The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


1. Saved again Prolouge

 Harry's POV

" WHAT THE HE*L!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at Niall. "What the girl got us all in the da*n hospital." he said like he just blew an ant off his finger. "Niall you just dont get it your not supposed to scream at a girl like that exspetially Ella!" I say as I start to run out of the hospital room and out the front door. I know exactly were she is, back in the alley were Niall found her. The only alley I knew about around here is the one by the old convenient store and that ratchet house on the corner, so I run to that one as I am being chased by maybe about 10 girls now.

5 min later

By the time I pass the convenient store nobody was chasing me anymore.

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