Slaves to a Different Race

Alex, a 15 year old human, has lived in fear for over half of her life. Her family murdered in the First Immortal War. Her life was turned around at the moment. She went into hiding, but like every hidden object she was found.


2. Chapter 2

This can not be happening. I ran from these beasts for years. I didn't want to end up like my family.

"Please sir. I can't be a slave." I pleaded. 

"Why not?  You seem fit, healthy, and you are just a human." He said.

"No, I can't I have been running for years. I don't want to end up like my family. Your kind murdered them. Do you even know the number dead after the first war?" I questioned. I hoped off the dumpster.

"No, do you?" He asked.

"Yes. There are 10,762,304 dead. Some of them are my family, friends, and neighbors. You have beaten us for years. Put us in concentration camps, and tore our families apart. I have been running from you beasts for seven years. I was only eight when I started running. I was seven when I saw my family murdered. You wonder why we run and rebel. It is because we are scared." I said. I just stood there. He looked at me. 

"Kid. I don't pity humans if that is what your trying to do. If you go willingly I'll tell my son to be careful. Just get in the car." He said and I started to cry. Knowing there was no way out of this I reluctantly got in the car. Tears streamed down my face the whole time. I didn't want to be a slave, but I didn't want to die too. If I hadn't gone I would have died. When I got to the house a young boy maybe 16 was fighting in the front yard with a friend. I hadn't stopped crying and knew I needed to. The man stepped out of the car and his goonies dragged me out too. They pushed me to the ground in front of the two boys.

"What is this dad?" One of the boys asked while he bent down to help me. The minute his cold skin touched mine I flinched away. Tears started forming again.

"This is your new slave. Do what you want with her. She was a runner. If she is too hard to handle give me a call and I will deal with her." The man said and he got back into the car and drove off. 

"Dude your dad is weird." The other guy said. 

"Come on get up. I am sure your hungry." The one who tried to help me up said. I stood up tears streaming down my face. I wiped them away quickly. The two boys led me to a kitchen. There a maid was preparing a dish. 

"Luna please make this young girl something good to eat. Then have Ashley bring it to the game room. Oh, and new girl what might be your name?" He asked. He sounded so kind. I am shocked that  a vampire was nice to human. 

"M my n name?" I questioned. 

"Yeah so them I don't have to make up some nickname you will hate." He said smiling we were  walking to his game room I was guessing. 

"My Name is Alexandra May Nightingale." I said. 

"Do I have to call you all of that or do you have a nick name?" 

"My friends used to call me Al, Alex, Xander, or Ally." I stated more tears slipped through my eyes. I missed them. 

"Hey, hey, hey. Calm down. I won't hurt you. I promise to protect you." I looked into his eyes. 

"It's not you. Its my, my uh, past." I said. Just then the other slave that was to bring in the food came in. She was wearing a short skirt that barley covered her but and a shirt that showed more cleavage than a prostitute and it showed almost all of her stomach. She sat down on a couch near my new master.

"Ashley please put on some clothes." He said. Ashley stormed off outraged by the comment. "You should know I have a few rules in this house Alex. First please don't be a slut. Cover up. Second, this house is more free than others. You will have your own room and will be respected. I need a new blood slave and that is what you are." He kept on going. I was scared. I have to be a blood slave. "You should get some sleep. After you eat."

"Wait. All of my stuff is in a cave just off the road by a convince store. I can show you." I said. I was hoping the answer to be yes cause I had photos and other things that I love.

"Yeah lets go now though. He carried me bridal style to the right convince store. We then hiked through the forest to my small cave. When we got there he helped me get everything, which wasn't much. 

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