The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


5. Chapter 4


~~Niall's POV

Harry just punched me in the face. He really needs to realize that this girl is ruining us. I get up and rub my face and the pain kind of goes away. Im right next to the bathroom by Harry's room when I hear him say that Ella's in his room. wtf!!! Why is she in his room? I walk in there and there she is sleeping on his bed in his clothes. But then I see her wrist. It has a deep, long cut on it and bandage next to her that has been taken off. There is a note next to her as well. I pick it up and read it.

  Dear Haz,

I know you will be mad when you are done with this but I tried again after you were asleep and now I am probably dead. Tell Niall that im sorry for everything, and Zayn that im sorry for almost taking his life, Liam that he was a good friend and to take care of niall until he has a girl, Louis that he has a great sence of humor and I love him for that, and finally Harry I love you more than anything and thank you for caring for me and I hope you will stop cutting and wont try to end your life because of me... oh and I know you cut last night.

                                                                   I love you lots

                                                                                       Ella    P.S. tell Eleanor and Perrie bye too please. <3


Then the letter ends and there is tear stain all over it. I lean over to check her pulse but its too late. There is no pulse. There is no life. There is no more Ella Walker. I start to cry. Not just of pain and anger but of nervousness and feelings I cant describe. I run my hand through my hair then put my hand on her face. Why did this girl have to walk into my life. I love her but I also don't. I am crying so hard by now I am bawling. I finally get up and take the letter to the boys who are now in the living room. Liam stands up and asks me whats wrong (I still am crying). But I cant even talk just hand him the letter that was in Ella's hand. He reads it aloud and when he is done everyone is just starring at the floor except Harry, he runs up to his room and screams when he sees the undid bandage and the deep, massive cut along her arm. He starts bawling as well. Then I think of Zayn... how will we tell him.

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