Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


23. What are we gonna do?

Chapter 23- What are we gonna do?

Louis’ P.O.V

....and then....

I couldn't see anything; everything was going blurry and blank. All I could hear were sirens and I could see faint lights flashing. Before I knew it there were guys getting me out of the car and putting me in an ambulance. The ambulance started moving then everything went white...




"He's back!" One of the guys yelled after giving me one of those shocks of life.

The ride wasn't long at all. When we got to the hospital they started rolling me down the hallways. My eyes started to open and all I could see were nurses and doctors pushing me into the surgery room.

"Everything will be alright Mr." And then everything went blank.




Doctors P.O.V

"Have we gotten any closer to finding out who that boy is?" I asked walking up to three nurses standing at the nurse’s desk.

"No we haven't. There was no phone or wallet found at the scene." The oldest one of the three answered.

"Well maybe one of the ambulance drivers saw something that might be able to help us?"

"No sir, the only thing they noticed was that there were a lot of paparazzi around." The middle aged one answered.

"There are always paparazzi."

"Yes but they said that there was a lot more than usual." The oldest one said.

"Could he be a celebrity?"

"Wait!! Now that you mention it." The youngest one said happily. She started typing some stuff into the computer before speaking again. "I knew it!! Louis Tomlinson from the biggest boy band in the world....  One Direction." She said turning the computer screen to face us.

"That's him. How should we contact his family? They need to see him now."

"How bad is he doctor?" The youngest responded.

"I'm not sure if he'll make it."

"Ok, I'll take care of it." The youngest one said picking up the phone

"Thank you." I said walking away from the desk.


Zayn's P.O.V

"Liam it's been 5 hours, do you thing we should go help them?"

"No they will be fine. We need to wait here in case Jade Lynn returns. And plus Niall already went out to help them."

"But it's been 5 hours, they should be back."

"Well Brianna and Louis won't give up, Harry's with Brianna, and Niall has only been gone for an hour. Give them a little bit more time. They'll come back."

"Ok, ok, I just wish they were smart enough to take their phones. I mean even Niall forgot."

"Ya, but whatever, they'll be fine. Wanna play some x-box?"

"Ya sure."




We've been playing x-box for about ten minutes now and Liam was getting a little bit mad because I was winning. My phone started ringing so I paused the game to go get it.

"Cmon man!!! I was just about to win!!"

"Sorry mate gotta get this. It might be Harry, Louis, Niall or Brianna. Or even Jade Lynn." I grabbed the phone and cheeked to see who was calling.

"Who is it?" Liam asked.

"I don't know. I don't recognize the number."

"Well answer it."

"Ok, ok."

(Phone call)

"Hello?... WHAT!!!.... Where?......... Ok will be right there...... Thank you...."

(End phone call)

"Cmon!!!" I yelled running out to the car.

"What? What's going on? Zayn!!"

"It was the hospital."


"It's Louis. He was in a car accident."

"Oh My God! Is he ok?"

"I don't know she couldn't reveal any information about him through the phone. She has to make sure that it is him and that we are his family before letting out any information about a patient. Especially since he's a celebrity."

"Wait so it's a chance it might not be him?"

"Yes there's a chance, but it most likely is. Apparently they looked him up."

There was silence in the car until we got to the hospital. We got out and ran up to the front desk. A couple of girls that were in the waiting rooms jumped up and started talking and taking pictures, but we continued running to the front desk.

"Hello Miss. It's Zayn and Liam, were here for Louis Tomlinson." I said quietly so that the fans don't hear us and spread the news.

"Yes yes, I was the one on the phone earlier."

"Hello." Liam said.

"Follow me." The nurse said.

We followed her down the hallway to one of the rooms in the corner.
"Here you go."

Liam and I walked in and sure enough it was Louis.

"Oh my gosh!!" Liam said running up to the bed beside him. We had both already started crying.

"Is there anything I can do for you guys?" The nurse said.

"Actually there is, we would like to speak to the doctor please."

"Yes sir. I'll go get him."

Within ten minutes the doctor had come in. We had talked about all this legal stuff and had asked all the nurses and doctors to keep it a secret from the public utile further notice.

"So how is he doc?" Liam asked with the tears starting again.

"For now he's stable. But we've done everything we can. And there's no saying whether he will get better or not."

"Do you think he will get better?" I ask.

There was a moment of silence before he answered with a...


"WHAT?!?" Liam and I both yelled.

"I'm sorry but there was a lot of damage and I don't believe he will make it."

"How long do you thing he has?" Liam asked.

"Two days."

With that he left the room and Liam and I made our way to the bed.

"What should we do?" I asked quietly.

"Well neither Brianna, Harry, or Niall have their phones with them." Liam said.

"Ok, so I think we should call his mom."

"I agree. I’ll go do that."

With that Liam left the room and I was left alone with Louis.

"Mate... Please don't leave us. You’re my big brother. And I love you. You can't leave. Think about your mom, your sisters, your baby brother. Think about Jade Lynn, and your baby. You can't leave them. You can't leave us. You can't leave me... Please Louis I now you have the strength in you to stay alive. Please don't leave me.." I said crying into my hands.

What are we gonna do?      

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