The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


9. Chapter 8

Ella's POV

I open my eyes and I see darkness. The air is getting thinner. Where am I. Then I remember. Why didn't it work? I feel for my phone and i find it. I turn on the flash light and it looks like I am in a box. THEY BURRIED ME! "HELP!" but no one comes. I try to call Liam since he was first on speed dial. "ELLA?! HOW ARE YOU AWAKE? WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!"

"Well I'm not so get me out!"


He hung up. The air is still getting thinner. I have to find a way to limit my breathing until they get here. I look around and see a piece of paper with a picture of Louis on it. I roll it into a tube to make it like a straw. If I slow my breathing then I won't breath as much.

I still cant see anything but my phone and the little light it provides. I have slowed my breathing but even without the tube I can barley breath. I still use the tube though just in case. I get a text from Zayn saying "they are digging you out right now" but by now my vision is getting blurry. "Ok" is all I am able to text back by the time I see a bright light. I'm not too sure if it's me finally dying or if I was unburied. The tube falls from my hands and I reach for the light not caring which it was. Soon I will know.

Then i pass out.

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