Loving you

This is the story of a girl called Jessica who falls for Niall Horan and he falls for her. But will her ex-husband Joe come back to haunt her??? Find out in this movella!


3. marathon !

Nialls POV

I was at the recording studio when my phone was buzzing I picked it up and it said Jess was calling I was busy so I told her I would call her in five minutes.

"Sorry about that " I said

"It's ok"

"Are you busy tomorrow"

When she asked that I remembered earlier louis had told me this trick when a girl asks "are you busy" you say I'm going on a date and if they say "with who" say "you" But I wasn't asking her out just cause, I thought she needed a break from that dick and she needed support but also I think I love her even though I barely know her and she's also the most beautiful girl I've seen with her brown hair down to her chest and her green orbs and her perfect figure. Opps I was day dreaming about her...again

"Sorry I'm going on a date tomorrow"


"Who's the lucky lady"

"You" I said my heart was beating fast I thought she might say no but she said "really, ok pick me up at seven" so it's was a yes I was relived.


I was watching tv and Victoria's Secret came on. All these sexy models were on it but all I could think about was Jess. I couldn't get to sleep it just couldn't stop thinking about her.


I was watching tv when Victoria's Secret came on all these beautiful girls came on and I wished that I could be as beautiful as them. I went to bed thinking thoughts and I thought about Niall and how I would love him to be cuddling me in bed right now, while my husband who i am divorcing with in two weeks is outside smoking and drinking being high and being a total dick.

I woke up in the morning and remembered my date tonight and became excited but I was running a marathon for charity today so I had a shower then got into my workout gear. I have to say I am one fast runner.

Once I got to the marathon I was waiting for the man to say go! " 3, 2, 1, GO!" I ran as fast as I could and was staring to get the stitch but ignored it I could see the finish line but this bitchy blonde girl pushed me and I fell over. I scraped my knees on the concrete and blood started tricking down my legs "ow" I yelled but a pair of strong hands picked me up it was Niall!!!!!! I brushed his hands off and ran to the finish line then came back to Niall "Jess, are you alright" but then the blonde girl came over and said to Niall "hello sexy" and hoisted her skirt up a bit to much " What the hell did you do that for!" Niall yelled "um It was an accident sorry" said the blonde girl "I bloody know it wasn't an accident" said Niall growling the girl looked worried and ran away "Niall do you have anger issues" I asked because he seemed angry "no, why do you ask that" he said "well I was Just wondering cause you seemed pretty angry" "haha no I just don't like seeing you getting hurt" he chuckled I smiled " well let's get you cleaned up aye" he said "ok" I replied happily

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