Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


13. chapter 13: the party

~the next week passes and Mat and Maggie grow closer than ever ( today's the day of the second party that Scarlet mentioned)~

-Anna's pov-

"Maggie ran away?!" I cried. "Both of my best friends..." I was sitting on a park bench with Ryder as he broke the news that Maggie had run away. "Not including you" I added.

"I know sweetheart. I'm so sorry. She must've been upset that you found out the truth. " he said comfortingly. Ryder had 'comforted' me a lot this week. Almost every night, I would sneak into his bedroom and he would 'comfort' me the best way possible.

"I'll be there tonight. " I said. "Wait! No I promised Scarlet I'd go to a party. You'll come with me, right babe?"

"Of course sweetheart. " he said, kissing me.

"Great" I said smiling underneath his kisses.

-that night-

"Here. " Ryder said, helping me get my shirt off. We were getting ready for the party. He undid my bra and hugged me from behind.

He let go. "Thanks babe. " I said standing up. He had seen me naked a lot, so it didn't phase me. He smiled that gorgeous smile that always got me. I decided to wear something very sexy. I knew Ryder didn't really mind me sleeping with someone else, as long as he got it better.

I picked out a black lingerie and a black lacy bra, it looked like something Maggie would wear. I cringed. I am nothing like that stupid skank.

I went into the bathroom and did black and red themed makeup. It was good. I walked out to see Ryder changing into a muscle shirt and jeans.

"You're sexy as fuck sweetheart. " he said as he saw me. I smiled.

"Let's go then. "

-at the party- "Scarlet you got an extra pack of cigarettes?" I asked as I got in the car, Ryder close behind me. She didn't look too happy, but oh well.

"No. I have it to my ste- Maggie. Right before she ran away. " she quickly corrected herself.

"Whatever. Let's go. "

She sighed and we went to the place. It was an abandoned building near a lake. The moon was shining bright, and so were he lights inside the place. I saw at least a hundred people outside, and screaming from inside. I was giddy with excitement. Ryder grabbed my thigh and squeezed, he was excited too. Scarlet was obviously very pissed off, but I didn't care.

"Thanks for the ride. " I said.

"Whatever. You're gonna have to find your own way home. " she said.

"Bye. " I said, already waking off. She drove away to where the cars were parked and got out. I walked inside.

-Maggie's pov-

We walked inside the gym to take a shower. I had bought Mat some clothes that were for for the party that I was going to drag him to tonight. I personally was wearing a black lingerie with a black bra, and red and black themed makeup. Hopefully Anna wouldn't be there.

"You're taking forever!" I yelled over the showers still going in the men's bathroom.

"You're less dirty than me! I'm almost done. Calm yourself. " he called back. I rolled my eyes. About 5 minutes later, he came in without a shirt, and just jeans.

"Where's your shirt?" I asked.

"Don't need one. Let's go. "

We caught a bus to where the party was at. I spotted scarlet near some bushes.

"SCARLET!" I screamed, delighted to see her again. She turned around and smiled. I ran into her arms. "Damn I missed you. "

"You too boo. And I see you found Mr. Runaway." she said. I laughed.

"Yeah. What time is it by the way?" I asked. Mat was standing awkwardly behind us, so I grabbed his hand. It wasn't that flirty, okay maybe a little. He blushed and squeezed my hand.

"About 11. " she said. I laughed.

"Okay. C'mon Mat, let's go inside. "

We walked in and I dragged him to the bar. We immediately had 6 shots around us. I downed three of them.

"Your turn!" I called over the booming music. He took a sip of one and cringed. I laughed. "Drink it in one gulp! It helps the taste!" I said. He gulped it down.

(Editors note: you can change him getting drunk or not or whatever if you want to. )

We were fairly drunk by the time we stood up. We practically fell over and helped each other up, both giggling hysterically.

"Go find some girl to dance with!" I called out to him.

He nodded as I spotted an extremely hot guy with a muscle shirt. I couldn't see his face, everything was blurry, but I could tell he was really hot. He had some girl next to him that was dressed in the same outfit as me. I could also tell they were both extremely stoned and drunk.

I dragged the boy away and he followed. I danced next to him, his hand guiding everywhere along my nearly bare skin. We danced for a while, him touching me and feeling his way around all the curves in my body. I eventually pulled off his muscle shirt and dragged him to the bar. We had about 4 more shots each, and I forgot my own name.

"So wha's your name?" I said, my words slurred.

"Can't remember. You?" He asked, his words slurred as well. I gulped down another shot.

" I can't remember. " I admitted. He nodded and began to rub me all over again. We went back out to the dance floor and I offered him some cigarettes, I let him reach down into my bra to grab them. He let his hand linger there, then we both had a pack each. I remembered sharing a pack of cigarettes with another boy, I couldn't remember who.

"SKINNY DIPPING!" Someone screamed suddenly. Everyone rushed out into the cool night air and stripped. The boy tore off my bra and lingerie for me, and I undid his pants as we slid into the dark water.

It was freezing, but I didn't care. I swam out and the boy followed me. We went out to the middle of the lake and he hoisted me onto him, where my legs were crossed over his torso. He smiled up at me and kissed me. He was a strong swimmer to be able to hold me up like that. He kept kissing me in every place he could mange, and sucking on my skin as I pulled his hair. We eventually went back inside, along with tons of other completely naked people. I ran into someone, a boy I recognized. I couldn't remember his name either. I smiled at him as he gazed at my body. He looked surprised, then I realized he wasn't completely drunk. I blinked and turned back around to face the boy I had kissed in the lake.

Before I knew it, the boy was pushed up against the wall and being punched in the face by the boy I recognized.

"Wha-" I began, then I shrugged. I didn't really care. I went to the bar and ordered 4 more shots. I had found a random tshirt laying on the ground that I slipped on. Suddenly, the girl that had been wearing the same outfit as me plopped down beside me

"6 !" She called, and she downed them one gulp each.

"7!" I called. Seven were handed to me and I drank them all. It was a competition.

"8!" She called. It went on like that for a while.

-Mat's pov-

It didn't take much to surprise me, but seeing how good Maggie looked naked did. And the fact that Ryder was right behind her, staring at her ass. I didn't know what I felt about Maggie, but I knew that if she wasn't completely black-out drunk and high, she would've smacked Ryder a long time ago.

I was a little drunk, I didn't like the taste of the shots so I'd only had the three Maggie had gotten me. I got up and pushed Ryder against the wall and punched him as hard as I could. Maggie just walked away back to the bar where I spotted-


My perfect, beautiful Anna was drinking and completely naked. Maggie had slipped ok a tshirt, but all I could see was the tan back of Anna's. I let go of Ryder and he threw up. I walked over to the bar.

"Anna?" I asked. I realized that she didn't recognize me, she was too drunk. I saw at least a dozen empty shot glasses near her. She got up and practically fell on top of me.

"Hey sexy." She said, her words slurred. Maggie was giving me a funny look. She shrugged and went off again.

I couldn't care less, I had her back. Anna. Even if she was a slut, I could change her. I ordered a few more shots, so all I saw was a sexy girl clinging on to me.

"Let's get a room. " she whispered in my ear. I nodded. She dragged me into a room where she stripped me down and we did what I wanted for the longest time.

"Ive got to go. " I whispered to her, while she was under me. I have her a dark hickey and she moaned.

"Don't go. Please..." She pleaded.

"I've got to baby girl. " I said as I got up and found my boxers. She sat up, showing me everything. She sexily crawled back over to me, and bit at the edge of my boxers. "No baby I can't. Oh god..." I said as she pulled off my boxers and began to suck.

We stayed in bed the rest of the night.

-Maggie's pov-

Everything felt like it was underwater, the sounds and all the people. I found the boy- the sexy one- completely naked. I stared at him openly. He smiled and pushed me against a wall.

" I remember your name, Maggie." He hissed. Huh. So that was my name.

"Okay?" I didn't see why it mattered. I didn't really want to have sex with him, he sounded mad now. I wanted to walk away, but he had me pushed against a wall. I squirmed. "Let me go"

"Not until you let me do whatever you want to you. " he whispered, his hot breath was starting more repulsing than arousing.

"No. Let me go!" I said louder. He suddenly smacked his lips on mine and began to squeeze my ass and breasts. "Stop! I said no!" I moaned. I didn't like this.

"Stop, you're ruining it. You know you want it. Hold still. " he purred. I squirmed some more and tried to scream, but he started to full-out rape me, forcing me on the ground and shoving himself in my throat. I threw up because he made me gag.

"Now Maggie we don't want that. Just do what I say. I'm your big daddy now. "

"No! Stop! " I screamed. "Fuck you!"

"So you do want to fuck me? Okay then. " he said. He pushed me on the ground and touched me everywhere. I couldn't move, or talk. He was suffocating me. He was literally sitting on top of me. I couldn't breathe.

I eventually passed out, and even in my sleep, I could feel his fingers trailing in my body.

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