Through The Dark...(On Hold)

Ellie Belle Marie Styles, Twin Sister Of Harry Styles. Yeah That's Right, Harry Styles, From The Band One Direction. Ellie Is Dating His Bandmate Niall Horan, But When He Cheats On Her And Breaks Her Heart, She Has Had Enough. She Runs Away From Home And Travels To Australia. Scared, Cold, And Alone, She Finds Someone Who May Change Her Life Forever.... Can He Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Her Heart?


10. Surprise!

*3 weeks later*

Ellie's POV

I look down shakily at the little red plus once more, Making sure its real. Omg no no no no! I cant do this! Im not ready! Well I mean I have Kenzie but she is older! But a baby! I CANT DO THIS! Im only 17!!! What am I going to tell Ashton!? Im such a idiot! I feel nauseous and throw up in the toilet again. Im fucking screwed... I hear a knock on the door. "Mummy? Its time for me to go to my birthday party!" Kenzie says through the door. Oh shit, what am I going to do!? I get up and brush my teeth quickly getting the horrible taste of my vomit out. I open the door to see Kenzie in a pretty light blue dress. "Happy Birthday baby!" I tell her smiling. She twirls around showing off her dress, "Isn't it pretty!?" I laugh and pick her up. "Ready for your party?" I ask kissing her forehead. She nods and I bring her out to the car. Ashton set up the party at Michael's flat an everyone is already there, including Kenzie's friends. I buckle her up and get in the drivers seat. As I start driving to Michael's flat I think of how Im going to tell Ash about the baby. I hope he doesn't hate me. Or leave me Kenzie and the new baby. I hold back tears. "Please don't be mad at me Ash." I whisper to myself. We get to the flat and I help Kenzie out of her seat. She is so excited. I smile as she skips up to the door. Its unlocked so I just open it. The room is dark and I cant see anyone. Moments later I hear. "Happy Birthday Kenzie!" and the lights come on. "Uncle Niall! Uncle Harry!" Kenzie screams and runs over to hug them both. All the boys are here. Harry comes over to give me a hug. "I missed you hazza." I say hugging him back. "Missed you too El." He tells me. "Where's Ash? I need to talk to him." I ask as we break away from the hug. "Kitchen." He tells me and goes to play with Kenzie. I walk to the kitchen scared. Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me. I repeat over and over in my head. I see him putting he candles on Kenzie and Niall's cake. Oh yeah I forgot they shared a birthday. "Hey babe!." He says cheerily when he see's me. "H-Hi." I whisper nervously. He notices something is wrong. "What's the matter babe?" He asks his voice full of concern. "D-Don't be mad at me please.." I whisper looking down struggling not to cry. He comes over and hugs me. "I could never be mad at you." He whispers in my ear. I take a deep breath. "Im p-pregnant..." Is all I can say before I pass out.

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