The Demons Have Taken Over

The sequal to Saved


2. chapter 1

Harry's POV

When I get to the alley I here sobbing as I walk down it. "Ella?!" I shout. No answer but the sobbing quiets and stops. I run through the alley and stop when I see her lying there bleeding unconscious with a blade in here hand. I knew about her cutting an she knew about mine. She told me we would get through this together. She lied. I start crying as I pick her up and throw the blade. I run back to our house, luckly no fans see me. when we get there I quickly put her on the couch and wrap one of Louis scarfs around the wound. Then I wait, I pace back and forth for an hour or two when finally she wakes up. " What the... crap no, no, no, no, no" she says under her breath. " Ella?" she turns and faces me. " Harry how did you find me, why did you help you should have stayed with Niall, why-" I cut her off " Ella, I saved you because you deserve to live and Niall was and idiot to say that. You are none of those things, you hear me?" "No, Harry, they're true, you should have left me ok, do you here me?" "C'mon its late you and I both need some rest, the boys should be home later with Niall but I don't know about Zayn I havn't heard since I left." "Fine, I'll sleep". we go up to my room and lay down. I still can't believe he said that.


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