You again

4 Years ago a girl named Zoe went to high school with her best freind Jordan. while they wer at high school Zoe dated Liam Payne. He was on the football team and Zoe was just a normal girl. Zoe broke up with Liam becuase he cheated on her with the most popular kid in school. 4 years later Zoe and Jordan moved into an appartment and Zoe eventually got over Liam. One day Zoe went to a cafe to get som coffee for Jordan nad herself when Liam walks behind her. Will their replationship take off where they left off or will it end in traditity?


10. ANDREW!!

*two months later*

Zoe’s POV:

I’m happy that Liam and I are back together which means we have almost been with each other for 7 months. I got up for work and headed to work. When I got there I ran into Andrew. ‘’oh I’m so, so sorry’’ I said but not realising that it was Andrew. ‘’I’m sorry Andrew’’ I said feeling bad that I spilt his coffee over him. ‘’it’s ok. It looked better on me anyway’’ he said and we both chuckled. ‘’Um Zoe would you like to go to the movies to watch a movie tonight after work?’’ he asked. ‘’urm. Sure’’ I replied. ‘’I’ll pick you up about 5 is that ok?’’ he asked. ‘’sure’’ I replied and I went to work. I was about to go to lunch when I turned around and Liam was there with Flowers. ‘’hey hun. I brought you some flowers and your lunch. Chicken Caesar salad’’ he said. ‘’aww. Thank you Liam. You are so cute’’ I said. ‘’I know I am. Would you like to join me for lunch?’’ I aske him. ‘’yea. I have time to kill. I don’t have to be at the studio till 3:30 anyway’’ he replied. ‘’Great. Let me find a vase to put these in. I’ll grab my handbag and I’ll meet you here soon’’ I said as I gave him a kiss on the check. I found a vase and I grabbed my bag and we went. ‘’what are you doing tonight?’’ he asked. ‘’um I’m going to the movies with Andrew at 5’’ I said. ‘’Zoe I have this weird feeling about him don’t go with him please’’ he said. ‘’LIAM. He is my boss. I’m trying to keep on his good side’’ I replied. ‘’ok, ok just be careful’’ he said. ‘’I will’’ I replied. When I went back to work I kept thinking that he didn’t trust me. I was mad at him. I finished work and I got home. I ran up to have a shower and got dresses into a nice dress with flats and walked downstairs. I walked down and saw Jordan was with Harry. ‘’Jordan. I’m going out and won’t be back til late’’ I said. ‘’don’t worry. I’m won’t be home tonight. We are going out tonight and staying in a hotel’’ she replied. ‘’ok I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget you have work tomorrow’’ I said before I left. I just got outside and Andrew just got there.

Andrew’s POV:

I’m happy that Zoe agreed to go to the movies with me. She is pretty amazing and wonderful. I don’t like her twat of a boyfriend Liam. I got to her house and she hoped in. we got to the movies and we decided to watch Grown ups. When it finished it was raining. ‘’hey Zoe?’’ I asked. ‘’Yea?’’ she replied. ‘’don’t freak out but I love you’’ I said and I kissed her. ‘’Andrew get off me. I have a boyfriend’’ she replied. ‘’he won’t have to know about us’’ I said. ‘’ANDREW! That isn’t what I meant. I don’t like you that way. Only as a friend’’ she replied. She was about to walk away when I grabbed her arm tight. ‘’Ow. Andrew. You are hurting me’’ she said trying to break free. ‘’is that all I get? After I gave you a promotion and made you feel special. Huh?’’ I said yanking her. ‘’you only did that because you loved me? Is that it?’’ she replied. ‘’pretty much you stupid bitch’’ I told her and I hit her leaving a mark on her face and she fell to the ground. She got up and ran away. ‘’Zoe come back it is raining let me take you home’’ I said.

Zoe’s POV:

‘’Zoe come back it is raining let me take you home’’ I heard Andrew say. ‘’No. get away from me you creep’’ I said running away from him. He got in the car and started chasing me with the car and I just kept running. I hid in an ally way where he wouldn’t find me. He drove right passed me. OMG liam was right. I went to go home but no one was there, it was cold and t was raining. I couldn’t think where else to go. I was lost and then I remembered Liam. I was about to call him but I left my phone in Andrews car with my purse. I’m guessing it was around 9pm wheni got to Liam’. I was about to knock when I remember what if he is mad at me about going out with Andre. Oh well I’ll bit the bullet and I knocked on the door and Louis answered it. ‘’Zoe are you ok?’’ Louis said. ‘’Liam Zoe is here and loking terrible’’ he called to Liam. Liam ran to the door and I was shivering and hugged him.

Liam’s POV:

I ran to the door and I grabbed Zoe. She was cold and shivering. ‘’Zayn get me a blanket’’ I yelled tp warm Zoe up. ‘’Babe hat happened?’’  I asked. ‘’Andrew kissed me and I pulled away. He grabbed my arm and hurt it. He wanted me to kiss him but I said no. he only got me my promotion because he liked me. Then he hit me and called me a stupid bitch. I than ran and he chased me with his car. I hid and he didn’t notice me. I left my purse and phone in his car. I’m sorry Liam. I should have trusted you. I’m really sorry’’ she said crying. ‘’He did what? He hit you! Babe it is alright and it’ not your fault. You’re not stupid or a bitch. You are nice and caring’’ I said trying to comfort her and I looked at her face and she had a red cheek. I wanted to hit him so hard it wasn’t funny. Zoe finally calmed down but she was really cold and wet. Zayn got her a blanket and I took her up to my room. I told her to have a shower and I got her one of my shirts and a pair of my sweat pants. She came out ‘’do you feel warmer?’’ I asked her and she shook her head yes. We then went downstairs when Louis gave her some hot Coca. She than fell asleep and I carried her to my room and put her on my bed.

Zoe’s POV:

I am so lucky to have Liam in my life. He understands me and he is caring.

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