She's not afraid

This story is about Mia, a twenty year old college student from Lakeland Florida. She just moved to London for the new semester. And she only expects a normal life. But what happens when she falls for a member of one direction? Will she express her love for him or will she become afraid?


2. two

"Really?" Louis asked. "On a totally unrated subject, what are you doing up do late? "

Niall finished the carrots and moved on to the actual dinner food. Not that I minded but goodness! He ate a lot."oh well, I just can't sleep." I spoke in a very tired voice. "But that's a good thing I guess because I have company now." I said with a slight smile. "I'll be right back! Niall help your self to any thing in the fridge!" I shouted.

I returned to my room and put on a bra under my top so I didn't have to wear a robe any more. I let my long Carmel hair down and then I put a breath mint in my mouth. If had known one direction was coming over I would have done this earlier. On my way out of my room I grabbed a random movie, and returned to the boys. They all looked at me and then to Louis and smiled. "What is it?" I asked, then I looked at Louis and he too had a carrot in his mouth. "I have a lot of carrots here, they're one of my favorites." Louis looked happy. So did Niall. I felt confused. I pulled out the movie. "Any one up for a movie?"

"What movie?" Zayn asked.

"Is it a scary movie?" Harry asked.

"Or is it a comedy?" Liam asked.

"It's definately a scary movie!" I said looking at the cover. "I have a lot of these." They all agreed to watch the movie.

Louis sat next to me, Harry next to Louis, Liam next to Harry ,Zayn next to Liam and Niall on the end. I was the first to let out a scream. Don't get me wrong! I loved scary movies, but they were, well scary! Louis pulled me closer every time one of us flinched. It was really sweet. When it got towards the end all of the other boys must have realized that Louis was cuddling me , because Niall looked mad, jealous actually! By the time the movie ended I felt my eye lids getting heavy. Louis must have seen this because he scooped me up and carried me bridal style to my bed humming little things. He laid me down and walked out to the other boys.

I barley knew him but I felt as if I were falling for him.

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