Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


13. Let the tour begin

Brianna’s P.O.V

This whole journey has been crazy. We met One Direction at their concert. We got VIP passes. We went to England. We saw the boys. We went out with the boys. I'm dating Zayn. I'm also with Dustin though. I'm forgetting about Liam. They are all good kissers, but Dustin is my favourite.

The One Direction tour starts today. We are leaving England and heading off to Toronto today. I am all over the place. I am so confused. Who am I supposed to chose: Zayn- who is my boyfriend and whom I just met months ago, Liam who I have had special "encounters" with and who've I've  also met a few months ago or Dustin who I've know all my life and have had a history with. Decisions decisions.

From England to Toronto the flight is about 7 hours. Right now the time is 6:45am the plane leaves at 8am. I hear a slight yawn and see a body on my floor. Luckily he went straight back to sleep. He looked peaceful when he slept. Knowing him I thought he'd take the advantage of sleeping in the same bed as me but he didn't. I snapped out of it when I realized I was staring at him.

I remembered when we were kids. We had no care in the world, it was putty in our hands. Jade Lynn, Dustin and I always had sleepovers at my house every weekend, eating our favourite food: Sushi, playing hide and go seek, which Jade Lynn was surprisingly good at. We actually still had sleepovers a few months ago and my mom let Dustin sleep in the same bed as me. She knew we wouldn't do anything, I mean we 'slept' together since we met.

As we got older my mom didn't let Dustin be in my bed anymore, so he slept on the floor. There was no 'monkey business' allowed. Well that obviously didn't stop us, I lost my virginity to that boy at 16, I know it's young but it had actually brought us closer. In the halls people 'oohed and awed' as we held hands. We were best friends that had become boyfriend and girlfriend.

My mom later found out that I was dating Dustin and surprisingly was very accepting. She said she had always guessed that we'd 'end up together'.  He and Jade Lynn came over more often after that (high school). Everybody called us the three musketeers. You would never see one of us without the other two.

I find myself yawning now, stretching.  I shower quickly and get new clothes on, he is still sleeping. I grab my glasses, my Canadian crop top and my black jeans, can't forget the beanie. I grab my blue one as two hands wrap around my waist.

"You scared me." I said in between breaths.

"I'm sorry Bree. Let me calm you down." He says softly.

His hands remain at my waist as he places soft kisses on my shoulders and neck. His mouth stops at one spot and I realized what he was doing. He was making his mark, by giving me a hickey.

"Hey! Now I have to cover it up" I say almost lying.

"Who says."

"I said so" with that giving me another hickey on the other side of my neck.

"Stop it Dustin, what are you trying to prove?"

"One, that I love you and two you're mine and no one else's."

"They are my friends firstly and secondly I am not your property."

"I'm sorry Brianna, really that came out wrong. It's just I don't like sharing you especially with them."

"I know I know but don't worry about me, maybe we could spend more time together if you came with us on tour?!"

"Well I did bring a full suitcase full of my clothes anyways so I guess as long as it's okay with them I would love to."

I jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist. A smile tugs on his lips. I met his gaze as his eyes traveled from my lips back to my eyes. I knew what was coming next and I was happy about it.

He sets me down and rests his forehead against mine. He leans in initiating a kiss was about to happen.

"Hurry up Brianna, we have to leave in 5minutes, I repeat 5minutes." Jade Lynn's voice interrupts.

Well, she's up rather early after a very drunken night. She must have a pretty quick hangover then. Or maybe Louis was smart enough to get her a Tylenol. But then again he was drunk to so maybe it was one of the other boys. Looking down at Dustin I can see he sleeps with no shirt on. I motion for him to get dressed. He wasn't a simple guy. By that I mean he likes to look nice. Usually. He has on a obey hat that is the same colour as mine, which I forgot at back in Canada and an 'I heart Canada shirt with jeans and Jordan's shoes.

Dustin and I walk down the stairs with our suitcases and holding hands. Everyone is sitting on the couches; waiting for us is my guess.

"Let's go, slowpoke." Zayn greeted me.

"Actually if it's okay with you guys, could Dustin join us?"

"Absolutely n-" I cut Zayn off.

"Sure" Harry replies.

Liam gives me an unsure nod and Niall and Louis give me a thumbs up. I hug Dustin tightly excitedly.

"Yay! This is going to be the best tour ever!"

Once again we got two cars. I was in one car with Dustin, Zayn and Niall, and Jade Lynn was in the other car with Louis, Harry and Liam.

The drive was quiet, really quiet. I mostly was distracted by the tv in the car. One of my favourites shows was on, Degrassi. I was hypnotized and was given some questionable looks.

We arrive at the airport early so we got through customs and security pretty quickly. Dustin got pulled to the side because of his snakebites. You can't really take them out, that I know of.

Security led us to the plat form were there was a privet jet waiting for us. While we waited for the plane to take off I plugged my phone into an electrical station to charge.

I swayed back and forth until I saw that the plane was about to take off. We all took our sets for takeoff. Jade Lynn sat beside me and Louis sat beside her, Dustin was sitting across from me and he was sitting beside Liam and Niall, and Zayn and Harry were at the back of the plane.

Next stop Toronto, Canada....


A/N: Soooo sorry we’re late on updating. We’ve been very busy this week and haven’t had the time to work on the chapter. Sorry if it’s short and boring, it was kind of a filer but we will update the next chapter very soon and will make it fun.

 Thank you to everyone who has read the fanfiction so far. It means so much to us. We really hope you like it. We love you :)

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