Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


18. chapter 18: school

-Anna's pov-

"Sweetie wake up. " said my mom.

"Mmmm five more minutes.." I complained sleepily.

"Get up Anna Bell. I even made you breakfast. " she said. My mom could be overly motherly when she wanted to.

I got up and remembered everything. The blank hospital. The empty room. I shuddered and walked out.

I sat down at the table and are my muffins and coffee, starting to actually wake up. "I know you've been out of school for a few weeks but... Oh nevermind. Have fun and go get dressed. " she said.

I walked back to my room. I still needed to be slutty, at least a little. I picked out a blue, lacy crop top and some denim shorts. It was starting to get a little warmer, even in early December. I guessed it was a warm front.

I walked out the door, and by muscle memory began to walk to Maggie's house. I cringed. She's not there.

Instead I walked to the bus stop, where I see Paige. I immediately began to back up, but she seemed... Different.

She didn't have any makeup on, and no slutty clothing. Just a tshirt and sweatpants. I blinked. She looked normal. Less Barbie bitch more... Okay.

"Um Paige?" I ask. She looked up at me and... Smiled?

"Anna. I... I'm so sorry. I was such a dumbass and bitch and whore and I just... I'm so sorry. I heard about you and Ryder and Mathew and... Maggie. Look I feel like shit right now for being such a fucking asshole to you and I'm so, so sorry. " she said. I stared.

Never, in a million years, did I expect to hear that from Paige.

I didn't say anything. "You know it's almost impossible of me to forgive you. " I stated. She nodded. Suddenly the bus pulled up, and I sat in the middle area as Paige sat in the front and stared into space.

"ANNA OH MY GOD!" Raven screamed as I got attacked by hugs from Raven, Emily, and Gracie.

I laughed. "Good to see you too guys. I missed you. " I said.

"So what happened? Where's Mathew? And where's Maggie? I thought she would be with you." Said Emily.

"Um I was at the hospital for a while... This disease thing. " it was a lie, but better to be happily ignorant." But it's gone now. Mathew... God I don't even know. Guys sit down. Seriously. I know you all love Maggie but..." I trailed off. "She has... Um... Lung cancer. "

They all gasped. "HOLY SHIT WHAT? " said Gracie. They all started talking at once.

"Guys slow down! She's actually getting better. She's still in the hospital. She'll be okay. Anyways, have you seen Ryder? And do we have a game tonight?" I asked.

"Um Ryder's around, and yeah we have a game." Said Emily.

"Okay, thanks. I'll be back,lemme go find him. " I said.

I walked around the hallways a bit, but I didn't find him.

He found me.

Someone covered my eyes from behind me. I shrieked and Ryder hugged me. "God I hate you.." I said as I let myself melt into him.

"Missed you too sweetheart. " he murmured in my hair. I laughed and play-pushed him away. Suddenly serious he turned to me. "Can I see?" He whispered. He was talking about my scars, which I had covered up with a wrist cuff. I looked around and took it off.

Forty six bright red lines were still on my skin. He sucked in a breath. He kissed my wrist gently and I put back on the cuff. He nodded and took my hand.

We went to class.

"I'm starving. " Raven complained as she took a drink of water. The game just finished; it was a tie.

"Me too." Gracie complained.

"I'm not. " said Emily.

"Me neither. " I said as I discarded my cheer shoes for regular shoes and kept most of my cheer stuff on, I hadn't taken off my bracelet yet.

"Oh! Anna Ryder wanted me to let you know that he's taking you home. He's super sweet. Even though he broke your virgin status." Emily said. I laughed.

"Yeah, okay thanks. Bye boo!" I called out to all of them.

"Bye!" They said simultaneously. I walked out and sat on the steps and waited for Ryder. He finally came, in a new car.

"That's your third. " I noted as I climbed in.

"My dad's rich. " he said as he leaned over and kissed my forehead. "let's go. "

We drove up to Starbucks. "I love you so much. " I said as I climbed out, practically running up to the front.

"You too. Thought you could use some coffee for later. " he said. Did he mean sex? No... He had something planned.

"I want one large Nutella coffee or whatever, and one normal coffee with sugar and cream... And whatever you have that has the most caffeine. " I said. Ryder paid and my three drinks were soon out.

We climbed back in his car, him holding one of my coffees. We put them in the drink holder as I silently drank all of the Nutella one. It was addicting.

We went into his house and went to his den.

"So I thought we could kind of have a redo of our first date thing... Since I got you pregnant and all." He said sheepishly.

"Oh my god this is amazing. I love you!" I said. It was the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.

"Okay well we can watch whatever movie. Oh, and I got these. " he said as he held up a bag of heaven; aka hot Cheetos.

I shrieked. "I love you!" I said as I buried myself in his arms. He started laughing.

"You too sweetheart. " he said.

We sat down on the couch. I decided that since his mom wasn't home that it would be okay to only wear my underwear, since my cheer uniform was tight. I took it off and my cheer skirt, and he took his shirt off. I later down as I put my head in his lap so he could play with my fading-purple hair. I picked out about 6 different scary movies and we watched the first one.

"I'm boredddd..." I complained.

"You have such a short attention span sweetheart." He said as he scooped me up and sat me on his lap so I was facing him. He pushed my hair back from my face. "You're so beautiful." he whispered as he kissed my nose. I laughed. I loved nose kissed.

"You are too. " I said. He laughed.

"Am not. "

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Fine, if I'm beautiful than you are too." He said.

"That's no fair!" I said.

"Yes it is. "

"Fine..." I said. He finally kissed me. Just kissed me. He pushed me back on the couch so he was on top of me. "You got any condoms?" I whispered. He nodded and began to kiss me again.

He slung my legs so they were around his torso and pushed me into the wall. I traced the muscles on his back as he rubbed my sides. He let me go and suddenly I had him pushed against the wall, and our fingers intertwined and went up so I was pushing his hands against the wall too. He made a noise of frustration as he turned around and picked me up. I kissed him again, tugging his hair. He threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me and started kissing me slowly, his hand creeping nearer and nearer to my underwear. He pulled them off and went for my bra, but I teased him, pushing his hands more near my legs. He squeezed my ass and thighs, but he kept going for my bra. I let him. He lifted himself up a few inches and his hand went underneath me to undo my bra.

My fingers trailed towards his belt loops and it tugged them off. He was still looking at me, drinking me in. Then his boxers were discarded too. He grabbed my hair and sucked at my neck, giving me a hickey. One of his hands was rubbing my legs and hips.

I pulled myself on top of him and let him sink into me as I moaned and almost screamed. I pressed my hands flat against his abs and he smiled. His hands were making its way around the curve of my hips down to my thighs and back up again.

I decided to tease him more. I pulled myself off of him and grabbed his hands, pinning them on either side of him. He was underneath me, my legs on either side of his body.

His hand got loose and immediately went in between my legs. I screamed as he did whatever he was doing.

When we were done, my head was in his lap and my body was curled up in a ball as he traced my body.

"God." I muttered. We decided to watch the movie again.

"Yeah." He said. I was tired a little, so I decided to drink the rest of my coffee. I was hyper in a few minutes.

"Does everything we do have to end up in sex?" I asked jokingly. He smiled. I sighed.

I laid back down, except to where I was just sitting on his lap. He hugged me from behind sort of, mostly just so grope me. His legs were longer than mine, not by much though. He pulled me so that I was facing him, but still sitting on his lap. He traced my back and legs again and again.

" I can make you okay. " he said. I nodded. He kissed me, lightly, and we spooned until I fell asleep.

Authors note - important to readers -

Okay so the book is ending pretty soon so PLEASE tell us what you think!!

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