Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


2. chapter 2

I nod . "I'm bored " I say laughing at myself.

"Well a nurse brought you this " he sets down a black binder .

"What is it ?" I asking opening to see video games

"There's apparently a Xbox hooked up to that t.v and these are the games to play " I flip each page till I find one I wanted to play call of duty.

"I wanna play this " I say pointing to the disk .

"Are you sure babe ? "

I nod and he pulls it out of its slot and puts it in the system . He grabs the two controllers and turns on the game . I scoot over a bit .

"Lay with me ? " I ask.

He smiles and takes off his shoes and lays next to me . I move my head so it's on his chest he hands me a controller .

"Where did my parents go ? " I ask trying to figure out which button did what .

"They left to go get some sleep I volunteered to stay with you "

I smile we began playing the game I sucked at it so bad .

"How are you so good !? " I ask frustrated .

"Babe your a cheerleader non gamer and I'm a male gamer . I'm gonna be better " i smile .

I feel his hand move to my stomach the only place I'm not injured . I move my hand and set it on top of his . He pauses the game and looks at me .

"Why did you pause it ! " I ask looking at him .

"I want to talk " oh great ... I think

"About what ? " i ask looking at my other hand .

"I know it's like a month away ... " is he referring to the winter wonderland dance .

"What ? " I ask again .

"Will you be my date to the winter dance " he smiles making me melt I knew the answer without thinking .

"Yes " I nod and smile .

He runs his hand through my hair and kisses my head .

"You need to get some sleep " he mumbles .

I was tired ,but I knew if I did he would leave and I don't want that .

"You can't leave "

He smiles "baby I'm not going to leave " I smile back I close my eyes and for the first time I have a peaceful sleep with him in my dreams everything perfect .

I wake up from my peaceful sleep with a smile on my face . I sit up looking around the room hoping to see him .

"Hey Anna " I quickly look over to the chairs and see terra my step sister sitting In the chair where Mathew was last night .

"Oh hi ... " I frown .

"You look pleased to see me " she smiles .

"I was just hoping to see Mathew " I say looking around the room again .

"Yeah figures did he give you these " she ask running her hand along the huge bear in the chair .

"Um I think ... I'm not sure " I stare at both bears for a second .

"He's cute .. " she smiles again .

"You better not be hitting on him " I say almost laughing .

"Oh honey he's your type not mine "

We both laugh. We sit there catching up for about an hour or two . A nurse comes to check on me and brings me food I eat every last bite of it . The doc comes in and talks about care for my knee and says to be careful with cheering and stunting . That makes me sad but I agree he tells me I'm free to go , but he says I'm allowed to wait for my parents . Mathew stoves back first and tell him the news he's thrilled .

"I'm so glad your okay " he says smiling .

The doctor walks in " one more thing Anna since your boyfriend is here .. Be careful when having sex " I instantly start choking on the water I was drinking while Mathew starts laughing so hard he's practically crying .

The doctor doesn't say anything else he just leaves.

"Holy shit " I say trying to regain breath .

"He can say all he wants but were not gonna slow down " he says smiling .

"Mathew ! " I practically scream .

"What !? " he says back .

"You are nasty " I laugh again .

He attempts to grab me but I practically fall from where I was sitting .

"Get away ! " I say trying to move away from him laughing .

"I'm gonna get you Anna " he smiles and runs toward me to fast that I couldn't move he throws me over his shoulder .

The sudden action makes my leg ache making me scream he sets me down on the hospital bed .

"God babe don't do that "

"I'm sorry " he says looking me in the eyes .

I wrap my arms around his neck than pull him forward I bite my lip look into his crystal blue eyes than press my lips against his . He hands move onto my stomach it's perfect till he touches a part some glass must of been in because I cringe .

"Are you okay " he says quietly .

I nod . Before anything else can happen Maggie walks in .

"Hey bitch brought you actual clothes " she sets down pink sweatpants and a pink sweater to match along with my black boots .

"Thanks Hun" I get off the bed and push past Mathew and walk into the near by bathroom . I slid of my hospital gown letting it fall to the ground I throw my other clothes on , before I can leave the mirror catches my eye I move closer to it . I had a scar going down the side of my forehead a couple scratches on different parts of my face and than a bump on my head . I frown and try adjusting my hair so that it covers the scar it doesn't work . I sigh and walk out of the bathroom where my parents are now standing .

"You ready to go ? " my step dad (Jim) ask .

I nod . I pick up the flowers from the side table while Maggie picks up the tiny bear and Mathew picks up the big one . We begin to walk out of the room when I realize that the weight on my leg hurts like crazy .

"Well stupid your suppose to use crutches " Maggie says handing me crutches .

I try to juggle around the flowers in my hand but end up just handing them off to my 13 year old brother who i haven't seen In a couple days . We get to the car and Mathew picks me up sliding me into the middle seat my brother gets on the other side while Mathew gets on the other . Maggie must of gone with her mom .

We began ridding and every bump gives me a different pain . I try taking my mind off of it .

"I'm guessing this is from you " I say smiling at the bear .

"Yeah do you like it " he ask rubbing the back of his neck .

"Yes thank you " I smile I wanted to kiss him but I don't think anyone in this car would approve to much .

We say very little for the rest of the ride . When we get to my house everyone puts my stuff in my room, then scatters. Apparently Terra is staying till Wednesday.

Mathew stays around in my room laying on my bed . I place Maggie's bear and Mathews bear on the end of my bed and the flowers on the night stand . I remove my jacket reveling only a sports bra . I lay on my stomach next to Mathew . He has his eyes closed I push his hair out of his face . We lay there for minutes . I sigh which makes Mathew open his eyes . He smiles and kisses me gently . I sigh again .

"Something wrong ? " he asks.

"No . " I turn over to lay on my back and trace scars on my stomach.

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