The Girl in the Red Peacoat

I'm Rina Williams. I'm the girl in the red peacoat. And I'm the Doctor's companion. He asked me where and when and why I wanted to go; tribute to my aunt and uncle he lost.


3. Beginning

I grabbed my red peacoat off the hook in the front hall and followed the Doctor outside.

He lead me outside to the street behind our house. There sat a large blue police box. I thought nothing of it until the Doctor put his hand on the door handle.

"Wait... Is that?" I asked.

"Yup. This is my time machene." He smiled.

"So...your time machine looks like a phone booth. Are we really both going to fit in there?" I don't know how he had companions before. No way they could fit comfortably in there. Unless he was some kind of creep...

"Oh, we'll both fit in there. You'll see."

Yeah. Definately a creep.

I was going in anyway. First off: adventure!! And secondly: this Doctor character was pretty good looking... Unless he tries anything I should be fine.

The Doctor went into the so called 'TARDIS' and I was about to follow shortly after him, but Then I was running. Thankfully the Doctor was running right beside me.

"Doctor, why are we running?! And why am I so scared?!" I screamed, my heart beating a million miles an hour.

"Silence! Here," he tossed me a black marker. "Draw a tally for each time you see one and don't look away or you'll forget the encounter!"


I whirled my head around and saw one of the most horrifying monsters I could ever dream up. It had grey skin and the weirdest head ever. It wore a black suit and had three fingers on each hand. It was making odd hissing sounds at me... I drew a tally mark on my arm. I turned back to keep running. Why was I running again?

The next time I looked down, I had at least eight black lines on my left arm.

Oh, yeah. The silence. Crap.

"Quickly, into the TARDIS!!" The Doctor instructed. "She'll get us out of here!"

More tallys on my arms.

My hand fumbled at the door handle on the police box, and I felt the Doctor push me into the small space inside.

Well... I expected it to be small. It was actually much bigger on the inside, which made me stop with my jaw dropped to the floor.

"Yes, yes. Behold! The TARDIS, she's bigger on the inside and all that. Timelord science. Now! Where to?"


"Anywhere in time and space. Any star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"

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