Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


3. chapter 3

We both lay there for a couple minute than I hear angry footsteps coming up the stairs . Mathew and I both look at each other than the door swings up .

"Have y'all been having sex ? " my mom says as she walks into my room with a yellow folder .

I didn't know how to answer so I sat there and stared just like Mathew .

"No answer , well will y'all have an answer to this" she throws down the folder and I lean up and grab it .

"I can't even look at y'all right now " she spits out than stomps out my door .

"What is it ...? " Mathew ask .

It just looked like my hospital report till I see the notes .

When Anna Bells heart stopped for those couple minutes ; we found out Anna had a weird blood flow ..

I pause and mumble "what " I keep reading .

We knew that something wasn't right it took us a while to figure it out but Anna was carrying a baby .she was one month along .

"WAS ! BABY ! " I say out loud Mathew goes to take the folder out of my hand but I pull away and keep reading .

Yes , Anna was pregnant and yes she did lose it in the crash ..

Those words start sinking into my brain I couldn't read anymore . I drop the folder and press my hands to my face .

" I was pregnant . And it's gone " I mumble I try to contain my gasping for air , but it doesn't work .

Mathew throws down the folder and stands off my bed and walks out of the room without a word leaving me Lonely . I have no idea if he caught the one month but I did I was pregnant with Ryder's baby . I let tears escape my eyes and search for my phone and click Ryder's name .

~ring , ring ~

"Hello" I hear his voice as if he just woke up

"Ryder .. " I sniffle and wipe tears from my eyes .

"What's wrong "

"I just read my file and I think you should really come over I really need someone " I let more tears fall .

"Anna I'll be right there " he hangs up the phone then i let a few more tears out I decide to call Maggie and she instantly arrives . She runs into my room and hugs me she knew exactly what it was without asking .

"I can't believe it " I say crying some more .

"Anna! Get outside fast " I hear terra scream .

Maggie and I jump off the bed and run down the stairs I let the door swing open.

My knee was practically screaming at me by that time .

I hear screaming I run out the door and see Mathew and Ryder screaming and Mathew pushing Ryder . I run towards them right as Mathew throws a punch. Without thinking whatsoever, I jump in the middle, taking the punch. It happened right as my knee gave up, so I collapsed to the ground.

My face ached and so did my knee . I looked up and saw Mathew run . He just left me . I look back down at the grass than feel Ryder's arms around me . He lifts me up and carries me in my house with Maggie following behind . We get to my room he sets me on my bed and picks up the file and begins to read . Maggie disappears for a few moments than comes back with some ice she presses it against my cheek where I was hit .

Ryder sets down the folder than runs his fingers through his hair .

"God " is all he can manage to say.

"Congratulations Ryder you could've been a father " Maggie says bitterly.

I shoot her a evil look .

"Shut up Maggie " I snap.

"I sleep with you one time and I get you pregnant ." He mumbles .

I let more tears fall as I stare at the ground .

"We were so close " I mumble .

Maggie sits there and watches and hears every word .

"Would you have kept it ? " he ask looking at me with tears in his eyes .

"I don't know Mathew would've been mad he still doesn't know that it was yours , but I couldn't give it up . I know I would never be able to make my self do that . " I lean back on my pillows and close my eyes .

My life has just become a living hell

-Mathews p.o.v-

When I picked up Anna's file I wasn't expecting what I saw . Anna was pregnant before the crash and Ryder ruined it I couldn't think of anything so I darted out of her house . I had tears streaming down my face and my hands and legs were shaking so I collapsed under a near by tree .

I sat there and watched Maggie go into her house that all I was expecting to see till a few minutes later . A random car pulls up and Ryder gets out of the driver seat .

I run towards him and catch him by the shirt I don't give a fuck if his arm was in a cast or not .

"You killed the baby ! You stupid fucker !!! " I scream at him aggressively .

"What the hell are you talking about .! " he screams back .

"Anna , she was pregnant and you killed it you killed it ! " I go to pull back to hit him .

I didn't even notice Anna running towards me when I threw the punch . All I saw was her falling to the ground. I didn't know what to do . I just punched my girlfriend . I turn and run that's all I could think to do .

I run in my front door ignoring my mother I run to my bedroom and throw a bunch of shit in a bag and call Sam to come get me .

"Where you going honey ?" My mom ask as I race to the front door to wait

"I'm gonna be with Sam a few days " I open the door and walk out before she can say anything I lean against door and wait .

Sam arrives within 10 minutes without any questioning he takes me to a bus stop I tell the bus driver to take me anywhere .

Now I'm running away from my mistakes .

| authors note | must read if you reading this as I write it |

Okay , if you go back to the night when Ryder and Anna hung out after the game they did sleep together , sorry if I got y'all confused I thought the book needed something .

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