You again

4 Years ago a girl named Zoe went to high school with her best freind Jordan. while they wer at high school Zoe dated Liam Payne. He was on the football team and Zoe was just a normal girl. Zoe broke up with Liam becuase he cheated on her with the most popular kid in school. 4 years later Zoe and Jordan moved into an appartment and Zoe eventually got over Liam. One day Zoe went to a cafe to get som coffee for Jordan nad herself when Liam walks behind her. Will their replationship take off where they left off or will it end in traditity?


6. Late for work

*the next day*

Liam’s POV:

I woke up and noticed that Zoe wasn’t in bed, then I remembered she had work. I hope I didn’t get her in trouble I said to myself. I went downstairs and the boys were still passed out. It was 10:30am when I got a text.

To: Liam

Hey thanks for last night. I enjoyed it. Sorry I had to leave so early and I didn’t want to wake you. I love you xx

From: Zoe

To: Zoe

It’s alright. I love you too xx

From: Liam

Zoe’s POV:

I woke up about 7am and I didn’t know where I was. Then I remember I was at Liam’s house. Oh My God did last night happen? I was thinking to myself. I got my dress and slipped it back on. I gave Liam a kiss bye on the forehead because I didn’t want to wake him or any of the boys up. I grabbed my purse and heels and snuck downstairs. I got to the bottom and I saw Zayn and Niall crashed on the couch and Louis asleep on the floor and I snuck out the door. I pulled out my phone and called Jordan to pick me up. About after 30 minutes she picked me up and took me home. ‘’WOW. You were out all night. What did you two do?’’ Jordan asked. ‘’That is my business’’ I replied and it was quiet the whole way home. I ran upstairs and had a quick shower got dressed. I grabbed a banana and ate it on the way to the car. Jordan and I were late to work by 5 minutes. She went to her ward and I went to mine. I got to the entrance when Andrew (my boss) says ‘’You’re late Zoe’’. ‘’I’m sorry I. I slept in and I won’t happen again. I promise’’ I replied. ‘’ok’’ he replied and I walked in and started my day. I was lucky he was in a good mood. I could sense today was going to be a long day.

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