The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


8. Chapter 7

Zayn's POV

"Does anyone have anything to say about Ms.Walker before she is buried or have anything to put in her casket along with her?" the funeral director says aloud. Each one of the boys stand up with something in their hands. Me and Perrie stand and walk to Ella, she puts down a white rose and I put down a red one. The rest of Little mix and Eleanor put down a diferent clored rose that they died wich food coloring. Liam put down Ella's phone with a fully charged batery and a charger just in case she needed it in the afer life. Louis put down a $500 Starbucks gift card and a picture of him self. Harry gave her a charm braclet that the charms spelt out "remember" and then he droped in his self harm blades.All of us knew about his cutting and we are trying to help him through it.Then Niall went last and got on one knee. He kissed her hand then put ring on her finger. He obviously knew they wernt married though. Then he put down a note. I wonder what it said.

Then 5 minets later her casket was lowered and she was ofically gone.

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