The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


6. Chapter 5


Zayn"s eyes shoot open and he checks his leg. He feels that it is ok but he cant move it. He starts to freak out and presses the help button.

Zayn's POV

I franticly press the help button multiple times forgetting the decency of pressing it only once because that's all it takes to summon a doctor. "You're awake!" he says cherry but almost as a question. " Yes and I cant move my leg!" He takes his sweet presious time walking over to check out my leg. He examines it and then picks it up pokes it. "Did you feel that?" "Yes" "ok you're not paralyzed you just need rehab to remember how to move it again. See when you were in your coma your brain just completely shut down the thought of your leg and now you have to have rehab." I think about it. "Fine, but can I borrow your phone to call my friends?" "sure" he hans me his phone and I dial Niall's phone... no answer. I call Harry's... no answer. I call Liam and Louis but neither of them answer so I call Perrie.


"Hey babe I see your awake"

"Yeah can you go stop by the house? The boys arnt picking up their phone."

"ok I'm on my way there"

"Thanks bye"


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