Through The Dark...(On Hold)

Ellie Belle Marie Styles, Twin Sister Of Harry Styles. Yeah That's Right, Harry Styles, From The Band One Direction. Ellie Is Dating His Bandmate Niall Horan, But When He Cheats On Her And Breaks Her Heart, She Has Had Enough. She Runs Away From Home And Travels To Australia. Scared, Cold, And Alone, She Finds Someone Who May Change Her Life Forever.... Can He Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Her Heart?


8. Muffins and Best friends

Kenzie's POV

I get on the bus excited for my first day. I can wait to meet my teacher! Maybe even some new friends! I sit down next to a girl with long blonde hair with blue eyes and a pastel pink dress on. "I like your dress! What's your name? Im Kenzie!!" I say smiling excitedly maybe meeting my new Best Friend. "Thanks Im Clover." she tells me smiling back. "Aren't you so excited!?" I ask her jumping around in the seat. She giggles, "Probably not as excited as you." We talk about almost everything. Turns out she has the same favorite color as me and she likes MUFFINS!!!! I LOVE MUFFINS! I could eat them all day, but Mummy and Daddy said I cant. :( Oh well. When we get to the school Clover and I skip inside to meet a nice lady. "Hello girls! Im guessing its your first day?" She asks and we nod smiling. "Well Im your teacher Ms.Mackery. Why don't you follow Kyle over there to the classroom?" She tells us pointing to a boy not much taller than me with dark brown hair and chocolaty brown eyes. Clover and I run over to him and introduce ourselves. "Im Kenzie! And this is Clover!" I tell him. "Im Kyle." he says kinda shyly. I smile. "Don't be shy, Lets all be Bestest Friends!!" I say jumping up and down. "Sure!" Kyle and Clover say at the same time. We go into the class room and sit at the same table. When the bell rings Ms.Mackery comes in and hands out some sheets of blank paper. "Ok class since its the first day I want all of you to write down or draw a picture of the things you are most excited about this year!" She tells us. Im glad Mummy and Daddy helped me learn to write some words. This is easy! I concentrate hard on my work. When I finish I see that Clover is struggling with the letter R. I show her how and she thanked me. "How do you know so much already?" she asked amazed. "My Mummy and Daddy taught me how." I say with a smile on my face. "Ok class! Anyone want to share?" Ms.Mackery asks and I raise my hand up high. "Me me me me!" I yell eagerly. She laughs, "Inside voices sweetie, Now come up here and share." I stand up and walk towards the front of the class everyone's eyes are on me. I take a deep breath. "I drew me Kyle and Clover playing and wrote 'Making New Friends'!" I tell the class holding out my Drawing. I ear a few ooo's and ahh's. "Very good Kenzie! Did your parents teach you how to write and read some?" She asks clearly surprised at how far ahead I am of the rest o the class. I nod smiling,"They wanted me to be ready." She gets out a box from behind her desk. "Here pick one treat from this box Kenzie you earned it!" She tells me and I see a really big muffin. MUFFIN!!!!! I take it out of the box. "Thanks Ms.Mackery!" I say jumping around and she laughs."Go take your seat now sweetie." I nod and run over to my seat where Clover and Kyle are clapping for me. "Lookie! I got a muffin! Do you guys want some?" I ask knowing they both also LOVEEE muffins. They nod and I hand them each a bigger piece than mine. "Thanks so much Kenzie!" Kyle says hugging me. "Your the bestest friend!" Clover exclaims. ~Skip To End Of The Day~  The bell rings and we all go to our cubbies. Today was great! I take my phone out of my pocket and call Mummy. (Kenzie=K Ellie=E)


E=Hey baby! How's school?

K=Its Grrrrrrreat! Im coming home now! Can my bestest friends come over to have a play date? PLEASEEEE

E=Sure sweetheart, I will make you some muffins ok?

K=OK! Bye! I love youuuuu!

E=Bye baby love you too.

After I hang up I go over to Kyle and Clover. "She said yes!" I yell excited. "Yay!" they celebrate and we run to the bus. We get on and sit in the front. "Wait guys we need to take a picture of our first day at school!" I say taking my phone back out. We all make funny faces and I take the picture. We laugh at Kyle's fish face and Clover's duck face. "Look at you! You have cross eyes Kenzie!" Clover giggles. We take a bunch more silly pictures until its our stop. I lead them to my house and the door opens. "Daddy!" I scream and jump in his arms for a hug. "Hey darling how was school?" he asks kissing my forehead. "Great! These are my friends Clover and Kyle!" I tell him and they wave. "Nice to meet you guys come on in!" He tells us and I bring them t the kitchen where I smell MUFFINS!!!!!!!! "Mummy!!!!!!! This is Clover and Kyle Can we have muffins!!?!?!?!?" I ask jumping excitedly. She laughs, "Sure thing baby here." She hands us each a blue berry muffin. MY FAVORITEEEE! "Thanks Mummy! We are going to play now!" I say dragging them to my room. Lets just say. BEST. DAY. EVER.


A/N Soooo Watchu Carrotz Thinkz? Did you like Kenzie's POV?


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