The Girl in the Red Peacoat

I'm Rina Williams. I'm the girl in the red peacoat. And I'm the Doctor's companion. He asked me where and when and why I wanted to go; tribute to my aunt and uncle he lost.


1. My uncle died before he was born

My name is Cathrine Williams. But If you call me Cathrine to my face I'll pop you a good one.

It's Rina. Not Cathy either. Just Rina or Rin.

My life has been fairly ordinary up to this point, and painfully dull. I'm 17 years old and go to high school with all the other teenagers. Whoopee.

I've got ordinary long brown hair, and ordinary hazel eyes with a flat out ordinary body shape. If you passed by me in the street you wouldn't remember me. I blend in too well.

I desided to put an end to all this blending in. Tried the whole 'hipster' thing, but it wasn't working out well for me. Then one day I was walking downtown and passed by a little thrift shop. I had just been looking into the shop windows as I passed, but when I looked into this particular window I stopped dead in my tracks.

It was the most beautiful peacoat in a shade of deep red. A slender maniquin wore it in the midst of many others, but SHE had all of my attention.

I had little cash with me, only about $15 and I though there was no way I could afford it.

But it couldn't hurt to try it on...

Upon entering I was welcomed by the bell above the door. A young man maybe about my age approached me. His name tag informed me his name was Jake.

I asked to see the peacoat in the window and soon he brought it out for me. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit.

"How much?" I asked. I couldn't help but wonder.

"45 bucks." He said, then added, "It looks great on you."

"45?" My face fell as I handed the coat back to Jake. "I've only got 15. Here." He looked genuinely dissappointed as I did so.

"Ah, but..." He stopped me before I could leave and held the peacoat out to me, "today it's on sale for 12 american dollars."

"Seriously?" I smiled.

He nodded, grinning as I took the jacket and handed him the money.

"Thanks alot. Really." Then before I could help myself I threw him a hug. To my suprise, he hugged me back.

"No problem. See ya 'round"

The next day was Saturday, and just like any other saturday, I sat in my arm chair up in my bedroom reading. The one time I got to feel at least a little bit a part of sonething bigger, more exciting. Books were my escape. Here in my room I got to go places and fight monsters and fall in love again and again.

One of my favorites has been my adventures at Hogwarts. But when I hear the screaming of my mother to "Stop reading those bloody stories and come on down and help me with dinner!" I'm pulled back into a cold reality.

She doesn't believe young ladies such as myself should be reading anything but textbooks.

Reason why I have to smuggle books home from the library and hoard them away under the bed. The reason why I don't actually own any books.

At the moment I was reading "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater.

Falling in love with a wolf boy again.


A little rock tapped my window. I looked up from my story. Who was throwing stuff at my window? I set the book down and stepped up to the frame, opening the second story window and peering out below.

I was screaming. Why was I screaming? My mother burst into my room.

"Cathrine, honey, what happened? Are you hurt?" She was all over me, the way mothers usually are.

"I'm fine, mom." I said, pulling myself from her reach. "And I told you NEVER to call me Cathrine." I grumbled.

"Well then why were you screaming?" She asked.

I looked back out the window. I found myself scream once more. What on earth was going on? My mother looked towards the window too, screamed and then looked at me like everything was fine. What?

"Spider." I lied.

She shook her head. "Well try not to scream next time, you scared me."

"Yes ma'am."

And she disappeared down the hall.

About an hour later I heard a strange noise. A soft wooshing sound came from below my window.

Not a moment later, the doorbell rang. Curious, I creeped out of my room and to the stairwell.

My father, having just gotten home from his job at the office, answered the door; oblivious to my presence.

The man standing on our doorstep was...not ordinary. I could tell you that much right away. He looked like he had just stepped out of one of my books.

He was young, late twenties I would say, and had on a funny looking red stump atop his dark brown hair. He wore a red bowtie with suspenders and dark jeans. On his face were weird, almost Harry Potter glasses.

But the most distinctive thing about him was his expression. He looked very sad, like everyone he ever knew had died and left him all alone without a single friend. His eyes were old and tiered. And when he say my dad, tears sprung to his eyes. But he blinked them away quickly, putting of a smile.

"You must be Mr. Williams. Pleasure. You brother was a very great man all his...lives."

"Excuse me?" My father asked. "Was? Lives? I-I don't understand...Who are you?"

"You are so much like him. He didn't understand much, either." The strange man put a hand on my fathers arm. "Twin centurian in a suit. How sofisticated!" He paused, looking him up and down. "I don't like it," he whispered.

"Hey-" the strange man walked into our home, right past my gawking dad.

"You might want to tell your daughter to loose the evesdropping habit." He said, looking right at me. I ducked my head under the railing to hide.

Bullocks! I've been spotted.

"Come on down, Rina." My dad called. I padded slowly down the stairs, keeping my gaze fixed on the other man with the bowtie. Who smiled at me.

"Hello Ponds," He said. "I'm the Doctor."

"Um...we're the Williams. Pond would be my brother's wifes last name. It doesn't work that way." My father told him.

"Yes it does." The Doctor informed him.

My mother came into the room. "Rudolf, darling, who's this?" She asked pleasently.

My father opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by the Doctor.

"I'm the Doctor. And I've come to inform you that your brother," he turned to me. "Your beloved uncle... Is dead. Rory Williams and Amelia Pond are gone. They died before they were even born."

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