Canadians go British

When two Canadian girls fall in love with Louis and Zayn from One Direction, their world flips upside down. When their parents say they can't go to London with the boys, they leave anyways and once again run into the boys not coincidentally. Was it fate that brought them together or just coincidence? Read to find out.


4. Familiar Faces

Brianna's P.O.V

It can't be... could it?
There were five familiar faces coming towards us. As I had thought, there standing in front of us were: Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. They all stopped and stared at us for a moment until a lady from behind interrupted saying "listen Sonny I'm not getting any younger." That was a bit rude but the boys sat down in their seats ignoring her comment. Niall was in the aisle seat then Harry in the middle and Liam was squished by the window. Louis and Zayn sat behind Niall, Harry and Liam. Lucky for Jade Lynn and I, both the guys we like were straight across from us.

"Gee, what has it been an hour?" Zayn points to an imaginary watch on his wrist.

"Not even." Louis' eyes gaze into Jade Lynn's. He says that as if it was too long.

We all get settled in our seats as the flight attendants started the safety guidelines."Buckle your seat belts blah blah blah , pull on these strings for it to inflate blah blah blah. I knew all the flippin' instructions like the back of my hand.

We were about 30minutes into the plane ride when Jade Lynn got up to use the restroom. Suddenly, Zayn got up too, only to see him sitting in Jade Lynn’s spot. "I missed you" he whispered in my ear. He rests his head on my shoulder.

"Zayn it's only been an hour and a half. Plus you’re not my boyfriend. "
Why did you say that, are you stupid? The guy likes you, my subconscious added.

"Ouch, that hurt Bree.” He snapped.
How did he know my nickname? Only one person called me that, Dustin. Every time I mentioned his name I missed him even more.

"I'm sorry I didn't get much sleep. After we left Starbucks Jade Lynn and I went home to ask my parents to go to London with you guys."

"They obviously said yes, I mean you're here right now." A smile appears on his face.

"They told us we weren't allowed going to England or on our road trip, so we snuck out my bedroom window."

"Someone call the cops, we got bad ass Brianna over here! He semi -yelled."

"Shhhh your gonna wake everyone up."

I see Jade Lynn making her way back to us and to my surprise she didn't seem to care that Zayn was in her spot so she sat in Zayn’s spot beside Louis. As tired as she was I could see her eyes sparkling when Louis talked to her. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on between them. I'll  be a good friend, I'll just stay out of it.

I feel my head drop as I start to nod off. It was the first time in my stressful life that I felt at ease, peaceful even. I blinked lightly and realized I had fallen asleep in Zayn’s arms. I shifted my body even though I was comfortable. I look up to see him still sleeping; he looks adorable when he sleeps. He looks even more adorable and sexy when he's awake.

I nuzzle my face into his warm chest. I could feel his body heat radiating around us. This is what my boyfriend should be like, scratch that, should have been like. I had forgotten we were on a break, and most importantly I had lost the memory of me and Dustin actually having fun. Sure he took me out on dates but it just felt dull after awhile, you know?

I look over to the left side of the plane. Jade Lynn was resting her head on Louis' shoulder. Awh that's too cute, I thought to myself. I snapped an imaginary picture of them. Poor Liam all by himself, maybe when he's awake I'll talk to him. Just one on one. What am I saying? Am I confessing my true feelings? Is it wrong if I like two guys?

Louis P.O.V

We got off the plane. That was the best flight ever. It felt so right when Jade Lynn fell asleep on my shoulder. It felt like it was meant to be. We walked to the door and we told Brianna and Jade Lynn that they weren’t going to stay at a hotel, that they were going to stay with us. It’s all good to me, more time to spend with Jade Lynn.

Jade Lynn’s P.O.V

We got out of the car and walked down this huge drive way. I didn’t know what to expect. They have so much money, there house is going to be amazing. I just hope they don’t feel like we’re taking advantage of them. We aren’t. I just want to get to know Louis more. Anyways, we finally got to the house. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was huge. It had a giant fence going around it with a lot of great landscaping. We walked up to a giant wooden door and Harry looked at us and said,

“Girls, welcome to our home.”

He had a huge smile on his face when he opened the door. We walked inside and it was amazing. It was all open concept. There were so many windows, it was so bright, and the stairs where all glass. We walked up the stairs and there was a huge open aria. There were a bunch of doors. The boys showed us were all of their rooms were before taking us to the guest room. We left are bags in the room then the boys led us to the basement. They had a huge recording studio in one corner and a huge game room in the other. We went back upstairs and the boys showed us the back yard. It was amazing, with a giant pool, a hot tub, and at the very end there was a lake, with our own private beach. It was incredible.



“Hey girls, wanna come down and play a game?” I heard Niall call from downstairs.\

“Ya sure. Were on our way.” Brianna responded.

We made our way downstairs. When we got to the family room, the boys had the weirdest game set up. Like honestly, I have never seen anything like it. They had a box of food and drinks, a bucket of mud, and a bunch of other weird things.

“Umm guys, what is this?” I asked kind of nervously.

“We are going to play the ultimate gross version of truth or dare.”

“I’m kind of scared, but also very interested in how to play.” Brianna said while looking at me then the boys with this worried look on her face.

“It's easy! All you have to do, is play truth or dare, but the only dares your aloud to do are the once that are absolutely disgusting.” Liam responded while all the boys were trying to laugh quietly.

“Ok, LET’S DO IT!!!” Louis screamed at the top of his lungs.



After the game Brianna and I were completely covered in I don’t even wanna know what. So we both went upstairs. Luckily there were two showers so we could take them at the same time without having to wait. When I was done my shower I put on my cute pink pjs. The shirt says hugs on it, and the pants have little white hearts. I dried my hair and put in a matching headband. When I got out of my room Brianna was waiting for me in the hallway. She was wearing the same pjs as me, but in purple. We went downstairs and saw the boys with some popcorn. We sat down, me beside Louis, Brianna beside me, and Zayn beside her with his arm around her(of course.)Niall was sitting on the floor, and Liam and harry were on the other couch. The boys decided that they wanted to watch a horror movie so we agreed. We put in The Ring and laid back to watch the movie. I feel asleep on Louis lap about half way through. Everybody screamed at a scary part and I jumped up.

“Relax love it was just a scary part.” Louis said with a reassuring smile.

I laid back down. But I didn’t fall asleep this time. I felt like I never wanted to get up. It felt so right lying here with Louis. When the movie was over we all said are goodnights and went to bed. Part of me wondered, what was in store for tomorrow.........



To all of our readers so far, thank you. P.s if you’re wondering when the romances will start trust us it will be soon.

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