Through The Dark...(On Hold)

Ellie Belle Marie Styles, Twin Sister Of Harry Styles. Yeah That's Right, Harry Styles, From The Band One Direction. Ellie Is Dating His Bandmate Niall Horan, But When He Cheats On Her And Breaks Her Heart, She Has Had Enough. She Runs Away From Home And Travels To Australia. Scared, Cold, And Alone, She Finds Someone Who May Change Her Life Forever.... Can He Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Her Heart?


1. Running

Ellie's POV

 I slam the door as I walk into my house from school. I hold back tears as I remember what happen today. *flashback* Walking down the hall to my locker I hear some of the popular bitches whispering horrible things about me. Then the captain of the football team (soccer) trips me as I walk by everyone laughs and calls me names. "Hey look its styles the slut!" Someone calls out. I stand up trying to stay strong. "Im not a slut." I whisper. "Hey how's your brother and that gay ass boy band of his!?" Someone else screams and I run to my art class not wanting to hear anymore. When I get there I ask my teacher if it was ok if I left early since it was my last class of the day. He said it was ok and I grabbed my stuff and walked out of school. Outside a couple kids starting calling me more names and I tried to ignore them but they wouldn't stop. They knocked my stuff on the ground and it landed in a huge mud puddle. "YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!" I scream and pick my stuff up. They just laugh at me and I run home. *present time* I go to my room and grab my laptop. Do I dare check my twitter? I hesitantly log in and watch the hate flow trough endlessly. "1Directioner4Lyfe: @EllieBelleBear Omg she is so fucking ugly! Niall Is Management making you date this whore?" "NiallsMine123: Psh Niall get rid of that slut @EllieBelleBear and date me." "AngelStylinson: I feel bad that harry has such a ugly sister for a twin." Tears flow freely down my face and I shut my laptop. My phone buzzes and I see its a text from my brother Harry. "From BestBroEver <3: Hey sis how was school?" I don't bother replying because I haven't told him Im being bullied and I know about all the twitter hate. I go to my bathroom and pick up a razor blade cautiously. I promised myself I wouldn't do this.... But I have too. I cut my wrist a few times while crying. After a bit I run it under cold water and go to change my clothes. I put on one of Niall's jackets and smile. It still smells like him. I get on my favorite converse and some black skinny jeans, to top it off I put on one of Harry's beanies. Perfect. I go downstairs and grab my keys then go out to my car. I drive to my amazing boyfriends house and get out. The door I unlocked. But Im not surprised. Niall always forgets. I go in and its silent. He is still sleeping I bet. I go to his room and open the door. It takes everything for me not to fall to the ground crying when I see him laying in bed with another girl NAKED. He wakes up and looks at me. "Ellie...what are you doing here?" He asks wide eyed. "I thought you were still in school..." I start sobbing madly and run out of his flat. I drive home quickly and run upstairs packing what I can in a small backpack. I grab my phone and get my babysitting money out of my closet. I also throw the promise ring Niall got me for our 1 year anniversary on the ground. Taking look around my bedroom for the last time I go downstairs. I write a note to my parents and Harry. "I cant stay any longer. Its becoming too much. Im sorry. I love you all."  I head to the airport and get a ticket to the one place I could think of.....Australia.


A/N~ HEY My Peoplez, Thanks For Reading, Tell Me What You Think About This So Far. <3  I Shall Update Soon. Do Not Worry :P REMEMBER To Live Life To The Fullest And DONT Yolo. Wuv You My Carrots. <3 <3

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