Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


15. chapter 15: regrets

-Anna's pov-


I forgot my phone was there. I was in bed with Ryder at his house, just yesterday had been the party. I'd slept with him, and I was relaxed.

"Hello?" I said into the microphone sleepily. I could hear sobs at the other end.

"Anna it's Mathew. Pl-" his voice broke. "Please just come to Maggie's house. I'll meet you there."

He hung up. Mathew needed me. "Ryder babe I gotta go. " I whispered. He suddenly wrapped his legs around me, trapping me.

"Don't go sweetheart. " he murmured.

"I've gotta. Tomorrow night I'll be here, okay? " I whispered. His hand lazily guided his was across my body, making me shudder.

"Okay. " he said as he let go, stretched, and went straight back to sleep. I pulled on a tshirt and sweatpants and walked across the street to Maggie's house. I saw Mathew with his head in his hands on her front steps.

"Mathew!" I said. He looked up, and his face was red and years were streaming down it. "What happened? What's wrong?" I said as I sat down beside him.

"Anna. Maggie... Maggie she's got.. Damn it she's going to die! " he said.

"Mathew what do you mean?" I asked, concerned.

He straightened up, as if he were about to quote something. "Maggie has stage 3 lung cancer, and she's in a coma. She's expected to wake up in a few days, but you can never be sure. Her cancer hasn't spread far from her lungs, but it is in her heart. She's going to need to stay in the hospital so they can treat it, but when they do she'll have to carry around an oxygen tank at all times and a BiPap when she's sleeping. They still aren't finished doing tests, they still have to do a biopsy, but they're sure she at least has some kind of lung cancer. "

I stared at him in stunned silence. "What?"

"Maggie has fucking lung cancer!" He cried. He then turned cold "just thought that you should know, since you care about her so much," he said, grabbing his bag and running off.

Maggie might die.

No, no! Stop. I didn't care. All that mattered was Ryder. She had lied to me so many times, I didn't care.

I ran back to my house and climbed in bed, pulling my shirt , sweatpants, and underwear off. "Ryder babe I'm back. " I whispered. I climbed in bed and he pulled himself on top of me and kissed me. He was naked too.

"I missed you sweetheart. I'll make this one quick. "

He puts his hands on my waist and pulls him into me . I let out a slight cry . He didn't listen and kept going . Why am I this way I'm terrible my loved one just waltzed away and now I'm sitting here letting Ryder fuck me . You know what no . I'm done I shouldn't be doing this . I push Ryder's shoulders away from me .

"Can we stop ? " I ask sweetly hopefully he won't catch my bluff .

"Sure babe " he kisses my neck " I should go anyway " he adds standing up putting his clothes on .

"Okay . " I say pulling my clothes back on .

"Bye I'll be back later " he says kissing me again than leaving .

I stand for a few minutes waiting for Ryder to be completely gone . Than I put some boots on with my sweatpants and top . I walk down the stairs passing my family laughing and talking I haven't talked to them in a while but I really didn't want to . I walked outside and looked around . Now I knew exactly where Mathew was . I started walking towards the woods I stop at the edge taking a deep breath than step inside . I had to apologise or something I couldn't take it . I walked for around twenty minutes than I hear a twig break I quickly turn and I see a blue t-shirt amongst the trees . I start haling ass towards him . He turns to run right as I get to him .

" wait Mathew stop .. " I say breathing deeply. I grabbed his shoulder and he spun around, my hand coming off his shoulder as he trudged away from me.

"Mathew!" I said crying. I heard him stop for a moment, then continue. "Stop! Please! Mathew I need you!" I screamed, my throat raw. He stopped.

"Anna, you have Ryder. You don't need me. Just forget me. Forget Maggie, forget the baby, forget your dad. You deserve that much. Please, go. " he said quietly,so I could barely hear him.

"Mathew I need you! I'm sorry for- for everything! All the shit I've put you through, please! Mathew!" I said between sobs. I could tell he had to physically restrain himself from running up to me.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye Anna, please move on. " he said. And he raced into the woods.

"No!" I choked out. I collapsed into tears, and stayed that way for who knows how long.

For what seemed like an eternity, I was alone, I cried until I had nothing else to cry. Even after that, I sobbed.

"Anna? " a voice said suddenly behind me.

"What?" I whispered.

"It's Scarlet, are you okay? Where's Maggie and Mat? And Ryder?" She asked. I sobbed again.

"Check the hospital. Mathew is gone. " I stated simply.

"Anna c'mon. " she said. I shook my head. "Anna come on. Get up. " I shook my head again. "Alright, fine. " she said.

Suddenly, I was hoisted into the air by Scarlet's surprisingly strong arms. I didn't care. I had stopped caring about everything. She threw me in the back of her car where I pressed my knees to my chest and didn't say anything.

We got to the hospital about half an hour later. She hoisted me up again and led me into the hospital. "I need to see Maggie Lynn. Now. " she demanded the nurse.

"Let her see a doctor first, she isn't well, I can tell. " the nurse said. "We need a doctor!" She called. Suddenly, someone rushed in there with a stretcher. Scarlet laid me down and they rushed me into a room.

The rest was a blur of white and peoples faces looking at me.

~ a week passes and Anna is in the hospital because if depression, Maggie still hasn't woken up yet. ~

-Maggie's pov-

All I saw was fire. I was consumed, but there was no heat. I couldn't breathe, something was in my lungs. I felt heavy and dizzy. I gave up.

It all went away quickly after that, the pain. I was in some sort of mist. Suddenly I saw my dad. I remembered his face.

"Daddy!" I called and ran into his arms. "Daddy what's happening? Why are you here? Am I dead? " I asked, getting quieter every question.

"Sweetie listen to me. Forgive him. Forgive Ryder. Forgive Anna. It's all you can do. And stay with Mat. Please, sweetie I love you so much. I might be seeing you again soon. Here. " he said as he slipped a ring on my right hand, middle finger.

"I'm in between aren't I? I need to keep breathing. Dad I love you. I miss you. And I'm sorry about mom. " I stated. He brushed my hair back with his fingers.

"Remember you are strong and bold. No one can change that. I love you. Now breathe. " he said, and I took a deep breath and-

"She's good!" Someone called. I sat up, then laid back down. I breathed in and out, only focusing on that for about 5 minutes. Ten. Fifteen. Once I felt okay, I turned to the woman in white who was in my room.

"What?" I croaked out, then coughed. I wasn't used to talking.

"Maggie, remain calm. You're in a hospital because you had a coma due to lack of oxygen. You were out for about a week or so. You also have stage three lung cancer, which is why you're hooked up to all these machines. Only two people have come to visit you, your stepsister and... Was it Mathew? Yes. Mathew and Scarlet I believe. There was another girl, but she's in the room over due to depression. I believe her name was Anna Rece. We're going to have to do a lot of tests and stuff. And also you died for a minute at 1:14 am, fifteen minutes ago, when you woke up. "

"Mat? Anna? Take me to see Anna. And call mat and scarlet." I demanded.

"I can call Mat and Scarlet, but neither of you are in any condition to get up. She's extremely depressed, and she might kill herself if we let her out. She's getting regular therapy and constant anti-depression meds. If you have trouble breathing, it's normal with lung cancer. If it gets bad, just press this button. " she said, motioning to a button beside me. "I'll go call Mat and Scarlet. Doctor Wilson should be here soon to talk to you. I'll be back soon. " she said as she walked out. I stayed there and tried to remember something, anything.

I remembered staying in the woods with Mat, and going to... A party that Scarlet invited us to. I remember a boy, him holding me in a lake, and being pressed against a wall and pinned to the floor. And I couldn't breathe.

Suddenly a man in a lab coat and a brown, scruffy beard and curly hair walked in. He checked my heartbeat without saying a word.

"Sorry, I had to make sure your heart was beating normally. Well hello, Maggie Lynn. I'm Dr. Wilson. I'm sure nurse Emmaline explained the basics of what's going on, but it's my job to explain it better. Basically, you've got stage three lung cancer. It's spread into your heart as well. You were in a coma due to lack oxygen, and we assume it was because of the lung cancer. But will you tell me what really happened? " he asked.

"Okay. Well you see.." I told him my story, changing a few things. Like I didn't run away and I was never at any strip clubs. I did tell him about me smoking, though. And drinking. I told him about Anna and what she was going through. I told him about me as well. I told him about what I saw inbetween. I pretty much told him everything.

When I finished, his eyes were amazed sort of. "Wow. You've been through a lot. And so has Anna apparently."

I laughed. "Yeah. Can you not tell anyone please?"

"Sure thing. "

"But tell Anna that I'm up. The nurse should've calle-"

Suddenly Mat and Scarlet burst in the room. "Maggie!" Scarlet cried and hugged me, not too tight.

"Oh my god, Maggie! " said Mat. I smiled. "They said you died!"

I laughed and noticed the ring on my middle finger. I gasped. I thought it wasn't real. "Doctor. This is the ring he was talking about. I've never seen it before. "

Dr. Wilson took my hand. "Miracles happen. I suggest you hold it close. " he smiled knowingly. I trusted Doctor Wilson.

"What happened? Anna's been worried sick!" Scarlet exclaimed. I saw Mat get a guilty look on his face.

"You haven't seen her have you?" I asked Mat. He shook his head.

"It would only make it worse." I understood.

"Guys I'm actually really tired, but thanks for being here! Love you both. " I said and I yawned. They nodded vigorously and walked out the door.

I nodded off quickly after that, into a deep sleep .

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