Through The Dark...(On Hold)

Ellie Belle Marie Styles, Twin Sister Of Harry Styles. Yeah That's Right, Harry Styles, From The Band One Direction. Ellie Is Dating His Bandmate Niall Horan, But When He Cheats On Her And Breaks Her Heart, She Has Had Enough. She Runs Away From Home And Travels To Australia. Scared, Cold, And Alone, She Finds Someone Who May Change Her Life Forever.... Can He Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Her Heart?


6. Shopping!

Ellie's POV

I wake up in the morning and notice Ash isn't in bed. I frown and get up to get some clothes. Hmm what to wear today. I don't have many options... I end up picking out my "Keep Calm And Love Muffinz" Shirt with black skinny jeans. I wish I packed more. Maybe I can go shopping with the little money I have. I start singing the A Team by Ed Sheeran on the way to the bathroom. After I shower I brush my teeth and comb through my messy curl hair. I think I may straighten it soon. Harry would probably hate me if I did though. I make sure I cover up the scars on my wrists before I go to the kitchen where Ashton is cooking a sit ton of pancakes. "Wow that's a lot of pancakes!" I say surprised. "Well Niall is coming over so I figured I would need to cook a lot more than usual." he says laughing. I freeze. "Y-you invited Niall over..." I stutter. He frowns. "Im sorry babe it wasn't my idea. It was Harry's. He and the other boys are coming over." He tells me and I just nod. Im. Going. To. Kill. My. Brother.


Harry's POV

I hope Ellie isn't mad at me for inviting Niall over for breakfast but I really think they need to talk. We get to Ashton's flat and I knock on the door. Calum opens it and greets us. "Hey guys come on in!" he says. We walk in and see Ellie an Michael having a mini pillow fight. She is laughing like crazy. "Ok ok I give up stop Michael!" she screams laughing on the couch while he hits her with the pillow. "I AM THE CHAMPION!!!" He screams making Ellie laugh harder. When she finally notices us she goes silent. "Harry. Outside. Now." She says obviously pissed. Fuck Im so dead...


Ellie's POV

We go outside and I close the door behind us. "Explain." I say flatly glaring at him. "Ijustwantedyouguystotalkimsosososososorrypleasedontkillmeijustwant-" He says super fast and I barely understand so I cut him off. "Slow down Harry and use English." He nods. "I just wanted you to talk about what happened and be friends again Im SO sorry." He says a lot slower. "Harry.." I sigh. :You know how much he hurt me.." I whisper tears threatening to spill. 'Ellie Belle please! Give him another chance. At least as a friend." He begs. "If he screws ANYTHING up between me and Ashton Im blaming you Styles." I tell him giving in. "Yay!" He celebrates and I laugh. We go back inside and I see Louis and Michael messing around. That's not surprising. Niall is eating pancakes and the rest of the boys are taking turns playing Mario kart. I walkover to Ashton and sit in his lap. "Can we go shopping today? Im almost out of clothes." I tell him. "Of course babe. Why don't you go eat and then we will go right after ok?" he says kissing my forehead. I nod and walk towards the kitchen careful not to make eye contact with Niall. "El can we talk?" he asks as I walk by. Fuck. "O-ok Niall sure." I say unsteadily. "Look Im sorry for cheating on you. I hurt you. Im sorry I really am. I wish I could take everything back. Can you give me another chance?" He asks staring into my eyes. He beautiful blue eyes making my insides melt. wait what am I doing. I don't love him anymore. He is a cheater! I look away from him. "Maybe we should just be Friends....?" I whisper looking down almost starting to cry. No pull yourself together Ellie. Don't let him see your pain. I look up more confident. "Niall Im sorry we are never ever ever getting back together. You had your chance. Now all we will ever be is just Friends." I say looking straight into his eyes not breaking down. I am stronger than he thinks. Im not going to cry over him anymore. He nods then gets up and leaves. When he is gone I take a sigh of relief. Now i don't have to worry about him anymore thankfully. I skip over to Ash. "Lets go shopping nowwwwwwwwwwwwww." I say as I try pulling him up off the couch. He laughs at me. "Ok babe lets go." He says standing up. "RACE YOU TO THE CAR!" I scream running out the door and I hear the boys laughing at me. I act like a kid sometimes. So what? ~At The Mall~ "OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE A BUILD A BEAR HERE! LETS GO!!!!!" I scream as we walk into the mall. Everyone stares at me. I look down embarrassed. "We can go to build a bear if you want sweetheart but I think we came for clothes." Ashton tells me laughing. "Then Lets GOOOOOOOOOOO!." I yell and drag him into the nearest store making him laugh. ~3 hours later~ "Why wouldn't you let me pay? I had just enough money!" I pout as we walk out of Hollister with about 6 bags. "Cause it wouldn't be gentleman like if I didn't." He says sticking his tongue out at me and I giggle. "Soooooooooo To build a bear now!?" I ask jumping up and down excitedly. "Sure babe whatever makes you happy." he says pecking my lips. We walk to build a bear and we see a little girl bawling. "What's wrong sweetheart?." I ask kneeling down next to her. "M-my mummy l-left me he-here and said s-she don't want m-m-me anymore." the little girl cries out and hugs me. I look to Ashton for help. 'What do we do?' I mouth to him comforting the sweet little girl. 'See if we can help' he mouths back and comes over to us. "What is your name love?" he asks the girl. "Kenzie." she mumbles. I smile. "That's a beautiful name. Do you know why your mum left you Kenzie?" I ask moving the hair out of her face. "She said I was a mistake and she never even wanted me and that she hates me, Then she just left." She tells me starting to cry again.  "Shh its ok sweetheart." Ash whispers rubbing her back. "How bout you come home with us? Its about lunch time I bet your hungry." He says and she nods. 'I will meet you at the car' I mouth at him and he nods. He picks Kenzie up and carry's out to the car. I smile at them then go pick out a stuffed bear for Kenzie. How could someone ever leave their own child like that? The thought sickens me. Kenzie cant be any older than 5 years, How could someone be so cruel as to leave their daughter alone in a mall and say they hate them and never wanted them!? If I ever have the chance to meet her mother I will be sure to give her a piece of my mind. I pay for the bear and go out to the car where I see Ash and Kenzie waiting. I hide the bear wanting it to be a surprise. "Ok lets go." I tell Ash buckling up. ~At The Flat~ I help Kenzie out of the car and bring her inside. "By the way Kenzie how old are you?" I ask while bringing her to the kitchen so I can make her lunch. "Almost 5 my birthday is on September 13th!" she says smiling. (Niall's Birthday :D) "Awesome! Oh and do you know if your allergic to peanut butter?" I ask while taking out the peanut butter and jelly. She hakes her head and I make her a quick PB&J. I give it to her and she eats it quickly. I smile and ask. "Good?" She nods and hugs me. "Thank you." she whispers and I hug her back tightly. "Hey be right back Kenzie I have something for you." I tell her and run out to the car to grab the bear. I notice Ashton is on the phone. "Ok, Sure yeah we will meet there tomorrow to discuss this. Kenzie can stay the night." I over hear him say. I go back into the kitchen with the bear behind my back. "What is behind you?" Kenzie asks curious. I give her the bear and she looks at me surprised. "You got me a bear!?" She yells with a huge smile on he face. I watch her as she jumps up and down hugging the bear. 'Thank you Thank you Thank you!" she screams hugging me. "Your welcome sweetheart. I knew it would make you feel better." I say and kiss her forehead. "want to watch a movie?" I ask smiling and she jumps in my arms nodding. I bring her to the couch and I put in Cinderella. I cuddle up with her and we watch the movie together. ~After The Movie~ When the movie is over I notice Kenzie is sleeping silently cuddled up next to me. She is so adorable. With her pretty wavy dirty blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. I yawn maybe I should sleep. I close my eyes and pull her closer. Soon I have entered my peaceful dream land.

A/N Sorry For Not Updating For So Long! I Had Some Major Writers Block. Alsooooooooo liamniall Is The Winner Of Liam's GF! We Still Need Gf's For Zayn, Louis, And Harry For 1D. Calum, Michael, And Luke Are Also Still Open For The 5sos Guys. Like, Comment, And Give Me Some Feedback! Tell Me Which Boy You Want! <3 U My Little Carrotz! <3


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