3. first day

So I'm gonna go to Starbucks before school. Witch I'm dreading to go to.

*At Starbucks*

Starbucks dude: Welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?

He looks up at me and his mouth drops. Wow is there something on my face? Lol.

Me: um is there something on my face?

Dude: haha um no sorry your just really Pretty!

Me:*blushing* oh uh thanks lol. Can I get a viente vanilla bean with wip?

Dude: Ya I'll get that for you name?

Me: Oh Destiny

Dude: Beautiful name for a Beautiful girl. *Smirking*

Me:*laugh* thanks. Your not so bad yourself! *Smile, Wink*

Dude: thanks beautiful! We'll let me get your drinks so I can get off my shift so I can get to school.

Me: thanks. Me too.

Dude: here you go. My name is Justin btw. Justin Bieber (a/n he's not famous in this story)

Me: we'll it was nice meeting you Justin I have to get to school now.

Justin: well bye I'll see you around?

Me: um *smile* maybe

Omfg. He's so hot!! (A/N Justin's also 17 and also gonna be a Jr. Just to clarify things)

*Nobody's POV*

But little did they know that there gonna be bumping into each other a lot lately. What happens when they see each other at school? Wait to find out!

*At School*

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