Fire Without A Flame

Fucking Zombies. They took over humans role in taking reign over Earth, they're eating all of us alive. Harlow Eve, the daughter of two of the most un-royals, of well, the royal family. That's write, she's a princess. But, she now doesn't get to live to oh-so beautiful life she has dreamed since she was a sprout.


4. Chapter Three: Searching For Others.


                      Once upon a time, I met an idiot and now we're stuck in the middle of a group of ten flesh quenched Zombies. My eyes glared back at him and went directly to the three swines that screeched in hunger at me. I gripped my small dagger and stuck it directly through one of 'ems foreheads, swiveling it around to make sure it kills that thing correctly. Next, I kicked kick the second one with my foot and knocked it over to the other one. Both them hit the ground and I shot them with such paranoia.


                       I turned around and widened my eyes, Liam was trying to climb a tree without any luck. My mind stirred and I took out more bullets, filling my AK47 and blasting bullets through the monsters' skulls. "Hurry and climb that tree, now!"


                        As soon as possible, we both hurried up the tree. We figured out that these creatures didn't have the tension spam of a gold fish, so they weren't smart enough to figure how to climb a oak. I brushed my forehead with my forearm, sighing in relief.


                      "You didn't get bit, did you?" I looked at him, worriedly. I am praying to god he didn't, because I'd have a heart attack if I was left out here alone. In the dark. At three am in the morning.


                      He shook his head and turned on his flash light, pointing it right at me. "I promise you, I didn't." Liam's smile turned into a smirk. "Nice work out there, killing ten of those things isn't as easy in those video games."


                      I nodded in agreement, and leaned my head on his shoulder. "Can't we go back, I'm exhausted?"


                     "No, Harlow. You never know, there could be people just a couple miles ahead. We can give them shelter in the plane, and we'd have a better excuse for Max, Roger and Mr. Banks."


                      My hand reached up to my face to rub my eyes, "Whatever you say, boss."


                      I looked around for more hellions, and once I saw none, I hopped down from the tree, pulling Liam with me. My legs wiggled from being un-balanced, and I fell on my bum. Liam busted out laughing, crinkles for by his eyes as he smiled with pure amusement.


                     "Shut up Payne, let's hurry up and head out."


                     We head out west, deciding on our first night of doing this, we'd venture in one direction each of the nights, to make it easier. Tomorrow night we will head east of the plane, and look for people there on. I never knew Liam had this- well, outgoing side of him. In the past couple of days, he seemed very quiet and kept to himself.


                     Maybe I was the one to bring a new side of him out. Or, maybe he's shy at first. But he's still silent with everyone else. Hm.. What if he likes me? I blushed at the thought and brushed it aside. Hell no. Liam couldn't like me, that's impossible.


                     I put my hair up in a bun, and tied up my boots, running as quick as a bullet. Okay, I have to admit. I was just a tiny bit scared of all this, adventure. It's exciting and all, but usually at this time I'd be cuddling a teddy bear and scrolling through Tumblr. Not hunting down animals and on a search for other humans in a forest.


                     Liam caught up with me and gripped my arm, yanking me next to him. "Slow down, Flash. I see apparitions up in that tree." He pointed and I could also see what he's yapping about. It looked like a group of people.. but yet again.. Maybe Zombies could climb trees.


                     He went to turn on his flash light but I slapped it out of his hand. "Are an idiot?" I raised by brow. "How do you know they're humans?"


                    "Maybe if you were listening. They're talking. Not moaning." He hissed.


                    I just decided to shut up and stand there.


                   "Hello!" Liam shouted. Suddenly, their chatter stopped and all of us stood there only to listen to crickets chirping in the tall grasses.


                   Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I felt myself get dizzy and queasy. My hand went up to grip Liam's shoulder but it missed by a good two inches. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I went to open my eyes, but.. they wouldn't open.


                  "Harlow.. What-" I heard Liam's voice faintly, it calmed my racing heart a little. Then I realized, I was having a panic attack.


                  My body crumbled to the ground and the crickets' songs went silent.




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