You again

4 Years ago a girl named Zoe went to high school with her best freind Jordan. while they wer at high school Zoe dated Liam Payne. He was on the football team and Zoe was just a normal girl. Zoe broke up with Liam becuase he cheated on her with the most popular kid in school. 4 years later Zoe and Jordan moved into an appartment and Zoe eventually got over Liam. One day Zoe went to a cafe to get som coffee for Jordan nad herself when Liam walks behind her. Will their replationship take off where they left off or will it end in traditity?


5. The Promotion

*Two Months later*

Zoe’s POV:

I have been dating Liam for two months now and I love more than I ever did before. Everything was perfect until I got a phone call from work. ‘’Hello’’ I answered. ‘’Zoe?’’ a familiar voice said on the other end of the phone. ‘’Yes’’ I replied. ‘’Zoe we need you to come in today for a meeting. We really need to talk to you’’ My boss said. ‘’Ok. I’ll be right there’’ I replied and hanged up. ‘’Who was that?’’ Liam asked ‘’My boss. He really needs to talk to me’’ I replied. ‘’oh ok. Can I take you?’’ he asked. ‘’if you want’’ I replied so he grabbed the keys and we got into the car. ‘’do you know what it is about?’’ Liam asked. ‘’it’s either a promotion or I’m getting fired’’ I replied. ‘’let’s hope it is a promotion then. What would you do if you got fired?’’ he asked. ‘’I don’t know. I would find somewhere else to work’’ I replied. I put the radio on and out of the blue came on. I started singing and then Liam looked at me weirdly. ‘’what are you looking at babe?’’ I asked him. ‘’you have a wonderful voice. You either audition for the X Factor or be a singer when we go on tour’’ Liam replied. ‘’I would preffer if I went on tour with you’’ I replied and he was happy that I said that. I got to work and went up to the meeting. ‘’ah Zoe come in and take a seat please’’ My boss Andrew said. So I sat down. ‘’Now this offer has just come up. I know you are a hard worker and we have received some good feedback about you. Would you like to become a head nurse of a ward?’’ he asked. ‘’yes but what ward?’’ I asked. ‘’Special Care’’ he replied. ‘’yes I have always wanted to work there’’ I replied. ‘’ok well you start tomorrow at the usual time. Don’t be late’’ he said. ‘’I won’t I promise’’ I replied. I got up and walked out the door. I went down to go to Liam. ‘’So what happened?’’ he asked. ‘’I got a promotion’’ I said jumping up and hugging him. ‘’Congratulations babe’’ he replied giving me a kiss on the lips. ‘’I feel like celebrating. Do you know what the others are doing tonight?’’ I asked. ‘’they are not doing anything that I know of’’ he replied. ‘’well good 6pm at Rasheys for dinner my treat’’ I told him. ‘’no, no, no. I will pay for you. You are my girlfriend after all’’ he replied. ‘’LIAM. No it is my treat so I’m paying’’ I said giving him the look he hates. ‘’ok, ok’’ he said. We got into the car and he dropped me home. I walked inside to find Jordan and Harry making out in the lounge room. ‘’Ew. Guys get a room’’ I said. They both looked at me. ‘’Harry go home and get ready we are all going out to dinner tonight’’ I said and he left. I went upstairs to have a shower because it was already 4:30. I had a shower and washed my hair. I got out of the shower and threw a dress on with some heels and Jordan was wearing a nice blue dress with heels as well. Jordan grabbed the car keys and drove to Rasheys. We got to the restaurant and we waited for Liam and the boys there.

Liam’s POV:

‘’Harry! Hurry up mate come on. We are going to be late’’ I tired to get harry to hurry up. I decided to leave with Niall and Zayn. Louis and Harry were going to meet us there. I pulled up and saw Zoe looking stunning with Jordan who also looked nice as well. I got out of the car with Zayn and Niall who passed me the flowers for Zoe to congratulate her on her promotion. ‘’Hey babe. Sorry we are late. Harry and Louis will be here soon’’ I said hugging her and handed her flowers. ‘’Thanks Liam and It’s fine’’ she replied. We waited for Harry and Louis who finally showed up. Harry locked the car and gave Jordan a kiss and hug. We went inside. ‘’how many people were you seating and Inside or outside seating?’’ The lady asked. ‘’seven people and outside please’’ I replied. I chose to sit outside because it was a really perfect night. Harry and I pulled out the chairs for Jordan and Zoe and we sat down looking at the menu’s. ‘’what would you like to drink?’’ a waiter asked. ‘’Coke please’’ we all said and he went to get our drinks. ‘’So what time do you start tomorrow?’’ I asked Zoe. ‘’8:30am’’ she replied. ‘’that’s cool’’ I replied. ‘’CARROTS’’ Louis screamed in a soft way. ‘’Loui. Are you trying to draw attention to us?’’ Harry said. ‘’I’m sorry. I had to say it’’ he replied. Zoe, Jordan, Zayn, Niall and I laughed. The waiter came back with our drinks and we were ready. ‘’can we have two chicken snitzles and five stakes medium rare please?’’ Zoe asked. ‘’Won’t be too long’’ he replied. Everyone was just talking until our food came and we just kinda just laughed at the way Niall he ate. We finished our food and it was 7:30pm. ‘’Let’s go to the club for a bit’’ Harry said. ‘’I don’t know guys I have to be at work early in the morning’’ Zoe replied. We all gave Zoe puppy dog eyes until she gave in. we left and went to the club. We got in there and had drinks. We took shots and then we had beer. When we looked at the clock it was 10pm and Harry was pissed. We went to leave when Zoe decided to help me with Harry so in my car was Harry, Zoe and me. In her car was Jordan and in the other car it was Zayn and Louis. We got to our house and I opened the door and we took harry up to his room. We put him under his blankets and we walked out of the room. ‘’Thanks Zoe for helping me with Harry’’ I said giving her a kiss goodnight. ‘’It is alright’’ she replied and she started to walk down the stairs when I said ‘’ZOE WAIT’’. She turned around and looked at me. I ran over to her and we kissed passionately. I love her so, so much. We continued and I led into my room where we laid on the bed and I started taking her shirt off and she took my shirt off. And then one thing led to another. After that we laid down in bed and she fell asleep. ‘’I love you’’ I whispered in her ear and kissed her forehead and I went to sleep.

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