Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


11. chapter 11: the fight

   I walked down to her steps and jumped over the railing. I walked inside and went straight up to her bedroom. I'm gonna whip her ass. "MAGGIE!" I scream. She poked her head outside the door as I went looking through her refridgerator and pulled out a bottle of beer. I downed it quickly.

"What?" she asked suspiciously.


"What the hell..? Anna I didn't rape him, if anything he raped me at the party. He pulled me int-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH YOU RAPED HIM! AND NOW I JUST.. FUCK! YOU! YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN THE BARBIE BITCH!" It wasn't really true, but I wanted to make her mad.

She turned beet red. "Anna Bell Rece I did not rape him!" she said quite loudly. I knew she was serious because she said my full name. "Please just-"

"THE FUCK YOU WANT BITCH?" I asked. I picked up a shard of glass still left on her kitchen floor, but I missed because I was too drunk.

" I did not rape him. Believe it or not, people lie! "


She sighed. "I've had enough bullshit today." She went into her bedroom and shut the door, but I could tell she was sitting with her back against the door.

"MAGGIE I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU I'M NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN YOU BITCH! I FUCKING.." I began to cry. I hated being mad and my head was in the clouds.

I rushed out the door and tripped on the steps, skinning my knee. "Damn it." I muttered.

-Maggie's pov-

I can't believe she rushed in to my house and started yelling at me. I raped him? What the hell. He totally must've lied to her; that would explain him acting pissed off at me after he kissed me. And he had raped me, if anything! He was the one who took me over to the table and started stripping me.

I instantly remembered that the next two weeks were Thanksgiving break, since today was the 17th.

"DAMN IT!" I screamed at nothing. I collapsed into tears. I had just lost my best, and only friend. Everyone hated me and was full of lies. I needed to run away.

I grabbed a bag and packed a six pack of beer, some clothes and some food. I'd have to run by Scarlet's and ask her to get as many packs of cigarettes as she could, and tell me where to get them and for how much. I walked out of the house, mom probably wouldn't have even noticed.

So I decided to steal Ryder's car.

It would be easy, just wait until night and sneak into one of his windows and grab the keys. I was just going downtown, I needed money, so I was going to strip again. It had to work.

I stayed around until nightfall, and walked over to his house. I already knew how to drive, so I'd be okay. I opened his kitchen window, grab the keys on the counter and head out to his car.

(Sexual content ahead!)

It didn't take long to get to the strip club. I drove up, it was about 11. Perfect. I had packed the sluttiest clothes I could find, some black heels, a lingerie, and just a lacy bra. All solid white. I walked in and since it was a Friday night, the place was much more packed.

I went into the bathroom and applied red and white themed makeup and walked out. I decided just not to smile so I wouldn't show my braces.

I sexily walked up stage, and already several of the men's eyes were watching me. I grabbed a pole and began to walk around it, carefully. I spotted a man that looked quite rich right near me. I slyly smiled, careful not to show any teeth. His eyes were on me like a puppy dog. I gave him a look that said 'wait your turn' and began to dance as sexily as possible, outdoing all the other strippers. I had easily collected 450$, but I had made a promise to the man. More like teenager, actually. He was about 18, and quite handsome. I leaned near his ear and hissed

"Let's get a room. "

He nodded and we headed towards the back. I picked an empty room at the back of the hallway and sat on the bed. "Tell me what you're gonna do to me. " I asked. That seemed like a good line.

"First I'm gonna strip you down, then I'm gonna kiss and suck at you in every place in your body, I will put myself inside you as you moan and tell me to go deeper and deeper. You will ride me hard and give me the biggest erection ever, you will let me squeeze your naked ass and breasts, as you're pushing me in more. You will give me the best blow job and hand jobs possible, you'll let me touch you in every way I want to. You will be mine and do everything I say. " I didn't think it was possible to describe sex in a dirtier way than he did as he continued.

After he finished, I said. "Then do it to me. And I'll do all of that to you. "

(Content starts here)

He walked over me, already taking his shirt off. I had put most of the money in my bag, which was hidden. He tried to grab me, but I pulled back, teasing. He growled and tried again, grabbing my foot. He yanked me to him and I could smell his liquor-filled breath all around me. He stayed on top of me like that for a moment, as if asking permission to touch.

"It's extra if you want to do all the things you said. " I whispered.

He ripped off my lingerie and bra, throwing them on the floor. I undid his pants and boxers and let my hand linger in that area for much to long, grabbing and squeezing whatever I could. He sucked and kissed me in places that I've never felt before. At one point he made a trail of sucking/kisses all the way down my chest, in between my legs, and up to my back. I moaned in pleasure and pulled his hair. "Deeper, deeper... Please. Please! Oh God, please! Oh damn, oh my fuck. God, just let me- OH! Ohh god. Mmm damn please more, please. " I begged him. He chuckled and delivered my wishes.

I got down on the floor and did what he told me to. He wanted me to be as dirty as possible, wanted me to make every part of him wet with my saliva and other body fluids. I made him moan too, which made him scramble on top of me and give me the same amount of pleasure. I screamed and I begged, drowning none of it out. He touched every part of me. I touched every part of him. After that, it was basically the same thing.

After all that, we went back out, I was nearly naked. All the men crowded around me, touching me. Eventually, I was able to get to the man and he handed me 10 wads of what looked like hundreds of dollar bills. "Thanks. " he said as I walked out, grabbing my bag.

I decided that next I would go to Scarlet's house. I kind of knew where it was. I drove over there and pulled into her drive way. I simply walked in the door.

"Scarlet where ya at?" I called out.

"Here. " I heard in the other room. I walked in there to see her playing on her phone. Me and scarlet had been friends longer than Anna knew, about month before Anna and Scarlet became friends.

"Look, I'm running away. I need all the packs of cigarettes you got, and I need you to tell me where to get them and for how much. " I stated. She looked surprised for a moment, then it disappeared.

"Where ya goin? And here. " she said as she pulled out 4 packs from her nightstand drawer.

" I dunno. Away I guess. Me and Anna got in a fight because Ryder accused me of raping him during the party, which he raped me. "

"Damn, what an ass. And you go to the gas station on Ford Rd. And say you're with me. I get them for 15$ a pack, so don't let him cheat you. And can I have like 100$ ? "

"Sure. Just went stripping. " I said as I pitched a wad of dollar bills at her from my bag.

"Obviously. Look at you. Don't worry, I'm used to it. "

"Anyways, I might visit you. I'm not sure yet. I just need to get away for a while, okay? "

"M'kay. Good luck. I'd go about 30 miles south from here if I were you. "

"I guess this is it then. " I said.

"Yeah. I hate lettin ya go like this, but it's not my choice. "

"Thanks. For everything. " I said. She got up and hugged me.

"Bye step-sis. "

"Bye. "

(Authors note.

Okay so basically before Maggie's dad died they had a divorce and Maggie's dad got Scarlet's mom pregnant with Scarlet. Scarlet was born about a month after Maggie was born (Maggie's dad had sex with Scarlet's mom a month after he had sex with Maggie's mom, his wife), so that's why they're in the same grade. They've known forever, but they decided that Anna didn't need to know. )

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