Fire Without A Flame

Fucking Zombies. They took over humans role in taking reign over Earth, they're eating all of us alive. Harlow Eve, the daughter of two of the most un-royals, of well, the royal family. That's write, she's a princess. But, she now doesn't get to live to oh-so beautiful life she has dreamed since she was a sprout.


5. Chapter Four: Well then.


                    I woke up soaked in icy cold water. My eyes went from my wet shirt to bright green eyes, they belonged to a fellow with a mess of chocolate colored curls upon his head, and a cheeky grin. Yet again, I don't know anyone who looks like that.


                   "Get off me you ruffian!" I screeched, waving my hands in the air, hopefully to slap him. A soft chuckle filled the air and I paused, that was also new.


                   I looked over to see three more men. A blonde one, another brunette, and one with very dark hair; almost black.


                 "Were the fuck is Liam!" I cried, getting up and shoving Mr. Curls away from me. He pounded back and crossed his arms over his chest.


                 "Jesus.. She's feisty." The other brunette winked, and leaned against the wall of the plane.


                 I felt very violated and stood up, looking over to see Roger. Then I saw Rose. But no Liam.


                 My eyebrows knitted together in confusion, why isn't he here? I ran over to the cockpit and opened the door, to see Max, Jacob, and Liam in a fit.


                 "You went out there without barley an army behind you! Are you mad?" Max snapped, and looked over to Mr. Banks. "Don't you agree? Don't tell me you think it's perfectly fine to the only princess of the Buckingham palace, probably now Queen, in danger?"


                  Well.. I- Okay. That was true, since all of my relatives were in the palace at the time, and I was the only one that survived.. I guess, I am Queen of England? My eyes widened at the thought, and I pondered a little more. That can't be right. It's insane.


                  I shivered, and looked at Mr. Banks, who didn't notice me yet, to see what'd he would say.


                  "Uh.. Well, I'd have to say.. Yeah, it's a little wild." He nodded, a little distraught. He probably doesn't want to get in the middle of things, but yet again, 'he's in charge.'


                  "Actually," I finally put myself out there. "I was not in danger. I can take care of my self. Baby? I am not one. Queen? There is no need to be a Queen, England isn't ours no more." I said stiffly, and turned to Liam, smiling softly. "And Liam, thank you for the adventure.. But who the heck are those perverts out there?"


                   He widened his eyes, and took my hand, pulling me outside. Stood In front of us were the weird men, all smiling deviously.


                   So apparently the Blondie's name was Niall. He was from Ireland but was visiting his friends for a get together. They all went to college together and split up once Niall's family move. Niall was very sweet, and not as wacky as the others. He had ocean blue eyes, and gorgeous smile, I might note. Something that will remind me of Niall would have to be his loud, loud laugh. It rung through the plane every time someone cracked a joke.


                  Curly, was not curly, but Harry. The emerald eyes belonged to him, the sharp, clear green that I woke up to. He seemed very, off. Well, in a good way. He was actually quite a alluring person to talk to, besides his knock-knock jokes. Harry told me that he knew one of my cousins, that he saw her when he visited the palace before. He also noted he saw me when I was thirteen. Harry was younger than me at that time, twelve. Lastly, to say, he was a loose and fun person to hang out with. He had tattoos scared across his skin.


                   Louis, oh Louis. He was the other brunette, with very bright dark blue eyes. He had a beautiful smile, and a beautiful personality. I thought he was a creep, the way he came off at me, but he's spunky. He's right beside Harry when it comes to joking, they had this bond. I didn't see much of it, but they were best friends, I could see. I mean, all the boys must be best friends, but those two seemed the closest.



                  Finally, Zayn. He had a very quiet side to him, I've only had one conversation with him, but by the small one we've had, I can tell he was already married and had a daughter. I am guessing they aren't around no more, and I feel awful for him. Zayn kept to himself, and usually sat in the back, sketching and drawing. I've seen a couple of his drawings, there just everyday things he sees. And some of them are of music idols, like Bob Marley. He's very unique.


                 Back to this very moment. I look over to Liam to see him looking at a map. Slowly, I waltz behind him and look over his shoulder. "Boo."


                 He yelped and turned around, his face close to mine. "H-Hello." He backed away, and leaned back against the small side table.


                "Are we going out tonight?" I raised a brow. "Maybe we could take the newbies, get some extra help?"


                "Well.. about that.."


                "What- What is it?"


                "Zayn told me about some problem.."




                "There is a group out there.. And they aren't very trustworthy.."



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