The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


4. Chapter 3

~~~~~~Louis' POV



I wake up to Liam shaking me telling me to get up that Harry and Niall are arguing again. I get up and me and him walk down stairs and into the living room. There they are fighting but then it gets out of hand.

"You little prick, you don't know how to treat women you just put them down all the time!"

"Shut up Harry its not like you've done any better!' then Harry stands up and pushes Niall. they get into a big mess of a fight and me and Liam are trying to break them up but its not working. Harry just pushes us off and me and Liam fall to the floor. Harry punches Niall and he falls to the floor. "This is why Ella doesn't love you, because you hurt people just like you'll do to her!" Niall says while he's still on the ground. Harry goes back up the stairs and I chase after him. "What was that about you just punched him?" I ask. " Go away lou, not right now." He says and walks into the bathroom. He shuts the door and I can hear it lock. Then there is a big boom from inside and I pick the lock with my nail and go inside to see that there is a hole in the wall and Harry is still passing. "Hazz please tell me whats wrong." He turns and looks at me and and he is crying. He wraps me in a big hug and I hug back he is crying into my shoulder when he whispers. "Ella's in my room."

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