Loving you

This is the story of a girl called Jessica who falls for Niall Horan and he falls for her. But will her ex-husband Joe come back to haunt her??? Find out in this movella!


4. DIVORCE bye joe!

Nialls p.o.v

I put my arms on the back of her legs and said "jump" she jumped and was lighter then I thought. I carried her to my car and opened the boot then laid her down on it. Damn she looked beautiful.

I got some wet wipes from my car and wiped the blood of her knees. She whimpered a bit, I didn't like her being hurt "you alright" "yep" I then put two bandages on her knees and then she sat up "Niall I really really like you but can you wait two weeks I have to do my divorce sheets with joe until I can date you" she said "oh, of course I'll wait it's just I have to go on tour in a week"

"Oh" she said. I felt bad because I wasn't having a break from tour for ten days and I knew joe would be kicking her out. "How come you can't do the divorce earlier?" I questioned "because Niall, the ministries haven't given me the papers yet"

"um well I'm Niall Horan so I'm sure I can get it for you"

"OMG! Really thanks niall! I would love to get the papers as soon as I can!" She said


( at the ministries office )

We walked into the office and I grabbed Jess's small soft hand. I asked the lady at the desk for some divorce sheets and she looked up at me and said " OMG! Your that guy from 1D my Daughter loves can you sign this paper she will be so jealous I meet you!" "Sure" I replied I could feel Jess tense up cause she squeezed my hand a bit. "Now the divorce sheets, are you to getting divorced" she asked "no she is" I said looking at Jess, Jess just fake smiled at the lady "hey i told you come back in two weeks" the lady who's name tag was Barbara Said "um.." Jess said "we'll if you don't give me those papers i will have to call my manager" I interrupted "oh fine" she said and got some sheets from under the desk "here you are" she handed us the paper and we walked off "thanks niall" Jess said and pecked my cheek "can you please drive me home" she asked and of course, i said yes.

Jess P.O.V

OMG Niall is so nice he got the papers two weeks early for me! Once we got home I thanked Him for the ride and everything else and pecked his cheek. I walked inside only to find a horrifying sight

Clothes all over the floor and I mean undies and a lot of other garments,. I could hear moaning from mine and joes room and I think you know what that is.....


It was the same blonde bitch from the cafe!!! I gave her a fake smile then walked to the bathroom locking the door and I started crying on the side of the bath I felt sad because me and joe used to be a happy couple but then he got into drugs and drinking and that introduced him to woman, and I haven't told anyone this but he has abused me a few times he actually did it two days before I met Niall and I still have the bruises....

After a while I had a shower and felt better and when I got out joe wasn't anywhere in sight so I sat on the couch when I remembered the divorce papers! I shot up to my room and got them and called out "joe!" "Huuuuh" he replied I could tell he was drunk "can you sign this" "ahhh oooook baby" he said, he was drunk so he wouldn't object which I suppose is good. The next morning I walked to the ministries office and gave the lady the papers "hello" she smiled "ok thanks we will tell the minister" "ok" I said


she came back and told me I was officially divorced "whooo!" I yelled and ran out and back to my house. I grabbed my phone and told Niall to pick me up now. I had packed everything I wanted that was mine and left a note on the table for joe that said

Dear Joe

I loved you but you blew it, please don't make contact with me again, we are divorced now

From Jess.

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