I struggle to hit her but keep missing . She hits me where I got hit yesterday . Than grabs my arms again . I screamed louder this time .

"Help ! Maggie help me !!!! " I scream

Paige pins me again to the ground .

"Whore . Worthless . Bitch . Hoe " were the only words I could make out of what she was saying.

"Anna !! " I hear someone scream I than see a two people get her off of me .

"Stop it now Paige ! " I hear a female scream it sounds almost like Mathews mom

"She deserved it ! Worthless whore ! " Paige screams kicking me in my side . Making me lose more breath

I see another person grab her and pull her away . I lay there trying to breath . Someone's arm goes behind my back lifting me up . I finally realized who were around me . The police man who lives down the street Mathews mom and Maggie's mom and Maggie . I lift my hand to the back of my head and bring it back to eye sight it was covered in blood .

I look up and see Paige with the officer holding her arms behind her back as blood pours out from her nose .

"She hit me first " I hear Paige mumble to the officer

"You said something about my dad " I snap back

"I was just trying to make you feel better than you hit me " she says sweetly back god I hate her and her fake self

"Whatever ! " I attempt to push my self up on my crutches and at first a wobble but manage to gain balance .

"Do you need help Anna ? " Maggie ask grabbing my arm

"No I'm fine " I'm shaky on my words

"Okay I'll see you later I guess" she turns and starts to walk away . I stare for a moment or two . Sigh than turn and walk back to my house .

"Anna ! Where have you been ? " my mom ask at the door

"No where ! " I snap back

"Young lady watch your tone " I hate it when people say that

"Fine " I puff

"Jim and I are taking Jacob (my brother ) to the batting cages " why would she be doing this baseball doesn't start again till spring .

"Okay . I'll be showering ... And homework " I turn and start to walk up the stairs this to so difficult on crutches .

"Hey Anna " Jacob zooms pass me on the stairs making me have to grab tighter to the railing .

"Hey did terra already leave ?" I ask him as he makes it to the bottom of the stairs

"Yeah you missed her by an hour " he says walking towards the closet to I'm guessing get his baseball stuff

"Oh " I turn and keep going up the stairs I really wish she was still here I wanted to talk to her some more but I'll guess I'll have to wait till Christmas or my near death experience which we all know is gonna happen soon enough . I softly to myself.

I walk in my room sitting on my bed I pick my phone out of my back pocket how it didn't get broken when I fell I have no idea . I have no messages . Why can't he just text me just once . I click his name and let my fingers linger around the keypad but can't find the words to say . I sigh and put the phone down gently next to me .

I stand and grab some clothes than limp to the bathroom . I sit on the edge of the tub . I turn on the water and put my hand underneath the spout letting the water pour over . I sit for a second than plug the drain . I add bubbles and laugh. I haven't done this is forever . I stand up and use the the counter to keep balance as I remove my clothes .

I balance on my non injured leg and dip my other foot in the tub making sure it was perfect . I than move to get completely in . I lay against the edge . I felt so alone, like something important was missing . I sigh I start to hum a song my grandfather use to sing; i barely remember the words . All I remember is the way my grandfather played it on his guitar and sung it . I loved it . I was younger than when I got older I started to not wanna go over to my grandparents house because they were old but when my grandfather passed away I felt empty, like I do now . It was five years ago, so unexpected just like my dad . I move down and let the bubbles come to eye level .

I want to forget I think to my self I want to forget the song my grandfather sung , I want to forget about the child I had for a month , I want to forget that my dad died even though all is impossible i wish I could .

I wish I would .

And it was my goal that I would forget. I would do anything.

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