You again

4 Years ago a girl named Zoe went to high school with her best freind Jordan. while they wer at high school Zoe dated Liam Payne. He was on the football team and Zoe was just a normal girl. Zoe broke up with Liam becuase he cheated on her with the most popular kid in school. 4 years later Zoe and Jordan moved into an appartment and Zoe eventually got over Liam. One day Zoe went to a cafe to get som coffee for Jordan nad herself when Liam walks behind her. Will their replationship take off where they left off or will it end in traditity?


12. Zoe No! it isn't an answer

Liam’s POV:

It hurt me to see Zoe in this much pain. She lost her job she has loved four 4 years and now she has nothing but she still has the boys, Jordan and me. She was asleep and I got a call from Simon. ‘’Simon I can’t not when Zoe needs me. Oh, ok then I’ll be there soon’’ I said to Simon. I left a note for Zoe on the bedside table and headed off to work. I hope she will be fine.

Zoe’s POV:

I woke up the next morning and I had no job to go to and Liam was nowhere to be seen. I was depressed. I found a note on the bed side table saying


I had to go to work but I’ll be home soon. Don’t do anything silly please. Try not to worry about anything especially the hate messages. I’ll see you soon. Liam’’

Great I’m on my own. I hated my life at the moment. I have nothing to live for and Liam would be better of with Sophia. I went into the bathroom and broke the glass on the mirror and grabbed a piece. It was 3pm. I couldn’t handle anything anymore I just gave up. So I wrote a note to Liam, the boys and Jordan saying bye. Then I took the glass and cut my wrist. I was a nurse so I knew where to cut and then everything went black.

Liam’s POV:

I got back with the boys at 3:45pm. I went upstairs to check on Zoe. I opened the door and saw her laying in a pool of blood. ‘’ZOE! NO, THIS ISN’T THE ANSWER. HARRY, GUYS CALL 911 AND GET AN AMBULANCE NOW’’ I yelled at them and they came rushing in and saw what happened. I cried because I couldn’t find a pulse. I held Zoe close to my chest and then I saw a letter. It was from Zoe.

‘’Hey guys,

If you are reading this I’m gone. I will miss you all.

Jordan: thank you for being there for me the past years and hold on to Harry he is a keeper.

Harry: take care of Jordan.

Zayn: live life to the fullest and have fun.

Louis: thanks for being like my big brother.

Niall: keep eating and don’t stop you are a funny talented person

Liam: I love you so much but I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m sorry. At least now you can be with Sophia. This isn’t your fault. It is my choice. Just remember I love you and I always will. I’m sorry and I’ll miss you the most.

Well that is it. Just remember guys I love you all. Don’t change. Love Zoe xx’’

I read the letter and then I said ‘’No. you are not gone you are just sleeping’’ when the paramedics came in and helped her. They rushed her to the hospital and I went with them. If I didn’t leave this morning she would be alright. We got to the hospital and they rushed her in. ‘’sir you have to stay here’’ the nurse said. ‘’ZOE DON’T GIVE UP I LOVE YOU JUST REMEMBER THAT. YOUR STRONG JUST KEEP FIGHTING’’ I yelled. The boys were right behind me and I cried into Harry’s shoulder. 3 hours later the doctor came out. ‘’anyone here for Ms Zoe Pepper?’’ I stood up. ‘’Sir she is stable but she is unconious only one at a time can see her’’ the doc said. I was the first one in I grabbed her hand and rubbed it. ‘’babe if you can hear me keep fighting. You are strong. I love you’’ I kept saying over and over again.

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