Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


9. Harry, Liam, and Niall's home town's

Louis’ P.O.V

I woke up the next day with Jade Lynn still in my arms. She was so peaceful when she slept. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and her eyes started to flutter open.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Hi Louis. How’d you sleep?”


“So where are we going today?”

“Harry’s home town Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.”


She gave me a kiss on the lips, and I kissed her back asking for an entrance. She let me in and I turn so that I was on top of her. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in to deepen the kiss. I was about to pull off her shirt when my phone started to buzz. I cannot catch a break can I?

“Sorry.” I whispered to her while picking up the phone. “Hello?”

“Good morning Louis.”

“Oh hey Liam. What’s up?”

“I just called to make sure you guys were awake, we have to leave in half an hour.”

“Oh ya sorry we’ll hurry up, see you downstairs in 30mins.”

“Sweet, see ya soon.”

I hung up the phone and Jade Lynn pulled me right back into the kiss.

“Babe, I would love to continue this right now but we have to be downstairs in half an hour.”

“Leave it to Liam to be right on top of things.”

“You got that right.”

We both got out of bed and Jade Lynn went to take a shower. I was looking for my shirt that I got her to put in her suitcase because I ran out of room, when I found her diary. Do I look through it? Do I ask her about it? I heard the shower turn off and I put the diary back in her bag as fast as possible.

She came out wrapped in a towel and went straight to her bag to get some clothes. She paused for a bit looking at her bag. Did she notice? She shook her head a little and continued what she was doing. I backed into the bathroom and closed the door. “That was close” I said to myself while getting in the shower.


Jade Lynn’s P.O.V


After my shower I went to my bag to grab some clothes when my diary was in plain sight under one of my shirts. That wasn’t where I put it. Did Louis find it? Did he look through it? Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe he was just looking for his shirt and it was moved, maybe he didn’t even notice it.

“Hey Jade Lynn, how was your morning?”

“Oh hey Brianna. It was good.”

“What happened?” Asked all worried


“Don’t give me that. I’ve known you long enough to know when something’s wrong.”

“Ok, ok. I think Louis might have found my diary.”

“Oh my gosh! Do you think he looked through it?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think he would be one of those guys that would do that, but how do I know for sure?”

“Well do you have anything in there that you wouldn’t want him to know about?”

“Well sort of. I wrote some stuff about him in it, and also there’s a lot about my thoughts and stuff from after my parents past.”

“Ok ok, I’ll think of something.”


“Anything for my best friend.”

She gave me a hug and we all made are way to the car. When we got to the airport we checked in and made our way through security and to our gate. Harry was making some of his really lame jokes that make nooooo sense, Niall was laughing and being he’s usual happy go lucky self, Brianna was sitting beside Zayn while holding his hand, Liam was looking at Brianna with sad eyes, and Louis had his hand on my knee.

“Hey so where is everyone sitting on the plane?” Niall asked out of nowhere.

“I’m sitting beside Liam.” Zayn said.

“Awesome!” Liam responded while they both high fived each other.

“I’m beside Louis.” Brianna added.

“Cool I’m beside Louis to.” Niall said happily.

“So I guess that means I’m beside Jade Lynn.” Harry said.

“Cool.” I responded.

We all started boarding the plain and took our sets. Liam and Zayn seemed like they were having fun, and Louis, Niall, and Brianna were playing Pictionary.

“What’s going on with you?” Harry asked me.

“Oh nothing just really excited.”

“Don’t give me that I’m not stupid.”

Man am I that predictable?

“Well, something happened this morning and it’s just been on my mind.”

“Did Louis try to go all the way with you? Because if he did ill go beat him up for you.”

“Haha no no no, nothing like that, but nice to know you care.”

“Well of course I care about you. We might not have known each other for very long, but you’re already like a sister to me. So what happened?”

“That’s so sweet Harry. You’re like a brother to me to, but I don’t really want to take about it right know. I just want to forget about it and have fun today.”

“Ok. And I can make that happen. Wanna play would you rather?”

“Ya sure!”

We played would you rather and just had fun laughing for the rest of the flight. When we landed in Holmes Chapel we all hoped into a car and went to go visit some sights. We went to Blue Planet Aquarium, which isn’t really in Holmes Chapel but I don’t care it was amazing. Why don’t we have that kind of stuff in Canada?

After that we went to see the bakery were Harry worked. The lady’s that worked there sure seemed to miss him and really liked seeing him. After that it was about 3:20 and I don’t really know why but we all decided to go to his old school.

“Are you guys sure, aren’t you going to get mobbed by fans?” Brianna asked worried.

“Ya but it’ll be cool. Trust us.” Harry answered.

We got to the school two minutes before the bell rang. The principle saw us and rushed us into he’s office. The bell rang and everyone scattered through the halls to get home. Once everyone was gone we went to his classes and met his teachers, got a tour of the school, and pretty much everyone asked us if I was his girlfriend, but I’m not. It was now 4:30 and we went to Harry’s parent’s house. It wasn’t the biggest thing in the world, but then again I have noticed that the houses in England are sooooo different from the houses in Canada.

We talked with his family for a bit and we all had a lovely dinner. After dinner Harry said he wanted to show me something. He said we would be right back and we walked out the front door.

“So where are we going?”

“I want to show you a place that I absolutely loved to go when I was having problems. Also I just liked going there period.”

We walked for about 5mins and we got to a park with a little creek.

“This is sooo nice Harry.”

We sat down on the grass and just looked at the view.

“I’ve had lots of memories here. So you wanna talk about what happened this morning?”

“It really wasn’t much just I’m a little worried about whether or not Louis read my diary.”

“Oh the precious diary of a girl.”


We talked for a bit longer and he made me feel so much better. The paparazzi make him look so much worse then what he really is. They make him look like a womanizer when in reality he’s one of the most caring people I know. We got back to the house and just had a laugh, with all my friends, Harry’s family, and the best boyfriend in the world, my Louis...


Brianna’s P.O.V

Last chapter:"Just a little while longer....please I'd do anything for you. I would never let you go. I will love you until the day I die." Liam told me nervously. I just sat there completely shocked at what he just said.

I woke up this morning refreshed and well rested. Total lie. I was up all night pacing back and forth on the floorboards. I couldn't stop thinking about Liam and what he said two nights ago.


(*Last Night*)

"You’re going to make a hole through the floor if you don't stop pacing." Jade Lynn said to me, I thought she was already asleep.

"Jade Lynn?"


"Can I tell you something and promise you won't tell anyone especially Zayn and Louis."

"Promise, now spill." She said exhaustedly.

"Li...lia.....Liam told me he l-loved me two nights ago." I stuttered.

Her mouth hung open for what seemed like hours. I shook my hand in front of her face trying to get her back to reality. She shook her head side to side, snapping out of it.

"Are you sure- I-is he sure?"Jade Lynn ponders.

"I haven't talked to him I don't know if he actually meant it. Maybe he was just drunk? "

"Bree, there was not an ounce of alcohol in that house."


{*The next morning*}
I went downstairs to join the group for breakfast. Liam never looked at me once during the meal. He quickly finished and ran back to his room.

Something was weird about Liam. He was acting very strange. Oh yeah maybe it was because two nights ago he told me he loved me?! He took me away from the group and I haven't told Zayn or the guys for that matter.

"What am I supposed to do now?  We barely knew each other, how could he say he loved me? All I knew was that this was going to be an interesting day. We were going to Liam's home town: Wolverhampton. I have never been so scared in my life. I was going to meet his parents and it was going to be sooo awkward since Liam LOVE’S ME! What if he told his family that he loves me and then they find out I’m actually dating Zayn. They’re going to hate me.




We landed in Wolverhampton around 10am. We didn’t actually go anywhere historical or something like that, but we did however drive around, walked around, and did some shopping. It was time to go to Liam’s parent’s house and I was so nervous.

“Relax Brianna, they don’t know about us.” Liam whispered in my ear.

That made me feel a lot better. Zayn was holding my hand pretty much the entire day, saying sweet things in my ear, and telling me how beautiful I was, and well of course he gave me a lot of kisses. We walked up to the door and were greeted be Liam’s parents and his two sisters. They welcomed us to come in and take a set. Zayn noticed how I was looking around so much, looking at the art work, the chairs, etc.

“Hey babe, want to go see the rest of the house?”

“Ya sure.”

We got up and he started to give me the tour of the house. It was so warm and cozy. We were in the basement and Zayn pushed me up against a wall kissing me. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in closer to deepen the kiss. We were having a full on make out session when I saw Jade Lynn come downstairs. She didn’t interrupt us or anything she just mouthed to me that dinner was ready. Zayn didn’t even notice that she came down.

“Hey babe.” I said breaking up the kiss. “I think dinners ready.”

“And what makes you think that?”

“I don’t know it’s just a feeling. You know how I love my food.”

We both started laughing and made our way upstairs and took a set at the dinner table. The food looked so good. Everyone was having so much fun but all I could think about was Liam. Maybe I have to break up with Zayn so that I can be with Liam, but I don’t want to hurt him. And I definitely don’t want to hurt Zayn and Liam’s friendship. Or even worse, what if they get in a huge fight and One Direction breaks up. I cannot let that happen. I just have to stay with Zayn and that’s that.

We finished up with supper and we all went to a hotel for the night. Liam decided that he wanted to spend the night in he’s old room and that he would meet us at the airport in the morning. We said are goodbyes and went to the hotel.

Since Liam wasn’t with us we got two rooms with two beds in each of them. Harry and Niall were in one room, and Louis, Zayn, Jade Lynn and I were in the other. Jade Lynn and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed while the boys were watching some TV.

“Jade Lynn, what should I do about Zayn and Liam?”

“Well, you and Zayn sure seemed like you were having some fun tonight in the basement.”

“Ya but I also like Liam, and...when I kiss Liam, there’s more of a spark. Well there’s a spark with both of them, but mostly with Liam. What should I do?”

“You have to do what you think is best for you, and no one else. But there is one little problem that you have created.”

“And what’s that?”

“If you can’t find a way to do what’s best for you without hurting their friendship, One Direction might come to an end, and I’m not sure if you’ll be able to handle the fact that you broke up one of the most famous boy bands in the world, or the fact that you broke up a friendship.”

“Your right, and that’s why I’m going to stay with Zayn.”


Louis’ P.O.V



“How did we get so lucky to have Jade Lynn and Brianna in our lives?”

“I don’t know man, I don’t know.”


Niall’s P.O.V

It was the last day of the tour and it just happened to be my house. I was really happy to get to see my parent’s again and seeing Greg, Denise, and of course baby Theo. I’m not sure what where going to do today but I did hear the boys mention that they wanted to go to a bar. We don’t have as much time as we did the last places because the plane ride is a little bit longer, but I’ll ask the girls what they want to do.

I walked over to Jade Lynn’s room and knocked on the door. I was really hoping that Brianna would be there to but she was taking a shower.

“Oh good morning Niall. How are you?” Jade Lynn said while coming out of the room and closing the door behind her.

“I’m good. I was wondering, what do you want to do while were in Ireland?”

“I’m not sure, but I did hear the boys say something about a bar. But we can’t spend all day the bar, can we? Plus I want to meet your family and baby Theo.”

“Ya I know don’t listen to the boys they love coming to Ireland because we have some pretty good bars.”

“Haha I won’t. So tell me, what are some cool things to do in Mullingar?”

“Well, do you wanna see another garden?”

“Not really. OH, can we go visit a plays were they make wine and stuff?”

“We don’t really have places like that, but we do have a place where they make whiskey.”

“Ya lets go there.”




Jade Lynn’s P.O.V

Niall went back to he’s room and I went back in to see Louis holding up one of my dresses.

“Please wear this.” He said with a little puppy dog eyes.


“Cause its cute.”

“Ok fine, I’ll wear it.”

I went to the bathroom to put on the dress that Louis had picked out for me. It was a strapless red dress with a band around the waist that was a little bit of a darker red. I put on some black wedges and curled my hair.

“Looking good.”

“Thanks.” I said as Louis made his way over to kiss me.

He gave me a kiss and I grab my purse and my bags and we went downstairs to make our way to the airport.




When we landed in Mullingar we went straight to Kilbeggan Distillery Experience. I have to say, the boys loved it because they got to try some whiskey, and Brianna loved watching them. Liam didn’t really drink all that much so he hung out with Niall and I who actually went on the tour of the place and actually learned how they make the whiskey and stuff. It was so interesting and fun to learn. The boys and Brianna really did miss out.

After the Kilbeggan Distillery Experience we went to Niall’s father’s house. His mother wasn’t there since Bobby and Maura are divorced, but his dad was there, his brother Greg was there, Greg’s wife Denise was there, and of course little baby Theo was there. I absolutely love kids and having Theo there was like the cutest thing ever. We all sat around the table talking and having some snacks. We weren’t going to have a whole meal there since everyone was going to the bar latter. We were all going except for Denise and Theo of course. We all had a laugh and before I knew it every one was getting up to go to the bar. We said goodbye to Denise and Theo before leaving because we weren’t going to see them after and made our way to the bar to have some fun.

Everyone was drinking except for Liam because he was the designated driver, and I only had one glass of wine before dinner. We were all laughing and having a good time. We were dancing and before I knew it Niall and Louis were up on the stage singing. It was so weird, they must have been drunk. Harry was taking to some girls and Zayn was with Brianna dancing. And that left me with Liam.

“Hey Liam, so what’s going on with you and Brianna?”

“She told you?”

“Ya of course were like sisters.”

“Oh ya I guess you’re right. But anyways, nothing much I just really like her and I know she likes me back, it’s just she doesn’t want to hurt Zayn.”

“Oh I understand. Did you guys do anything if you know what I mean?”

“No we just kissed and made out, and well, we almost did it but we got interrupted.”

“You guys are so bad.”

“You're not mad?”

“Look, you guys are grown up enough to do the right thing. It’s not my place to get involved or to even to tell anybody. I have faith in you that you won’t do anything until her and Zayn are figured out, and I know that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Zayn anymore then what she has already don’t. But I’m going to tell you this right know, if Zayn finds out, not only will he lose his girlfriend, but he’ll also lose one of his best friends. And I don’t want to see him lose a friend, so be careful.”

“Ya I guess you’re right. Thanks Jade Lynn.”

“Noooo problem. Now let’s go dance!”

We dance for the rest of the night with boys and Brianna still drinking. But that doesn’t matter because we have two sober people to make sure they don’t get out of control and to get us all home safely. We don’t need the paparazzi to get involved. I’m just kind of sad to be going back to England tomorrow and having the boys going off to finish their tour.


A/N: Hey everyone, so this is our very first fan fiction we’ve ever written and we really want to know what you guys think about it. So please leave us a comment if you have any suggestions, or just telling us what you think about it. Just please no hate, like we said, it’s our very first one. Thank you all for reading. It means so much to us :)

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