Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


14. chapter 14:waking up

-Anna's p.o.v -

I woke up with my head pounding in a room that's a mess . I yawn and realise I had no clothes what so ever on . Doesn't surprise me . I try to regather my thoughts but I feel movement beside me . I quickly shoot a look towards the figure that is wrapped in a blanket next to me . I see brown hair sticking from the top that looked a lot like ... Mathew . I poke the figure next to me making him groan and flip over so I could see who it was . I had to be dreaming this couldn't be real . It couldn't be !

"Mathew !? " I practically scream .

"M-Maggie ? " he replies, half-opening his eyes.

"Oh my god Mathew ! I missed you I missed you so much . " I quickly jump towards him pressing my bare body against him with tears running down my face . I could care less that he had said Maggie.

"Anna ? " he ask moving my hair from my face .

"Yes yes it's me it's Anna !!" I say kissing his cheek .

"Oh my god Anna " he sits up pulling me with him pressing me against his chest .

"I missed you . Why did you leave me " I say through my sobs .

He didn't answer he kept brushing his fingers through my hair and kissing my cheek and lips . It felt to .. Amazing to be like this again .

"I think you gave me a blow job last night " he mumbles .

"I probably did ... " I say admitly "I do that when I'm drunk and high " I add .

"What happened to you ? " he ask touching my sides .

"When you left i couldn't take it anymore between losing the baby and my dad dying and everything else I had to do something to get my mind off of it . So I became this at first I thought it was going to be terrible but it's actually kind of fun " I could tell the last sentence hurt him but it was fun .

"The baby , I forgot " he says running his hands up and down my stomach .

I look down I had to tell him "it wasn't yours " i say putting my hands with his .

"What do you mean ? " he removes his hands a reaction of denial.

"I slept with Ryder before you " i mumble .

He looked stunned I don't blame him .

"I'm.. I'm sorry " I say looking him in the eye. His brilliant blue eyes shined with tears.

He didn't say anything, but I could tell he was mad. Not at me, really. Just at the world. He pulled on some boxers and jeans and walked out.

"Maggie?" I heard him call. I walked out too, after a moment. I see tons of sleeping people and saw some movement in the corner of my eye. It was Scarlet standing alone, smoking a cigarette. I couldn't find Mathew, but I found a tshirt and slipped it on before she noticed me.

"Scarlet? " I say.


"You know where Ryder's at?"

Her face dropped. I heard a gasp from Mathew.

"Mr. Runaway just found them. " she said, a mask of horror on her face as she began to run over to them.

Who else would be here..? Oh.

Maggie. Duh.

"Call an ambulance!" I heard Mathew call. I spun around to see Ryder on top of Maggie, who was a shade of blue from lack of oxygen. I nearly screamed.

"Maggie! Oh my god!" I screamed.

"You dumbass we can't call an ambulance while we're at an illegal party! " said Scarlet. "Here, is she breathing?" She leaned over her, pushed Ryder off of her, and felt her heartbeat.

"She's gone into a coma due to lack of oxygen. We'll get her home, then call the ambulance. " said scarlet. I heard someone behind us talking.

Some random person had woken up and called an ambulance. Scarlet literally karate chopped the phone away. "What the hell you bitch!" She yelled. I picked up the phone and finished the call.

"Is there like an alarm or something we can do to get everyone up like now?" I asked.

"We can try. " she said. Mathew was standing over Maggie, frozen. He was shaking violently. Scarlet started yelling "EVERYONE UP THE COPS ARE COMING!!!"

People started gradually getting up and going home, and about 90% of the people were gone, the others hidden in rooms.

The ambulance came and immediately went inside and got her onto a stretcher. Everyone except this one lady had ignored us, and she told us to go home and asked her what Maggie's name and her parents names were. She was gone quickly, leaving me, Mathew, and Scarlet standing there dumbstruck.

"Wha the hell.." Ryder said. He had finally gotten up.

"Ryder!" We all said at the same time. I said it with relief, Mathew with hatred, and Scarlet with annoyance.

"You bitch you almost killed her! " Mathew said.

"Wha- I don't even remem- oh. I remember. " he said suddenly.

"Remember what?" I asked. He looked at me horror-struck, as if realizing what he'd done and that I was still here.

"Oh my god Anna. " he said. He looked at Mathew and I guessed it was some sort of boy thing.

"You- oh my god I'm gonna be sick. You know what Ryder? Fuck you. C'mon scarlet, let's let Ryder confess this one. WITHOUT LYING LIKE LAST TIME!" Mathew screamed, then spat on Ryder. I looked at them both in horror. What the hell..?

They walked out. Ryder wiped the spit away. "Babe all you've done is keep secrets please tell me what's going on. " I said.

"Anna Bell. I'm going to be completely honest with you. Maggie didn't rape me at last weeks party, I raped her. And I just did it again, but this time it's worse. I killed her. I fucking killed her. She said no, but I couldn't help it! Anna please I'm so sorry. " he said.

I expected him to laugh, to say he was joking. He looked me straight in the eye though. "Ha! You're funny." I said. He smiled a little bit.

"Hahah. Okay let's go sweetheart. "

"But Math-"

"When has he been there? I've always been the one to be there for you, to protect you. He ran off when you needed him most, and I was there to comfort you. Sweetheart you've just got to let go." He said. I sighed and nodded. It was true. He couldn't have raped her, it was an accident. He was perfect and blameless. I loved him.

"Okay. I'm sorry." I said.

"Me too." I heard him mutter.

Suddenly Mathew stormed out, not even glancing at us and ran into the woods. "MATHEW NO!" I screamed, but it was too late. He was gone again. I sighed and shook my head. He'd never stop running away.

"C'mon sweetheart. " he said. He put his arm around me and guided me to a random car, which he stole and we drove off.

-Mathews pov-

Maggie. Ryder has ruined my life too many times. First with the baby, now with Maggie. I was utterly confused about my feeling about Maggie, but I knew I felt something.

I was back at camp now, but as soon as I got dressed decently I would catch a bus to the hospital.

I pulled on a tshirt and some jeans and headed out to wait for the bus.


As soon as I got to the hospital, about an hour later, two hours after she was taken there, I asked to see her.

"Um.. Maggie Lynn? " I asked. The nurse nodded.

"This way. She's still in a coma, but she looks better. Poor thing, really. Two terrible things to happen in one day. "

"Two?" I asked. She stopped.

"You don't know? I'm guessing you're either her brother or boyfriend, but I'll just tell you I'm sorry. I'll let the doctors explain. " she said. I was shaking now. What was worse than a coma? The nurse would've said something about her being pregnant. But it has to be worse.

The nurse went inside and I saw Maggie. She had an oxygen mask thing on, and her blue,green,and red faded hair sprawled out on the pillow. She looked like she was asleep, like the times in the woods when I would just watch her sleep.

"Maggie. " I whispered, and went over to her.

"Her mom refused to come. You seem to be the only person who cares about her. Ah, Doctor Wilson, come in. " she said.

A man in a white coat and a scruffy beard came in and sat down on the opposite side of the bed. He flipped through his clipboard.

"Oh hello there. I'm doctor Wilson. And you are..?" He said, taking my hand.

"Mathew. Mathew Ralen. " I said, taking his hand. "So what's wrong with her?" I asked. The doctor took a deep breath and looked me in the eye, in that way you could tell he was about to tell you something that would kill you mentally.

"Well first, she went into a coma due to lack of oxygen, and this part is very surprising, but Maggie Lynn here has lung cancer."

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