Fire Without A Flame

Fucking Zombies. They took over humans role in taking reign over Earth, they're eating all of us alive. Harlow Eve, the daughter of two of the most un-royals, of well, the royal family. That's write, she's a princess. But, she now doesn't get to live to oh-so beautiful life she has dreamed since she was a sprout.


2. Chapter One: Getting into the airport.



                        Well, the men appreciated the plus one. They needed the money, and I needed the protection. Nice lads, they are. Liam, Max, Jake, and Roger. Then there was the girl, named Rose. She was five, and very bright for her age. Her cat was named Alice, it was grey and splatted with white lines. Very cute tabby.


                         Liam was my age, he was twenty, going on twenty-one. He was fit, nice biceps, blazing brown eyes, and a charming smile. He was the youngest of the guys, but he seemed to take the role of the leader, but he was shy. The kid had a lot of responsibility, and we needed that.


                          Did we need a joker? Of course. We had Max. He liked to go by "Charger". I don't know why, really, but It must have some spunky background to it. He was forty-six, but had the least maturity in him. Max sure was strong, though, he actually has a grenade launcher, since he worked for the army, he was good with weapons.


                           Jacob Banks, well... He had the smarts. He was a geologist from Oxford University, has a masters degree. Jake wasn't very kind, though. This man didn't like the fact I was a "Pretty-Pretty Princess", though I wasn't really. He was timid, and liked to call out the orders. The sixty-two year old was cranky indeed.


                          Last, but not least, I have to introduce you to Roger, a guy in his mid-thirties. He was Roses' dad, and never left her side. Roger doesn't know much, and he's clumsy, but he has a caring factor and calms us down easily. He's got a soothing voice, and likes to sing folk songs to his daughter at nice, and it does help me sway into slumber.


                           Anyways, we're now at the airport and it isn't good news. If we travel any further into this building, we'll be surrounded by the beasts. "Shit. Shit. Shit. What do we do?" I look back at them.


                           "Maybe If we act like them-" Liam started, shying behind me.


                            "Are you crazy?" I asked bewilderingly, "They'll smell the fresh blood running through us." My hands went on my hips, and I bit my lip thinking.


                            We are outnumbered, but if we go in wisely, we could get rid of them. Or, we could run quickly and take a private jet. Though, the only one who knows how to fly one of those things is Max , but he's only got a couple years from the Air force unit.


                            "Mr. Banks, watch out!" Roger screeched, scooping up Rose and backing away from Jacob. I gazed over to see a tall figure, gouged in blood, (some dripping from his teeth), with decaying flesh standing over Jake.


                           "Shut up, We can't draw attention to us." I whispered/Yelled, pulling out my shout gun and plummeted a pistol through it's head. It screeched, and howled before dropping to the ground.

                            I gestured for the men to follow me, and I threw a brick at a window the opposite side of the area, and watched the group of Zombies allure to the broken glass. Then, I ran quickly to the boarding of the plane, fidgeting with the lock of the door.


                           Liam walked up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "I can help with that.." He pushed me to the side slightly and took a bobby pin out of my hair, well, before I could slap his hand away. Liam shoved the bobby pin in the lock, and took a pen, and started to move both of them together in there. Surprisingly soon, the door busted open and we all gathered into the plane.


                           We all hurried into the cockpit and I shoved Max to the pilot seat. "Drive. Now."


                           "Listen here, darling- You need to have some patience. Because, I will not deal with your puss face no longer." Mr. Banks scowled, crossing his arms over his chest.


                            "Don't you-"


                             "He's right, Harlow." Liam interrupted me, "We'll have to be patient with everyone. We have to work together to survive."


                              I rolled my eyes, and nodded. I mumbled a sorry and walked down stairs, taking a seat in the first- class area. Liam joined me, sitting right next to me, looking out the window with a frown. Max, John, Roger and Rose stayed in the cockpit.


                              "What's with the frown, bud?" I nudged him with my elbow, chuckling.


                               "I used to take everything for granted." He put his head in his hand as he leaned his below on the arm of the chair. "Now I want my life back."


                                I nodded, only because I felt the same way. I used to take everything for granted, and always complained about how some things weren't perfect. It was perfect the whole time.


                               "Liam.. What happened to your family?" I asked, through the long pause of the conversation. My eyes went to his, and I saw them glaze over in tears. "Never mind, don't bother."


                              Liam shook his head and smiled softly, placing a hand on my shoulder. "I didn't have one before this. So, I didn't recently lose them. I never knew them, so it's easier."


                               The plane started, and we took off into the air. I buckled up and turned away, staying quiet. I felt bad for the guy, he didn't live in luxury. Yet, he never complained once. I feel guilty, now. I haven't stopped complaining.


                                My eyes fluttered shut, being so drawn from sleep. After fifteen minutes, I felt a blanket thrown over me, and I smiled softly. "Thank you.." I whispered, so smoothly.


                                I heard Roger come down, and I knew it was him because I could hear Rose giggling over something. There was a "Shh." And I felt the seat next to mine being taken.


                                "Go to sleep.. And dream again.. Soon your hopes.. Will rise, and then from all this gloom.. Life can start anew.." I grinned, feeling a little drowsy. "And they're be no crying soon.." Roger whispered, and everything else faded into a peaceful nothing.

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