The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


3. Chapter 2

~~Niall's POV

Its about 2 am when me and the boys get home. There is no sign of Harry but its not like I care. I go up to my room right when I hear Harry's door being shut. Well I guess he's home. I sit down on my bed but I can't seem to fall asleep. I let my brain fade away into thought prosess untill I feel hungry. I get up and head down to the kitchen. Everyone is asleep except me, or so I thought. WHen I am walking past the bathroom towards the kitchen I hear someone in there. Haz was in his room and the boys told me they were off to bed so whos in there? I knock on the door and the light turns off quickly and everything goes quiet. "Hey, whos in there?"

Harry's POV

"Hey, whos in there?" I here out the door. I quickly turn off the light and get quiet. "Just me." I say back. "Haz why didn't you just use the bathroom thats upstairs?" "We have one up there? Never knew." "Um, ok have fun in there." "ok" Thank god he didnt find out. I was in the bathroom with my blade- cutting. Im so selfish, Ella is going to find out and cut. Uggg I hate my life.


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