You again

4 Years ago a girl named Zoe went to high school with her best freind Jordan. while they wer at high school Zoe dated Liam Payne. He was on the football team and Zoe was just a normal girl. Zoe broke up with Liam becuase he cheated on her with the most popular kid in school. 4 years later Zoe and Jordan moved into an appartment and Zoe eventually got over Liam. One day Zoe went to a cafe to get som coffee for Jordan nad herself when Liam walks behind her. Will their replationship take off where they left off or will it end in traditity?


9. I'm Sorry!!!

*the next day*

Zoe’s POV:

I woke up this morning and I called up sick for work. I still couldn’t believe that yesterday I founded out that Liam lied to me. I heard my phone go off and it was Liam. I just ignored it. I was at home all by myself and I was miserable. I got a text from Andrew. ‘’Hey I noticed that you are not at work today are you ok?’’. He is always a caring boss. I can tell him anything and it will be fine, but I’m not going to tell him about Liam. ‘’I’m just feeling sick. That’s all’’ I replied.  ‘’Jordan told me that your boyfriend lied to you’’ he replied. Why did Jordan have to tell him? ‘’yea that too’’ I replied. ‘’hang in there you will be fine’’ he said. Then my phone rang again and it was Liam. I still ignored it. By this time I had 5 missed calls from him. ‘’hey Zoe. I need to talk to you. Please pick up. I miss you and I love you’’ I just ignored him and watched a movie on the telly which was Titanic. Great now I’m going to feel worse but I couldn’t be bothered moving so I just watched it. Maybe I’m over reacting I don’t know at the moment. When the movie finished it was 3:30pm and I was about to text Jordan to see if she could bring some ice cream home. I pulled out my phone but I stopped and looked at the photo of Liam and me as my wallpaper. I let out a few tears and then I texted Jordan. She got home about 4pm with ice cream and then she went out at 5pm. I herd a knock at the door and before I opened it I looked to see who it was and it was brent. I opened the door and let him in. he gave me a big hug and I cried into his chest. ‘’tell me from the start why you are all sad!’’ he said. I told him and he replied. ‘’Zoe you are over reacting I would normally say but he did this before and maybe she was just his rebound. Try talking to him and see his side’’ he said. Brent always knew what to say. ‘’I don’t want to talk to him but’’ I replied. ‘’you are going to have too’’ he replied. It was 6:30pm and he had to go. I hugged him and said ‘’thanks for being here for me Brent’’. ‘’it’s ok. That is what brothers are for’’ he said before he left. Brent left 30 minutes ago. And I was still deciding whether or not to call him or not. I struggled and then he rang me once again. I was about to answer it but I just couldn’t. Come on Zoe you’re over reacting just call him back. I was just about to call him back when I heard someone singing with you – Chris brown. I got up and looked out the window and it was Liam. Oh god, I was thinking to myself. I opened the front door and waited for him to finish singing and to let him talk. I must admit I was impressed.

Liam’s POV:

I couldn’t sleep knowing that Zoe would be mad at me. I missed her. Why did I lie to her in the first place? Now she hates me. How can I make it up to her. I kept calling her and she didn’t answer. ‘’Bro stop stressing. It will be fine’’ Zayn said. ‘’Tonight I’m going out with Jordan and she will be by herself. You’re a singer use your voice and also try to explain to her’’ Harry said. ‘’thanks man you just gave me an idea. I will sing to her With You by Chris Brown’’ I said. ‘’Yay. No more grumpy or upset Liam’’ Louis said. It was 5pm when Harry left to get Jordan. I went for a walk. I stopped at a park and swang on the swing for a bit and trying to think what I will say. And then it got dark and I walked over to Zoe’s place. When I got there I started singing. I saw her open the door and I finished the song. ‘’Zoe before you shut the door I can explain everything please’’ I pleaded. She let me go inside because it was freezing. ‘’Talk’’ she said. ‘’I’m sorry I lied to you but I swear Sophia was just a rebound. I love you very much and I really miss you. Please give me another chance. I’ll prove to you that I love you. She means nothing to me. Nothing at all. If I lost you I would never forgive myself because I hurt you so, so much. Can we fall one more time?’’ I had more to ay but then she kissed me. ‘’shut up Li and kiss me’’ she said so I kissed. ‘’Liam I’m sorry as well. I over reacted. I miss you and I will always love you too’’ she replied and we continued kissing when I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me so I walked upstairs to her room with her and we were on her bed. She took my shirt off and I took her’s off. We kept at it for a while and the one thing led to another and so on. We were finished and we were panting and she cuddled me. I loved it when we had make up sex. ‘’I love you Liam and I don’t want to ever lose you’’ she said. ‘’I love you more and I don’t want to lose you at all’’ I replied before we fell asleep.

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