2. Morning

Destiny's POV

"Destiny" Ugh I'm so tired I cannot believe my mom is waking me up right now. "Destiny" "Alright alright I'm up stop yelling" I get up and go to the shower and do my regular routine. I don't wanna bore you with it. We're all mostly girls right so what's the point of explaining if we all mostly do the same thing right? Anyways I get out of the shower and put on my undergarments. And chose my outfit for the day: Black high waisted short shorts, a red crop top wit LA written a crossed it in black letters and paired it with red converse! I don't put on A lot of make-up I just do a natural look. Some coverup to hide any flaws, the some mascara and some lip gloss.

So I guess I should tell you a little about myself... We'll I'm 17 just moved from LA to Stratford, Canada. So my mom thought it would be good to stat a new life since my dad passed away from Brain Cancer. I'm an only child witch I'm ok with since I'm spoiled. :P I mean we're not poor nor rich were I'm the middle. But I do get mostly everything I want! So Im walking downstairs to eat breakfast now. "Good morning sweetheart I made you some French toast and your lunch is in the fridge" "Good morning mom and thank you" "Your welcome baby" I are my French toast drank my milk and grabbed my lunch and put it in my Pink and black Hollister satchel! "Bye mom. I'm gonna stop at Starbucks before I go to school" "ok bye honey" so yea see I'm starting a new school year since I moved here at the end of summer. I'm gonna be a Jr. And I'm going to.. Can you guess? Stratford High School!

I go outside and get into my car. It's a 2013 Black sparkly Mustang! All the windows are tinted so No one can see inside. The outside rim of my license plate is pick with rhinestones all around it! The license plate itself says qυєєи👑 since you can choose what you want if you want of course. I love it! Plus when you drive it it sounds like a race car it's kinda loud but I like it like that;)

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