Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


10. Home sweet home

Chapter 10- Home Sweet Home

Brianna's P.O.V

I woke up sad this morning. It was the day we have to back to England. Don't get me wrong, I love England but I love everywhere we've gone so far. Visiting the guys' homes was fun but sadly we had to leave. It was 7:30am and the plane left at 10am. So we made sure we had enough time.

I opened my suitcase and decided to wear my AC/DC shirt. I grabbed some silver jeans and I put on my Canadian beanie. I put on some socks and my high top converse shoes. Today I wanted to be natural so no hair done and no makeup. All the guys were packing up and so was Jade Lynn. I packed last night so I just had to get changed and put my dirty clothes back in my suitcase.  I looked around to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I zipped up my suitcase case and took it downstairs by the door.

I turned my head and my eyes met Liam's. He was sitting at the small island eating some cereal. I decide I was going to have some cereal as well. I grabbed a bowl and poured the cereal in it and added milk. I walked over to the table and sat by Liam. I could feel his gaze so I looked at him. He just smiled for the longest time.

"Good morning beautiful" he complimented me.

"Morning handsome."

"How'd you sleep?"

"Honestly.... terrible."

"How come?"

"You know why."

"I do? I do? I d- ohhh, I do."

He was finally realizing what I was talking about. I still don't know how to process the whole thing. Love is a strong word. You can't just throw it out there and not mean it.

"I know we haven't known each other that long but you know I mean it."

I look at my hand under the table which was now being held by Liam's. I lean over to give him a kiss but pull away as I hear someone's voice.

"Green or blue?"

"Blue." Liam and I say in unison.

Harry was standing at the top of the stairs holding green and blue shoes.

"Dude we’re just going home it's no big deal." Liam reminded Harry.

"I know, it doesn't hurt to look good though."

Harry heads back to his room hopefully unaware of what was going to happen. I stand up and grab Liam’s hand and lead him to a room in the loft area. There was a living room up at the top so I took him there. I led him upstairs checking to make sure no one followed. Liam was more than willing to come along

He pushed me up against the wall kissing me. There were sparks flying everywhere. He breaks the kiss and takes off my shirt. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He twirls me around and we land on the sofa. I take off his shirt and his hand makes its way to my boob. I let my hand wonder throw his hair. Liam starts kissing every inch of my body until he got down to my pants. He takes them off along with my underwear and spreads my legs wide open. He started kissing my thighs and started rubbing my cleat. He sticks one finger inside me making me moan. He was looking at me with a little smirk on his face. He putts another finger and started moving in and out causing me to moan again. He pulls he’s fingers out and pulls down he’s pants along with he’s underwear. I couldn’t help but stair.

“Like what you see?”

“uh huh.”

He puts the tip right at my entrance teasing me a little

“Liam, please..” I said moaning.

He was about to push it in when:

"Come on lads it's time to leave!"

"Ugh, just when we were having fun"

Liam starts to walk out of the room kissing me one last time before he exists. I wait a few minutes so it isn't obvious that we were doing "something."

I get up and start walking downstairs to see everyone looking at me.


"Um we have to go it's like 9 now and we have to be there in 30minutes." Jade Lynn reminds me.

"Ohhh, why didn't you say so?"

"We were putting our things in the cars."

"Okay the seating plan is: Myself, Liam, Harry and Jade Lynn in the first car and Zayn, Louis and Niall in the second car. Everyone ready? Everybody have everything?"

"Come on I want to be with my girlfriend" Louis whines.

"Dude it's only to the airport, you can sit with her on the plane."


"Now let's go." I open the door for everyone to exit.

I lead the group down to the lobby to check out. I'm going to miss this place, I thought to myself.

"Did you enjoy your stay?" The lady behind the desk asked.

"Very much thank you"

"Alright you are all set to go."

We exit the building and get into the awaiting black cars. When I got in the car I was suddenly the center of attention. All eyes were on me.


"He knows"

"You told him?!"

"You told him?!" This time it was Liam's voice.

I had to he deserves to know what's going on. If I didn't tell him the band could have broken up.
Liam and I look at each other. We were both angry but relieved.

"Don't worry it’s okay I won't tell Zayn as long as you don't hurt him. You guys can do whatever you want just don't get all hot and bothered in this car. And Louis said he wouldn’t tell ether.”

Hahaha hot and bothered.

Liam leans towards me and pulls me into a passionate kiss. He grabs the back of my neck to deepen the kiss. I started to remember that Jade Lynn and Harry were still in the car. I break away from his kiss. He puts his arm around my waist and I lean my head on his shoulder.

We arrive at the airport with little time to spare. It was already 9:45 the plane was leaving in 15 minutes and we had to get passed security and find our gate and not get mobbed by any fans.

One by one we exited the security area and headed to the gate. The gate just had to be at the end of the long building. Thanks for that.

9:58. A woman comes over the intercom.

"Last minute boarding for flight to England."

"Shit!" We all yell in unison. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. Luckily we made it just as the clock struck 9:59.

Liam, Harry and I were on one side, Jade Lynn and Louis were on the other, and Zayn and Niall were behind me and Liam.

Thankfully Liam took the inside seat and allowed me to sit in the middle which left Harry on the outside. This flight was going to be long. I'm pretty sure everyone knew about me and Liam except Zayn.

"I know about you two." Harry whispers in my ear.

"Apparently everyone does."

"Ya well princess doesn't, so don't hurt him."

"Trust me I won't. I've heard that like 5 times already."

"Good, just remember he's kinda fragile."

"I know."

The armrest was up so you couldn’t see anything from behind. I happily took Liam's hand and intertwined his with mine. Just holding his hand made me have shivers.

"Are you cold?" Liam asks.

"No just happy shivers"

"Happy shivers?"

We all sat quiet the rest of the way back. The descending of the plane was my favourite part of the flight. Not because I'm afraid of planes. I'm not. But because we were finally getting to the place we want to. That sounds so cheesy.

The plane lands in beautiful England once again and may I just say I am tired. We exit customs and leave the building to waiting cars.

When we got back home Liam went straight upstairs to his room. I grabbed something to drink and made my way upstairs to the guest room to change my clothes. As I was walking down the hallway a pair of hands grabbed me and pulled me inside one off the room. I looked up to see Liam standing in front of me with no clothes on.

“Wanna continue what we were doing earlier?”

“Yes please.”

With that he pulls off my shirt and threw me on the bed. He pulled down my pants and underwear and without any warning; he puts his penis inside me.

“Wait, you have protection right?”


“Ok. Continue.”

We laughed for a bit and he continued to trust in and out of me. It felt so good. He kept going fast making me moan even lauder.

“Li-liam, I’m about to cum.”

“Just a little longer sweet heart.”

I was about to cum when:


"Oh come on."

"It's okay you can get it."

He gets off of me and stands up answering the call. Seriously you just had to interrupt an amazing moment...again? Who could be that important to call at a time like this. He puts his clothes on and walks out of the room while talking with whoever was on the other end. I got up and got dressed and followed him downstairs.

Liam P.O.V

“Ya... Ya.... When... Ok... See you soon... Bye.”

“Who what that Liam?” Harry asked me when I got off the phone.

“That was management; they want us to meet them at the office in an hour.”

“But I don’t wanna gooooo. I wanna stay here with Jade Lynn.” Louis whined as he gave Jade Lynn a hug.

“None of us want to go mate, but were lucky they even gave us a break so we should at least see what they want.” Niall said.

“Ok.” Louis whined.

“Can the girls come with us?” Zayn asked.

“They didn’t say they couldn’t.” Liam answered. “You girls wanna come?”

“Ya that would be awesome.” Brianna said.

“Ya we get to see how our boyfriends work,” Jade Lynn said with a smile.

We started laughing and we all went to get ready to leave. It took about ten minutes for everyone to meet at the door.

“Did everyone go to the bathroom?” Liam asked.

“Yayaya, daddy directioner is back.” Louis joked.

We all started laughing and made are way to the car. We didn’t have the limo so we just took the Lamborghini and the Rolls Royse. It took about 20 minutes to get there because of traffic, but that doesn’t matter, I had fun in a car with Louis, Harry, and Jade Lynn. NOT!! The only normal one was Jade Lynn, and I think she finally got a glimpse of how un normal Louis is. Like come on, sitting in a car with Louis screaming, Harry and his stupid jokes, and a worried Jade Lynn in the front set.

 I can’t tell you how many times she looked at me with a face that said, “Are they ok” all over it.

We finally got to the office and Jade Lynn jumped out of the car as fast as possible. Haha Louis actually scared away his on girlfriend. That’s a new one. We got out of the car and ran inside so that nobody would notice we were here, and Louis ran right up to Jade Lynn and took her hand. I looked over at Brianna and she was holding Zayn’s hand. They were also laughing, probably at something that happened in the car. Paul walked up to us and led us to the room. We all took a set and waited patiently for management to walk in.

“Guys just a little reminder, don’t say anything that would give them reason to make a stupid rule that you guys have to follow.” Paul said.

“We won’t don’t worry.” Niall said.

And once again, there was silence in the room.

Every time there’s a meeting with management everyone gets all tense. I have a feeling that the girls noticed the tension in the room and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Just then Simon Cowell walked into the room. The boys and I got a little scared at that point but we tried are best to net let it rub off on the girls. They were so happy and totally fangirling about the fact that they were in the same room as Simon Cowell. If you’re wondering why Simon made us all really scared, it’s because usually we only have meeting with Simon alone or with management alone. We only really get nervous when it’s a meeting with management because Simon is fun and cool. But when management calls in Simon as well, that means there mad about something. I’m starting to wonder if we should have left the girls at home.

“Hello everyone.” One of the guys from management said. There was like 4 of them.

“Hello.” We all responded in unison.

“Ok let’s get to the point, I was very busy. What is so important that you had to call me down here?” Simon said kind of mad.

“Well, boys, what was one of the very first rules we set when you guys came to syco records? Do you remember?” One of them started off.

Oh no, this is not good. Now I’m sure we should have left the girls at home. This is only going to get ugly.

“Yes sir.” We all responded.

“Then what was it?” He asked.

We all stayed dead silent because nobody wanted to say it while the girls were in the room. I could see Louis and Zayn’s hands grip on Jade Lynn and Brianna’s hand’s a little tighter.

“No answer?” One of the other ones said.

“Louis, why don’t you tell us?” The other one stepped in.

“No girlfriends until our 5th album, and if we happen to find a girl we really like, we have to bring her to you guys to evaluate them and make sure there ok, and no coming out to the public about them until you guys say we can.”

“That’s right. Now what have you guys gone and done?

“Wait, is that what this is about? Us?” Jade Lynn asked.

“Yes, yes it is. Now Simon, you told us these boys listen because at this point it doesn’t seem like they do.” One of them said.

“Ya so what are you going to do about this?” The other stepped in.

“Can I just say that, yes we didn’t listen, and yes we broke the rule, but what’s done is done and the fans really seem to like them.” Zayn said.

“Ya, so why can’t we just let it go?” Niall said.

“Well we could, but them what’s next? Breaking more rules?”

“No, no. We just thought that maybe you guys would see that we really love them and we know that were doing the right thing.” Louis answered.

“Ok, ok. Give us a minute.”

Everyone from management got up and walked into the back room. Jade Lynn had tears in her eyes and was hugging Louis like it was the last time they were every going to see each other. I also heard Louis tell her that if they say they couldn’t be together, he would find a way to see her without them noticing. Brianna was just staring into thin air. I could tell she was scared of what they might say, and Zayn was trying he’s best to comfort her.

Simon was talking to Paul, Harry was staring at the ground, and Niall was biting his thumb. I knew we were all very nervous about what the outcome would be, but all I could think about is what I would do if I couldn’t see Brianna again.

Ten minutes later management came back out and the room when silent again.

“Please, please don’t make us leave the boys alone, I love Louis and Brianna loves Zayn. Please don’t make us leave there like a family to us.” Jade Lynn said crying a little bit more.

“OK, ok. I have a heart. I was a teenager once. Honestly, if I was in the same situation as you guys, I would have done the same thing. So we have decided that the girls can stay. What’s done is done and it’s obvious that you guys really care about each other. HOWEVER, if you guys ever go against what we say again, there will be consequences. But for now, your guys are good; go have fun before you have to go back on tour.”

“Oh thank you, thank you so much.” Brianna said with a smile on her face.

Management got up and was about to leave when Louis stopped them.


“Yes Louis?”

“Can the girls please come on tour with us?”

Paul and Simon stud up like if they were scared that he might have just ruined everything. Management were talking and whispering and the nerves kicked in again.

“Ok, ok. The girls can go on tour with you guys as well. You have to be careful though. Just don’t ask for anything else.”

“Ok we won’t.” Louis answered and management left the room.


Jade Lynn’s P.O.V

I can’t believe they just said we could go on tour with them. I’m happy and all that, just, well that’s just it, I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked. They actually want us to go with them? I always thought that tour was like guy time for them. A time for them to just hangout and have fun.

“Well boys, you got lucky this time. Just please don’t break any more rules.” Simon said.

“Don’t worry Simon, we won’t. We promise.” Liam answered.

I had a feeling that promise was going to be broken, somehow.

“Good. Now I got to get back to work, but it was nice meeting you girls. Its sucks that we had to meet like this but maybe something we can arrange a dinner or something so that I can get to know you better.”

“That would be nice.” I answered.

“Ya, it was nice meeting you to Simon.” Brianna added.

Simon left and Paul led us back to our cars and we all drove home. When we got home we were all pretty tired and just wanted to rest. So Niall and Harry stayed downstairs to watch a movie. And Liam, Zayn, Brianna, Louis and I, all went upstairs to get some sleep.

“Hey babe? Brianna’s going to be in Zayn’s room for the night, so how about you spend the night in my room today?”

“Ya that would be nice Louis.”

We walked into Louis’ room and he gave me one of his shirts to change into. I went into the bathroom to change and when I got out Louis started to kiss me and pushed me down onto the bed. I pulled off his shirt reviling he’s gorgeous six pack, and he leans back in and continued kissing me. Louis started leaving a trail of kiss down to my neck. He was kissing me all over my neck until he found my sweet spot. He stopped moving and just kissed me on my sweet spot making me moan.

“Lo-lou-louis?” I said in-between moans.

“Yes babe?” He said still kissing me.

“Plea-please stop. I love it and all that. I’m just not ready. At least not today.”

Louis stopped kissing me and looked me straight in the eyes. Oh good his beautiful blue eyes. Don’t look at me like that; he’s making me feel so guilty for saying no. He leaned in and gave me one more kiss on the lips before saying:

“That’s alright babe. I won’t rush you into something you aren’t ready to do. I love you.”

“I love you too Louis.”

With that we both got comfortable in bed and Louis wrapped me in his arms. Louis started to hum the tune to you and I in my ear. I started to fall asleep and Louis leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek before we both fell asleep. Could I have found a better man? Absolutely not.

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