Nothing But Trouble (Jason McCann)

He's back.
Jasmine's the new girl. Jason Mcann is the bad boy who everyone stays away from. He's the kid your parents warned you about.
“Don’t look at him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t even breathe near him. That’s Jason McCann.”


8. Please Don't Waste My Time

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

Today me and Caitlin and Erin decided we were going to hang out. I hadn’t really hanged out with them besides at school so I thought why not do something fun with them. Caitlin called me up and said she has a friend named Alex, and that she wanted all of us to hang out together.

I get ready to go hang out with them and once I’m done I go downstairs to watch some TV as I wait for Caitlin to pick me up as planned.

After a half an hour goes my phone rings and it’s Caitlin. I answer “Hey Caitlin.” She replies “Hey Jasmine, Erin and I are outside your house.” I say “Ok coming, see you in a second.” I end the call as I turn off the TV and hop off the couch as I walk outside my front door to see Caitlin and Erin waiting in the car. They were both sitting in the front so of course, I had to sit in the back.

Caitlin says “So we’re meeting up with Alex which is one of Erin and I’s friends. I think you two will get a long pretty well.” Erin adds “Yeah, she’s chill.” I reply “Great, can’t wait.”


After just another few minutes of driving we finally pull up to her friend’s house. I am actually stunned at how nice it is. As we all get out of the car I scan the outside of the house as I tell them “This place is stunning, do you guys always hang out at her house?” Caitlin scans the house as well with me. I turn my head to look at her and she shrugs. “I don’t know, this isn’t her house. It’s her cousin’s. She told me they don’t visit each other too often so I guess they’re just spending some time.” I nod as I reply “Nice.”

We all walk up to their door and Erin rings the doorbell. As we wait patiently for a couple seconds the door swings open and there stands a really pretty girl with a smile on her face. She says “Heyyyyy guys.” We all greet her as we walk in the house one by one. I couldn’t help to admit that this place looked pretty familiar, but I’m not sure from where.

Alex looks at me and says “Hey I’m Alex.” I reply “I’m Jasmine, it’s nice to meet you.” Once we are all done saying hi to each other walk further into the house to the living room. Right next to the living room is the kitchen.

I turn my head over to look and I see Jason standing behind the counter there eating a bag of popcorn. I get a confused look on my face as I exasperate “Jason?” He has a smirk on his face as he replies “That’s my name babe.” And then he grabs a handful of popcorn and pours in down his mouth. I notice he is wearing a black v neck with his hair nice and everything. Alex jumps in and says “Oh yeah guys, this is my cousin Jason. I’m guessing you two already know each other?” Jason answers “Oh yeah, we definitely know each other alright.” He gets a suspicious look on his face and I eye him signaling to stop. That’s when it hits me and I realize why this house looked so familiar. It was because of that night I went over to Justin’s house and we…

I also guess I didn’t clearly recognize the outside of his house because it was night time and dark when I came over.

Caitlin gets a dirty look on her face as she asks “That’s your cousin?” and she points to Jason. Alex just nods.

 Erin laughs “Alex we didn’t know Jason McCann was your cousin! Why didn’t you tell us?” She shrugs “I don’t know I wasn’t expecting you all to know each other but I guess it’s better that you do.” Obviously Caitlin and Erin didn’t like Jason, so this was already off to an awkward start. I just felt bad for Alex having to see Caitlin and Erin be so bitter to her cousin. Although it didn’t seem like she noticed too much, or maybe she just didn’t care.

To clear the silence Jason says “So ladies, how about we watch a movie?” Caitlin looks at Jason “Sorry McCann, you can’t watch with us.”

Jason turns his head to the side “Excuse me miss I think I actually can. This is my house is it not?” Jason was totally being sarcastic and bitchy to her. Even though it was so rude, I held in my laughter because I couldn’t help to not admit that it was pretty funny.

Caitlin keeps quiet and just gives him the dirtiest look ever knowing he was right. He took her silence as her answer and said “That’s what I thought.” And he pops more popcorn in his mouth. Caitlin crosses her arms as she rolls her eyes and looks to the side. There was some noticeably awkward tension in the room and Alex tried to break it “Wellll um, how about that movie?” Her, Caitlin, and Erin walk over to the TV as they browse for a movie and chat amongst themselves. I guess you could say I kind of get left out and I just browse my eyes around the room pretending I don’t mind.

Although out of the corner of my eye I couldn’t help to notice that I noticed Jason’s eyes on me. I look over at him and I was right. He had pretty much been staring at me the entire time. He just stands there eating his popcorn, without ever taking his eyes off me with his little devious smile on his face. Since Alex, Caitlin and Erin were pretty much in their own world still talking, I cross my arms and walk around the counter near Jason. I ask “So Jason, will you be nice enough to let me have some popcorn?” He tilts his head back a little as he smirks “It depends. Will you be nice enough to do something for me?” I slightly squint my eyes “And what’s that?” He grins “I think you know Jas.” I lean my elbows on the counter along with the rest of my arm as I act if I am interested. “Tell me Jason. Tell me what it is that you want. You can’t just leave me guessing.” He looks at me as his eyes slowly trail to from face all the way down to my chest. As I notice what he was doing I stand back up normally straight. I chuckle “Oh, you’re definitely not getting any of that Jason.”

Suddenly Alex yells “The movie’s about to play, come on Jasmine and Jason!” And with that I walk closer over to Jason and I put my hand in the bag of popcorn Jason was holding and stuff it in my mouth as he glares at me. Once I’m done I walk over to the where Alex and them were. Alex, Caitlin, and Erin were all sitting on one couch and I decided to sit on the couch right next to that one, since there was more room and there was really no more space for me.

Jason follows behind me of course and decided to sit right next to me. So it was my friends on one couch and just me and Jason on the other. I sigh showing that I was annoyed Jason decided to join in with us.

The movie begins and we begin watching. We were all pretty into it, enjoying the movie. Jason wasn’t bothering me or anything so it was actually okay.



It was the middle of the movie me and I notice Jason decided to put his arm around my shoulder. I turn my head towards him giving him a slight glare before turning my attention back to the movie. He then scoots right next to me, so close he was touching me and it was impossible to not feel his body warmth up my body. He lifts his butt up as he gets closer rubbing his side against me, getting comfortable. I inhale his toxic scent he had that smelt so good I hated how I liked it. I look at his hand that he had just put around me and I try to ignore it as I continue watching the movie.

I then feel his hot breath in my ear as he whispers hoarsely, “This movie’s getting pretty boring.” I keep ignoring him as I’m continuing to watch the movie.  But then he whispers again “You know what we started Friday night? I think we should finish. My bedroom is upstairs.” My eyes travel down the TV as I hear what he just said. I turn my head and whisper back in his ear so now that he could feel my breath “Don’t even bring that up Jason. That was once and I don’t plan on doing it with you again so stop.”  I turn my head back to the TV. He whispers back in my ear “You didn’t want to stop last time now did you? Instead of saying stop you were saying my name.” His last comment made me feel embarrassed, and annoyed that he was bringing it up, and remembered it so vividly. When I don’t reply he adds “Baby you got me so turned on last time.” His voice was raspy and felt warm as it hit against my ear, sending goose bumps down my body. “We can do it all over again.” He quietly adds “And more.” His voice gets even more pleading as he begs more. He gently takes my earlobe in between his teeth and nibbles it softly. I whisper “Jason, my friends and your cousin are right by us. I don’t think you should be talking like that..or doing that” He whispers back “You know I can make you feel so, so, good.” His breath was getting heavy, I’m pretty sure he was turning himself on just thinking about it. He continues as he moves my hair and starts leaving small pecks down my neck. I whisper “Jason, what do you think you’re doing?” He doesn’t stop he just ignores me and continues, sucking with leaving a mark. I was just thankful that the girls didn’t notice and I was hoping they wouldn’t at all.

I couldn’t deny that it didn’t feel good, because it did. But he had to stop so I lightly nudge his side with my elbow signaling him to stop and then he finally did. He whispers “We can always finish in my bedroom.” He adds quieter “No one has to know.” I whisper back “I’ll meet you in your room. Go.” And with saying that he jumps off the couch and runs up the stairs to his bedroom and I can hear the door shut.

I wait a couple minutes so it wasn’t too obvious and I tell my friends “I’m gonna use the bathroom quickly upstairs.” They just nod still distracted by the movie and I walk up the stairs and I turn the corner to see the door to his bedroom.

I turn the knob and once I open the door I don’t see him in there. I slowly walk in anyway and as I do, suddenly out of nowhere I feel Jason’s hands grab my waist and push my back against his wall. He shuts the door closed with his foot and raspily says “I knew you wanted this.” He then leans in to kiss me on the lips but I gently push his chest. I say “Noo Jason. That’s not what I came in here to do with you.” He loosens his grasp on me so I can escape and once I’m out of it he asks “ what did you want to do?” I huff “Look I don’t know if you remember but last time I rejected you. What makes you think I’m gonna want you now?” He replies “Why wouldn’t you? I listened to you, you said you had feelings for me. I have feelings for you too.” I sigh “I know but, on that Friday, I pretty much showed that I liked you. And then on Saturday you go kiss another girl. I mean, clearly you can’t make up your mind.” He shakes his head “What are you talking about, I told you I chose you.” I throw my head back “This isn’t about choosing? So you expect me to crawl into your arms acting like everything is going to be perfect? I’m not that easy Justin.” He looks confused “Don’t you remember Friday night? You wanted to have-“ I interrupt him and raise my voice “You wanted me up here so we could have sex?!” He puts his finger over my mouth. He quietly says “Did you forget your friends are downstairs?” I stand still for a second and he removes his finger from my lips.  My voice normal again, I reply “Why would you care? You don’t seem to care about anything.” And I cross my arms. He replies “I know, but you do. I’m just being considerate for you Jasmine.” I roll my eyes and sarcastically say “Oh look at you being caring. Is that your way of trying to get in my pants?”I don’t give him a chance to reply as I grin and add “And if you really wanted it, you should’ve just done it when I stupidly threw myself at you and had the chance now shouldn’t have you?” He sighs “That’s enough Jas. What do I have to do to get you to trust me?”

I reply “Figure that out for yourself Jason. Firstly, how about you don’t go kissing other girls if you’re really that serious about me.” And with saying that I storm out of his room swinging his door shut.


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