Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


25. We need to find her

Chapter 24- We need to find her

Zayn's P.O.V

There was I awkward silence in the room. You could literally hear a pin drop. Liam was in the corner of the room crying. I could tell he was trying his best to hide it, but I could still tell. I was sitting beside Louis' bed thinking about what my life would be like without him. What would we do as a band, as friends, as a family. If Louis dies, our lives could change forever. Wait, what am I saying, they will change forever.

Liam already called Louis' family and they were on their way over here. Liam and I also decided to call Simon and he was coming to. But we still couldn't get a hold of the boys and Brianna. We've been in this hospital for over an hour. How much longer can they be? We decided to leave a message on the house phone for when they get there. Now we’re just hoping they notice it.

The fans still don't have any information about Louis. We can’t decide of we should tell them or not. If we do, then the hospital will be full of screaming girls and that wouldn't be good for the other patients or even us trying to have what little time we might have left with Louis. But if we do tell them, then maybe the boys, Brianna, or Jade Lynn will hear the news and come over right away.

Jade Lynn was the one we really wanted to get a hold of. If anyone should be here right now, it's her. And the worst part is that she doesn't even know we are looking for her. She doesn't even know what to do with herself let alone having to deal with what's happening with Louis. And her being pregnant just makes her that much more vulnerable to all the hate and all the sadness that's coming her way. She's already sad enough as it is.



"What do you think?"

"What do I think about what?"

"You know. Do you think Louis will die?"

Liam sat up in his chair and wiped the tears from his eyes before making eye contact with me. He gave me a little smile before responding with;

"I think he will be fine. I think he's strong enough to fight for his life and I don't think he will leave this world leaving Jade Lynn and the baby alone without even a goodbye. I think he will make it."

He got up and came to give me a hug. We both started crying again and Liam whispered;
"He's strong." He got up to give Louis a hug then heading back to his chair.


Brianna's P.O.V

"How could we not find her! Where could she have gone?!?" I said while Harry, Niall, and I walked into the house.

"Brianna, relax, she will come back." Niall said giving me a hug.

"How do you know?"

"Because, she has nowhere to go. And also, there's noooo way she will leave the person who's always been there for her." Niall responded.

"Louis?" I said looking at the floor.

Niall lifted my head up so that he was looking me straight in the eyes before responding with a;

I gave him a hug and Harry came running out of the kitchen grabbing he's keys.

"Guys we have to go and we have to go now." He said half way out the door already.

"Go where?" Niall and I asked simultaneously.

"The hospital." He said with tears in his eyes.

"WHAT!!!" Niall yelled.

"Is Jade Lynn ok?" I asked crying even more.

There was a moment of silence. Before Harry cried out;

"It's not Jade Lynn.... It's Louis."

Nobody could talk. Niall was shocked and crying like a baby and I was just thinking about how messed up this day is. First Jade Lynn goes missing and now Louis is in the hospital.

We pulled up to the hospital and ran up to the room Liam and Zayn told us they were in. We knocked on the door and Zayn came and opened it. Harry and Niall went running in, and I jumped up and gave Zayn a hug while crying even more.

When we were all settled in the room, someone finally spoke.

"How bad is he?" Harry asked. His voice all shaky.

"The doctor doesn't think he will make it more the two days."

There was more silence in the room until Niall responded with a simple;

"We need to find Jade Lynn. And we need to do it fast."



Niall’s P.O.V

It was now 2 hours later and Simon and Louis’ family had just arrived. Not much happened in the last two hours because, well, nobody knows what to say. We’re all just shocked and confused I guess. Louis’ mom hasn’t left his bed side since she got here. So I thought it would be a good idea to give her some time alone with him.

“Hey guys, how about we go get some food and let Louis’ mom have some time alone with him?”

“Ok.” I heard some of them say.

We all got up and made our way to the cafeteria. Louis’ sisters went and got some ice cream, then came to met us at the table.

“Niall, where’s Jade Lynn? Why isn’t she here for Louis?” Daisy asked with tears in her eyes.

“She’s gone missing girls.” I responded.

“What should we do about that Simon?” Liam asked.

“What do you mean?” Simon responded.

“Well if we tell the media, then maybe Jade Lynn will hear it and she will come.” Zayn said.

“I’m ok with that. But are we all ok with having a bunch of fans screaming outside?” Simon said.

“Well I don’t think any of us are ok with that, but if it will help find Jade Lynn, what harm can it do?” Harry said.

“Ya, ok. Will do it right away. I’ll call my buddy that works for the news and tell him we are coming over and that we have a really important message. You guys take the girls back to the room and let Louis’ mom know what’s going on then we will all head out. Sound good?” Simon said as we all started making out way back to the room.

“Sounds good.” Brianna responded.



We had all arrived to the news studio to deliver the message. We had all agreed that we would all stand in front of the camera, but that Harry would be the one to talk. We were called up and we all started making out way to the news room.

“And now, brought to you; a personal message from the best band in the world, One Direction!”

Tears flooded our eyes as Harry spoke up.

“We have some sad news” we hung our heads. “As you can see, Louis is not with us.” Harry continued. “The truth is, Louis is in a comma. He was hit by a car on his way to the store.” We had decided not tell them he was actually going after Jade Lynn. The fans would be so mad at her. “The doctors don’t think he will live much longer and we can’t contact his girl friend Jade Lynn. It’s very important that we find her before its too late. So if you have any information about the whereabouts of Jade Lynn, please let us know as soon as possible. More information about Louis’ condition will be released later on, but for now, if you have any information about Jade Lynn, please let our security right away. Thank you.”

“This message was brought to you by...” the voice trailed off as we left the building, sobbing.



We got back to the hospital and took our set in the room.

“So what now?” Brianna said looking out the window.

“We sit, and wait. And hope that Jade Lynn hears the news, or someone knows where she is.” Zayn responded taking her hand and looking down at a peaceful Louis.

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