Fire Without A Flame

Fucking Zombies. They took over humans role in taking reign over Earth, they're eating all of us alive. Harlow Eve, the daughter of two of the most un-royals, of well, the royal family. That's write, she's a princess. But, she now doesn't get to live to oh-so beautiful life she has dreamed since she was a sprout.


3. Chapter Two: Somewhere..


                    I woke up with a stuffy noise and smiled, realizing that we weren't in mid-air no more. I must've been sleeping for the longest time, because I swear, It couldn't have taken a small amount of time to get to New York City from Buckingham, even if we went through any storms. My hands reached for the window and I pushed it open, expecting a nice cold breeze, but I got humid air right in my face.


                     "What's going on?" I looked back at a sleeping Roger and Liam, "Fuck. We can't be in New York, it's got to be in the nineties over here."


                      I felt a hand on my back and I zipped around to face Max. I squinted and backed away from him, placing his hand back to his side. "How come it's hot and not cold?" I hissed, closing the window again.


                      My skin was instantly cooled, well, because the A/C was on. I haven't needed one of those in six months. This is a bit scary. I face palmed, and bit my lip in anger, counting to ten and back in my mind. Maybe if I do this, everything that is pissing me off will fly out the window. But of course, It doesn't.


                       I felt a poke on my thigh and I looked down to be faced with a tiny Rose. "Princess, they're are monsters outside. And they scare me. Make them go away with your gun, again." With that, I shivered, even though it was fucking steaming, I shivered because that was the last thing I wanted to hear.


                        Screeching, was all that rung through my ears. The imps were trying to break there way through the walls of the plane. I was so close to crying, so close. My body went into panic mode, I ran upstairs into the cockpit. Mr. Banks was there, and he growled, giving me a glance. He was pissed too, I can clearly see that. I jumped into the pilot's seat and looked at the millions and millions of buttons in front of me. My face scrunched up, I was completely confused. All the buttons had odd names and I was too dizzy to read them correctly, I made a fist and banged it against the network.


                        "Harlow, stop it!" Max ran into the room, pulling me back my shoulders.


                        "Leave me alone, you already put us in this mess!"


                        "The gas is out. We're stuck here for now."


                         I ran a hand through my auburn hair, letting out a whimper. I stood up and brushed past Charger, and ran into the bathroom. My eyes glared into the mirror, and I clutched the sides of the sink.


                        The human race is in a mess, a big fat fucking mess. And those slime covered freaks get to rule our terrain. They're science projects, of some sort. They have to be. There is no way In hell that is some genetic mutation. There were alarms going off in my head, and screaming. My body was shouting for help, because I wouldn't. Only because, there is no chance. Maybe Liam, Max, Roger, Jake, Rose and I were the only people on earth. Maybe we're the ones who were chosen to be the ones to suffer from insanity.


                         It felt useless to cry now. My tears couldn't solve an apocalypse. My sadness couldn't repair the fact everyone I knew was now dead. Nothing could bring them back. I wanted to punch the glass out of the mirror. But that wont turn it into a portal to another world were everyone I love would be sitting there happily, without angel wings and halos.



                         "Princess, open up." I heard the raspy morning voice of Liam, he knocked on the door timidly.


                         "One minute.." I hung my head down, cupping my hands full of water and splashing it on my messy face. I scrubbed myself down with soap and dried of with a rough towel, wincing at how ragged it was against my sensitive skin.


                          I opened the door, smiling softly and stepped out, walking down the hall. "Don't walk away, I need to talk to you." I heard, and turned back around to face him.


                          "Where in middle east Asia." He sighed. "Which means, there is plenty of room to find shelter, or more people. But, that also means there is plenty of room to find danger. I know it seems risky, but I am planning on sneaking out tonight to forage around.."


                            "Take me with you." I shot him a curious smirk.



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