4. chapter 3 continued...

As soon as I pulled into school I got stares because of my car, but they haven't seen me yet. I parked the car, grabbed my bag, and got out. Immediately everyone was staring with their jaws dropped, especially the guys. Might I add Canadians are hawtt!;) I closed my door and locked it, and everybody snapped out if their gaze. And I walked into school and to the office.

"Excuse me but I'm here to get my schedule" Gease the people that work here are so old. "Ah hello miss you must be destiny, the new student." She shakes my hand. "Yes that's me"*giggle* "we'll here's your schedule" "thank you" then the bell rang. Ugh now I have to try to find my first class."would you like me to call a student that can show you around?" "Yes. Thank you that would be lovely" she went over to her desk and called someone. I was on my iPhone 5c (it's pink btw if you didn't already ask) "you called" that voice sounds familiar. I turned around and there he was. God he's hot now that he's not in the Starbucks uniform. "Why yes mr.bieber. This is destiny and I want you to show her around for the day" "Sure. I'd love to" he looked at me and smiled. I however rolled my eyes. "Let me see your schedule" I handed it to him. "Well isn't it your lucky day. I have all the same classes" I laughed. "Well isn't that great" "Don't sound to excited" "sorry it's just I'm not in the mood to start school especially since I don't know anybody " "We'll you know me and I'd love to hang out with you all day" we both smiled. "Well thanks" "You wanna hang out with me at lunch? I can introduce you to some of my friends." "Sure id love to" "good now it's settled I get to hangout with you 247" I laughed "well someone's excited" "we'll you see there's this extremely hot, beautiful girl, she's new to my school and I get to see her mostly all day" I was probably major blushing. "Awe is someone blushing?" "What no not at all" then I looked away, and he laughed. "How about we get to class then you can sit with me" "oh what a pleasure" then I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed. "Alright let's go" I threw always my Starbucks and he grabbed my hand. It was nice holding his hand and I felt sparks no doubt about it. I was just staring at out hands until he broke the scalene. "This is nice" "what is?" "Us. Just walking in silence holding hands." "Yea! It is." I looked up any him and met his beautiful hazel eyes, I didn't realize we stopped walking. Still holding hands, he came closer as did I and our lips touched. It seemed like our kiss was forever but only seconds in reality. When we pulled away I touched my lips and said "WOW" my lips felt so hit from that kiss. "Yea. WOW" I smiled(: Man he's so hot! I just can't believe I kissed him, I mean we only met this morning. But I didn't think if see him after Starbucks I was wrong clearly. It seems like fait brought us here. Together!

*Justin's P.O.V*

Wow I can tell we both felt sparks. Or at least I hope! Although I had just met her this morning I honestly felt a major connection. It was a nice silence then she spoke "We'll that kiss was nice. I hope it wasn't just me who felt fireworks, and the connection?" Then she looked down, I put my finer under her chin and lifted her head up. "No. I definitely felt it too!" We both smiled.

*Destiny's P.O.V*

Good to know he felt the same. "Good. Glad it wasn't just me." "Yea I felt it too, and it was amazing!" We both looked ate scorcher and smiled, she Giggled! "As much as I would like to stand here alone with you, we should probably get to class." "Yea your right. At least we'll still be with each other!" He winked at me and I Giggled. "Your so cute!" I looked down cause I didn't want him to see me major blushing right now!! "Thanks" "OMG did I make thee Destiny blush again!?" I playfully pushed him. "Shut up Justin!" "Let's get to class" "Yea lets!" He then grabbed my hand again smiled, and started walking to class. So we got to class and walked in and everyone stared at us. I let go of Justin's hand and walked over to the teacher. Glad they were working in the books, so I didn't interrupt anything. "Hi. I'm Destiny the new student" "Why yes hello! Here's a book and here's what we'll be working on for the next week." Greasy so happy! (Note the sarcasm?) "Thanks" "Welcome. You can take a seat that's open" "ok" I turned around and everyone was still staring, then they looked down. I saw justin smiled, and walked over to him.

*Justin's P.O.V*

(While destiny was talking to the teacher) "Wow dude the new girl is hot!!" My bro Ryan said. "Yea but back off bro" " Woah chill dude. Does the Biebs have a crush?" " Well I wouldn't call it a crush. I do like her!" " Dang bro I can see why. She's hot!" "No not even just that. She's hot, but she's nice , and cute and-"Woah dude. Get to the point!" "Right, we'll I kinda wanna ask her out. I mean I've already kissed her- " what did you've already kissed her?" "Yea man before we came to class. I met her this morning I didn't think I would see her again" "We'll ask her bro! How can she Refuse your Justin Bieber, the most popular guy in school!" "Haha yea, but she doesn't know that. Plus I wanna do something Special!" "We'll bro here's your chance she's walking over here" "Ok be chill bro!" "Dude you chill" "Hey hot stuff!" Ryan said. I punched his arm. "WTF bro?" "Sorry. Don't talk to her like that bro" she giggled. "Justin you don't have to defend me, it's not like your my boyfriend so calm down" "not yet." I mumbled. "What was that?" "Nothing"

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