Loving you

This is the story of a girl called Jessica who falls for Niall Horan and he falls for her. But will her ex-husband Joe come back to haunt her??? Find out in this movella!


1. sadness

Hi guys this is actually a dream I had and I'm not a really good writer but I hope you get the picture if you read it. :)


My husband of 6 months Joe had told me to meet him at a cafe. I loved him but just about every night he came home drunk and only wanting one thing and I think you know what I mean. But during the day he was fine so I was glad we were meeting up during the day. I walked into Verve cafe and looked for him it was then I saw him, passionately kissing a very pretty blonde girl and I must say she looked slutty indeed with a short tight pink dress on almost showing her bum, as for me I wore my work clothes witch was a peplum dress with black heels. I felt my eyes watering and burst out of the cafe. I put my hands to my face and started crying once I found a bench. I sat there balling my eyes out for a good five minutes until I heard a mans voice say " are you alright " I looked up and it was a blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing usual boys clothes and looked friendly. " yep " I replied not meaning it. He sat down beside me and put his shoulder around me " what's wrong" he asked.


I saw a girl crying at a bench and I immediately walked over to her I asked her if she was alright she looked up at me and she had beautiful green eyes she was stunning ,dumb question I thought of course she's not alright! Yep she replied I knew this pretty girl wasn't ok so I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulder "what's wrong" I asked she didn't answer for a while but then said something happened with me and my husband" "oh" I said. " thanks for comforting me she said that's fine i told her. "How bout we go to a cafe?" I asked um ok she replied. As we were walking to a cafe she looked in a cafe called verve I asked her if she wanted to go in that one and she quickly shook her head then a man and woman came out holding hands. the woman was quite pretty but not as pretty as the girl with me oh shoot I thought I forgot to introduce myself I thought. i was about to introduce my self to this girl when she slapped the man on the face and came straight back to me and she came back to me and I realized it was her husband I went up to him "your a dick for not treating this beutiful woman right! " and with that I left his shocked face and walked back to the girl.

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